Monday, June 2, 2014

Little Ones, a Bunny, and Tulips

James has been out walking.  His parents are so proud of him.  They are very attentive.  

 He's so precious!  Below is a photo of our Jenny when she was a tiny girl.  She was born in Spokane in late October and it was cold.  Kelli was in kindergarten and needed to be picked up at lunch time.  I had to wake Jenny up from her nap almost every day, bundle her up in this kitty suit, and put her in the van.  Jeff, too, but he was almost three.  Could that really have been 25 years ago?  

 Now Jenny is a mama herself.  Sam and Plum Cake went to the squirty fountain park.  The warm weather is upon us!

 We have a bit of a rabbit problem. There are SO MANY rabbits!  They are not afraid of anything.  

 Here are some Mother's Day tulips I kept forgetting to post.  Aren't they delicious looking?  
I am almost to the finish line at school.  I have been packing and working on all the end of the year business.  I keep wondering if I'm going to be sad tomorrow, when I drive away.  I do know that I am very weary and ready to lay low for a while.
Truth is that I've never missed anything before.  Even when the kids were all little and we were so happy at home, when they went to school I was ready.  I haven't wanted to "go back' to any time period in my life.  Have you?
Well, I think I'd like to pop back to one of the times we took the kids to Disneyland and ride Splash Mountain one more time, but then I'd be eager to beam myself right here, right now.  
I really don't like goodbyes.  That'll be kind of hard tomorrow.
My mind and vision will freshen up soon.  Please be patient (smile).
Thank you for stopping in.  You're nice.


Lynn said...

I am thinking of you as you pack up!
I am glad you say you do not wish yourself back in former times. We had this discussion at the weekend and my mom and mom in law can not believe I am happy where I am right now and would not want to go back. I loved my children little but I love them big too! And I like the extra time I have right now!! I like the different seasons of my life.
Happy last school days Pom Pom.

Sue McPeak said...

Here's to YOU with NO MORE SCHOOL...Just Good Memories! I never looked back when I retired from teaching and coaching. I treasure my Memories of Students and special Events, and sometimes 'Return there in Dreams'. I sure never missed that BELL and the schedule. I know you will enjoy this next phase in your life.

I am in a new phase, too. I sold QuiltALotty!!!! So the next thing on my Bucket List is a Spinning Wheel and a Loom. Sounds like Fun, huh?

Loved your pictures of James and his parents. Congrats, Granny!

ann said...

Not to have to work is the best gift that we can give ourselves. I loved my job, but then it became work and I didn't enjoy it so much, nor did I enjoy the politics of our department. So I was ready. I do miss my friends, but we gather from time to time. You have a full, wonderful life at home so any sadness you feel as tell your friends good bye and drive away will be short lived. Oh. And we will become real friends, not virtual ones when we walk through the Botanical Gardens.

TexWisGirl said...

good for you for not looking back too much. one hurdle and then onward to what's next for you!

Farm Girl said...

James is just beautiful and Mom and Dad are so cute. I love your baby pictures and your babies now.
I am with you. I love just where I am right now. I always enjoyed having small kids, but I really enjoyed watching them grow up. I love the ages they are right now.
I love the time I have and having the mixture of quiet and busyness. I think you might be tiny bit sad, but I am sure the relief will far out weigh that.
Remember when I finished, I thought I would be sad, I was for maybe a day, but the other opportunities far out weighed that. I woke up thinking, yay, one more day for Pom Pom. Have a lovely day.

Betty said...

James looks so delicate, I like his spiky hair. I think you will feel sad for a bit because you are going into a big change - but just think of all the spare time you have earned and can now enjoy with those grandchildren, you will have time to guard your veg from bunnies and go for lovely long walks - or ride your bike! Betty

M.E. Masterson said...

Time for ourselves is a difficult things to accept at first when you have given of yourself for so long to others.
But I can tell you from experience it is a joy to have such time for myself! I get to give to others my time when I want to, I get to have those quiet moments to talk with God, I have plenty of time to work in the garden and my yard. And from the looks of things you will have plenty of time to spend with your precious grandbabies without having to ask for the time.

Lisa Richards said...

I see you have mixed emotions. I think that will soon pass. Goodbyes are difficult. Praying for a good Tuesday for you. :)
There are SO MANY new possibilities ahead! There will be time to express all of the creative ideas inside of you. James is so blessed to be born into your family.
The tulips are glorious! Wish I had the answer to your bunny problem, lol!

Nana Go-Go said...

I've been poring over my 'baby pics' lately and wishing I could jump right into them and do it all over again. I was so looking forward to this year as my retirement year too but our government had other plans so now I'm tied in for another 5 years. I've had a hiatus since February with the recent issue with my health but am expected back to work in a week's time and am NOT looking forward to it now that I've had a taster of 'semi-retirement'. I'm weary too but the biggest blow came a couple of weeks ago when my best friend of over 40 years announced that she and her husband were retiring to New Zealand, where their daughters have relocated, which has left me somewhat bereft. Goodbyes are indeed difficult.Hope yours go well. x

Fat Dormouse said...

You're in my thoughts and prayers today, dear Pompom. Be gllad for the wonderful times you've had teaching (there HAVE been some wonderful times, right?) and look forward to the new times ahead.
God will hold you in the palm of his hand.

Happy@Home said...

Oh, the babies are cute... then and now.
Will be thinking of you as you say your goodbyes. I think you are going to do just fine with retirement.

Attic Clutter said...

sweetness all around u Pom(:)
love the tulips too
have fun!!!

puttermuch said...

I hope your last day of school was an easy one to 'get through'...I'm sure there will be many things you will miss, along with many many happy memories.
Enjoy those little grandbabies!!!

Gumbo Lily said...

James is so very sweet!! His parents are sure to be falling in love with him. I have the same feelings as you. I used to think I would miss various seasons of my life, but I have not. I have my very fond memories and joys, but I am very happy to be in this moment. God put us here. Good for us! Wishing you some good, refreshing days of winding down and gently coming into a new season.

You're nice.

the wayside wanderer said...

James is adorable!! Oh my, what a sweetie. And his parents are cute, too. My problem has probably been wishing certain seasons away too quickly. I heard a saying recently that I like. God put your eyes in the front of your head for a you would keep looking forward!

libbyquilter said...

LOVE the shot of mom and dad walking away from the camera arm in arm~! what a cute little guy he is too~!!

i'm wishing you a happy ending as you close this chapter in your life.


Heather LeFebvre said...

That little James is too cute!!!! hope all went well for the last day of school and that you are able to enjoy summer.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

James is darling. I so love the name "James," don't you?

I think if you've lived well, then you move on from one part of your life to the next with few regrets. If I could re-do any part of my life, it would be college,which I mostly wasted because I had no idea who I was or what I was about. I went to the wrong college for me, and if I could do it again, I'd go to a big school and major in Anthropology.

BUT aside from that, I have felt good about moving from one phase to the next. You've been a marvelous, attentive, caring, resourceful teacher, and now you'll be a marvelous, creative, joyful retired teacher. Can't wait to hear about all of your adventures!


Janette's Sage/Simply Your Decor said...

Oh how precious...just precious! Playing in the water, what joy.
Want to go back to another time, well I have to say yes. These last few years have pulled enough twist to make me want to go back, but then again, no, because my grandsons wouldn't be around.

Kit said...

Hang in there! I hope your last day goes well. Always hard to start a new chapter but also very exciting. Take care. Kit

M.K. said...

I don't tend to miss things either. I left teaching and did not really miss it right away. Occasionally I miss the material, which I love, or particular students as I see them grow to adulthood and marry on facebook :) But it's so good to love the present and be content in it -- and what joys you have in your life now! Look at your grands! I think you will be very fulfilled at home. Next year, sometime in November, go back to your school for a brief visit. It will feel familiar, but strange to you as well. That will help you detach :)