Sunday, June 4, 2017

June So Far

 Look at cute Noah!  He's like a little chicken swinging in the baby swing!  We had a fun picnic at the park.  His mommy did a nice job cutting his hair, didn't she?  Big boy! 
 I bought some bargain shoes for my niece's wedding.  Any excuse for shoes.  She is getting married at home and my sister's house has lovely wild land for the ceremony (and a water view!)  I figure I need to be prepared for uneven ground.  (No heels - sort of outdoorsy shoes)

 The garden is looking prettier and prettier.  I planted white geraniums and white petunias today.  A few years ago I discovered that white flowers really glow in the sunshine.  

The first peony!  It's like a bride, isn't it?
 I was going to throw away the moldy old beach balls that were piled deflated in the kiddie pool ALL WINTER, but then I changed my mind.  I blew them all up so I could take a photo.  (Good motivation)
 Noah can eat baby puffs now.  Kelli told me that Bawn Bawn the bunny LOVES baby puffs.  Funny old rabbit.  Poor Noah has to wear a rosebud bib.  That's what happens when you have so many girl cousins.  
 On Saturday mornings I watch the news while Noah sleeps.  He's a good little snuggle bug and James is always very quiet when Noah is sleeping.  He and Grampy go outside or stay in the other room.  
 Mr. Flopsy Bunny has been perching on Bill's legs.  He's growing and doesn't know what to do with his extra girth.  

 Jenny sent Bill this cute LOTR shirt.  It came all the way from China and is a perfect early Father's Day gift.  
 The warmer weather is making Timothy extra lazy.  

I'm hungry and dinner is an hour and a half away.  I wish I had some cake.  White cake.  I do not have anything fika-like to eat.  For shame.
When I read my granny's diaries I feel compelled to bake because she baked almost every day.  Yum.  Pie sounds good, too.  Cookies.  Also good.
Christie gave us two pieces of banana bread.  I ate mine.  I think I'll go eat Bill's now.  You snooze.  You lose.  I don't think he'll mind.
Thank you for coming by and for your kind comments.  (BIG HUG)


Jennifer Hays said...

Your photos are so nice, it's looking very summery there now. I love your peony and your new shoes. Noah is getting really big, not a tiny baby anymore. All of your grandchildren are so cute and you are a very good grandma!

Susie said...

I like those shoes...makes sense to me, outside. Such cute little ones. I just love babies and your little one there is so sweet. Looks like plenty is going on there. Blessings to you and yours, xoxo, Susie

Granny Marigold said...

The warm weather makes me lazy too! Timothy has the right idea...lots of rest.
Your flowers are doing so well. I'm so thankful for flowers!!

M.K. said...

Bill's t shirt is hilarious, and I can think of a half dozen family members who would love one :) Good gift!! I like what you said in your last post about allowing babies to sleep outside if you can. Nobody ever told me that, and I wish they had. It must be correct - think of those European countries where that is very regular practice. Noah is such a doll baby - love that swing!

Deb said...

Between Noah and Timothy I can barely stand all the cuteness here. :) :)

Maggie said...

How wonderful for you to be able to spend quality hugs and sleepy sweet time with the littlies, so enjoyed seeing a slice of Pom Pom's daily life today.

Julia said...

I love seeing Noah in the swing. He looks so comfy and cute.
Your flowers are lovely. I have some peonies that are budding but I don't have those california poppies. So beautiful.

Great photo of your granddaughter kicking the ball on such a beautiful lawn.

Wearing low heels make sense to me too.

I get lazy too in the heat. Enjoy your week.

Warm smiles & hugs

Jeanie said...

June is looking like loads of fun in your world. You have a lovely family!

And thanks for coming by Marmelade Gypsy this past week. I'm very behind in replying to people!

Farm Girl said...

You made me laugh out loud eating Bill's banana bread. Your peonies are incredible. My goodness. I have never seen anything so huge like that and yes, wonderful for a bridle bouquet. You look like you are having such a nice June already. I liked your swimming pool filled with beach balls.
I hope your week is wonderful. I always enjoy your updates.

Boyett-Brinkley said...

I like those shoes. And yes, you snooze you lose -- that's always been my way of thinking! Flowers are lovely, kids are adorable -- great post.

Marcie said...

June is good stuff? Isn't it?

I like your thought about white flowers glowing in sunshine. They glow in moonlight too! So, planting white flowers is a "win win" situation!

Love all the granny pride evident in your photos and narrative. Your grandbabies are precious indeed!

Wood Fairy said...

I love seeing your family snaps, those children have such a great time with you. I like white flowers, last year I tried to make my garden all white flowers and night scented ... so that it would attract moths at night - we didn't get any moths at all - but this year the flowers are coming and so are the moths! I think you have some peonies there with big fat buds - they are the most beautiful things.
It's cold here today, rainy and windy so I am cooking a roast for the men and have been sewing.

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Looks like everyone had fun in the park. That Noah is so cute, I could just eat him up. He looks so cuddly. His hair cut looks good.

WOW your flowers are really coming along. Like your shoes and they should work well outside. There is nothing worse that having heels sink into the ground. You could easily sprain your ankle and fall down.

Looks like you are a busy woman with your grands. Aren't they great.

Have a wonderful week.


happyone said...

Sounds like your June is a great one so far.
Noah sure is getting big. What a cutie he is.
I wouldn't mind baking every day but I'd probably weight 200 lbs. : )

Gumbo Lily said...

Meant to say, I like the shoes! Please share what brand they are. I like the crisscross over the top. More stability.

Beca said...

lol go ahead and eat the banana bread. He probably wouldn't notice anyway. The garden is looking great. The blooms are gorgeous. This time of year is always wonderful.
xx Beca

Nana Go-Go said...

Such a strong family resemblance among all the children. The wee man is adorable! I have those orange poppies in my garden too and the same colour of Peonies(the dark red ones). We could be twins!!I love your 'wedding' shoes. Not outdoorsy at all. What will your outfit be? I love June. I always start getting a bit 'bluesy' come July, it's almost Winter, isn't it? Just joking. Have the rest of a good week, Pom Tiddley Om Pom, my lovely friend and thank you for popping over to my FB page too and leaving your lovely comments.ALWAYS great to hear from you xxx

Cat Lover said...

Hi Pom Pom, lovely photos of all your grands! Timothy is adorable too.
Take care!

ellen b. said... that shirt! Might have to try and find one. That little Noah is such a delight to see. The shoes you picked will be great on uneven terrain. Such a fun packed post! Happy Tuesday to you...

Tina said...

Cute photos! Love those shoes, what a great choice! Clever t-shirt design! Your posts are fun to read! :) Xxx

Weekend-Windup said...

Little ones looks so cute.Beautiful flowers. Warm weather makes everyone lazy...