Sunday, April 13, 2014

Palm Sunday Pause

 Palm Sunday.  One more week.  It's snowing like crazy here.  Weird.  I'm praying for a SNOW DAY.  It's highly unlikely, but would be VERY fun!
I've told you before that my mother kept Easter very special.  She sewed pretty Easter dresses or took the time to shop carefully for them.  Yellow dresses, white patent leather shoes, little white gloves and anklets.  
I'm embarrassed to say that I wondered what an Easter Egg Hunt would be like.  I loved hearing the kids at school talk about the big hunt at the park.  Golden eggs.  We never went.
I'm thankful now that my mama kept Easter so holy.  We went to Lenten services and one year the congregation members who had acting talent put on an ongoing play about Easter week.  I loved that.  The Luther League made a nice breakfast at church on Easter morning.  That was a fun change of pace.
Sometimes (not every year) my mom dug out various baskets from around the house and filled them with green Easter grass and jelly bean eggs, but not every year. 
Easter dinner (served at lunch time) was always delectable.  Company came.
All those good and true Easters are all stored up inside of me and I'm grateful.
I hope this holy week is very meaningful for you, my friend.


Kit said...

My Easters were not always happy, but I made sure my daughters always had happy ones. Lots of Easter bonnets, lovely dresses and rejoicing in the spring. :) Have a lovely Easter! Kit

TexWisGirl said...

happy easter week to you.

Betty said...

We didn't always get an egg when I was a child, but I remember one year my father called us to see what the milk delivery had left on the doorstep - he had taken an egg box and filled it with Cadbury cream eggs to surprise us - I just realised how long Cadburys eggs have been around! We didn't celebrate in faith in those days as we had a Pagan outlook, but we celebrated renewal, Spring cleaned up a bit and spent time together. This year I will be visiting a small village church anonymously, I like being able to do that, it keeps it real for me. We will eat a special meal and visit the sea for the day. Thankyou for your pauses Pompom, they are meaningful and always straight from the heart. Betty

Elizabethd said...

Childhood Easter times were so special, without any of the razmatazz that is prevalent today.

Tassell, Tea pot, and life down under said...

Hi Pompom, what lovely memories you have of your mum and everything she did on Easter. You are blessed to have them. I hope some sunshine will come your way especially this Easter week.

Hope you have a good Easter break.


Kezzie said...

WHat wonderful memories Pom-pom. I am glad your Mum made it special!
By the way, did you know there is a Pom-Pom island in Indonesia?!x

ann said...

Happy Easter, PomPom.

Farm Girl said...

Oh what nice memories! I think our moms must have been alike. I remember the same things. We didn't have Easter baskets every year either. I was in fourth grade I think before we had Easter Egg hunts.
It must have been talked about at school. I always had a new dress and new shoes for Easter too.
I do hope you got a snow day, but if you didn't have a lovely day anyway.

Nana Go-Go said...

One Eastertime in a galaxy far,far away, my Father was driving home and hit a pheasant who had strayed off course and on to the road. He brought it home and my Mother plucked it and added the feathers to an Easter bonnet she was making for my younger sister to wear to the Sunday School Easter Bonnet competition. It was a delight to behold atop my sister's head for my Mother had made an indentation in the middle of the hat, to denote a bird's nest and filled it with hard-boiled eggs which she had painted in pretty colours. All of this finished off with a huge yellow ribbon which tied in a bow underneath my sister's tiny chin! Unfortunately all of this came to nothing because someone else won the competition which prompted cries of 'it was fixed' from my Grandmother! At the wedding on Saturday, everyone received a Cadbury's Creme Egg in a pretty little pouch as a wedding favour.Happy Easter to you

Attic Clutter said...

Hi Pom(:)
love the memories(:)
thanks too on the Easter fun..real bunnies
oh wow..we have none in my area..well neighborhood..but
some cute squirrels(:)

wayside wanderer said...

Good memories! This is one of my favorite times of year!

Lisa Richards said...

Thanks for sharing your memories, Pom.
I'm enjoying all of the posts from those of you who belong to the more liturgical branches of the faith. My church just has Easter Sunday, nothing really leading up to it, so I love to see what you are all doing. I remember many Easter egg hunts down through the years. They were fun, but you really didn't miss out on that much, lol! When our kids were growing up these usually took place indoors because of inclement weather.
Have a great Easter!

Gumbo Lily said...

Thank you for sharing your childhood Easter memories. What a darling mama you have. My mother always made beautiful Easter baskets, carefully arranging chocolate bunnies and candy eggs. No packaging in her baskets.

Happy@Home said...

I so enjoyed reading your Easter memories. It sounds like your mom did a wonderful job of making Easter a special and memorable day. How well I remember those patent leather shoes and white gloves.
Your blog is looking so pretty and spring-like. Happy Easter to you.