Tuesday, June 27, 2017

VERY Cute!

 Here's Noah, just hanging around drinking some water.  

When we go down to our basement to play (the boys) Tim likes to join us.  He lurks and slinks around the borders, going in and out of hiding places.  
 He's almost one year old.  So handsome. 
 Sam and Plum had a fun weekend. They went paddle boarding and kayaking with their parents AND they welcomed a new member into their family. They came to our house on Saturday and ate strawberries, walked to the grocery store, and watched Kids YouTube videos (Baby Alive - girls love watching someone else play with dolls).
 Here's their new addition.  Her name is Amelia.  She was found on a busy highway and a nice lady fostered her for a while.  Jenny is such a cat lover - she passed the "are you worthy of this precious kitten?"  test and brought her home to a delighted pair of girlie girls.  

Here's Sam showing off her hula skills.

And if that's not enough cuteness, Kelli took the girls to their babysitter's house to see some golden doodle puppies.  They are all sold (thankfully) so no more pets will be added to the already full house o'animals.

I am waiting around for my little kitchen island/cart to arrive.  The handy man is going to assemble it here so it'll be in its new spot soon.  Moving the other island into the living room was not a "yee haw" picnic-ish sort of endeavor.  We had to shift a table, then take the top off the big island, then move it.  Argh.

I find moving things around very satisfying (if I can do it myself and not inconvenience someone else) and when I actually do it, I wonder why I waited so long.  
God be with YOU, good visitors.  I'm very appreciative of your kind attention.  


Deb said...

Lots of cuties here and a very lucky kitten. :)

Cat Lover said...

Noah is so adorable, he has grown so quickly. Timothy is a year old??? Where does the time go.
Hope all goes well with your new island.
Take care.

Susie said...

Loved hearing the kids with the puppies...so many too. I love cats too. Enjoy those sweet young people ...they are growing before your eyes. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

happyone said...

Noah sure is a cutie and Timothy is handsome indeed.
The new kitty is a lucky one to be part of his new family.
Hope the island is in place now. : )

Debi said...

Your grands are adorable! Can't wait to see your new island.

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

The grands are so cute. That Noah is sure growing fast and Timothy is a heart stealer.

Cute post ... Have a great week.


Granny Marigold said...

It amazes me that Hula hoops are still being played with after all these years. After all, it was the late 50's when they first came out!

Those puppies are just so very cute, as are those girlies.

Jeanie said...

Tim is so beautiful! And you seem to have the photographer's touch in capturing him!

And the little ones are cute, too!

Kezzie said...

Timothy is quite the gentleman now! What a sweetie! That bowl of strawberries looks amazing! Mmm, yes please!xx

Julia said...

Loads of cuteness on your blog today, starting with Noah, Hula girl, Timothy, kittens and puppies. Wow, all in one post.
I like moving things around too and I often move heavy furniture by myself by using some old blankets under the legs and I push. Very satisfying.
Those strawberries looks good but the girls look even better. I've developed an allergy to strawberries. Sigh...
Smiles & hugs,

Jennifer Hays said...

This is an extremely cute post - everything in it. I love that the girls like watching videos of kids playing with dolls. That is so cool, I will have to find some for my daughter, she would love that too. Sometimes we watch cat videos for hours! Hope you're having a good week, Karen.

ann said...

There is a lot cuteness going on at your house! The baby has grown so much and is really cute and noting beats little girls with a bow of fresh strawberries--and the fact they are sharing the iPad. A lot of cute.

Farm Girl said...

All filled with summer delights. What a pretty kitty! The puppies are too.
I love your posts!

ellen b. said...

That little Noah is growing so fast. It's always good to shuffle things around. Hope you have a good rest of the week.

Lisa Richards said...

Noah's growing so fast!!
I understand Sam and Plum's love of YouTube. I like to watch other people doing things I like to do, too, lol.
Enjoy all those cute kitties! :)

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

That Noah is a cutie, so precious! How he is growing! And Timothy just likes being with whatever is happening, he is such a delightful soul... and what a sweet kittie Amelia is - do you suppose she and Timothy will get along? Enjoy all this precious time with your sweet grands! :)

magsmcc said...

Oh, I see lots of boyness creeping in. Excellent- life with boys- now that is yeehaw all day long!

Wood Fairy said...

I like moving things around, in fact I think it's good to do so as the seasons change. I hope your new island gives a more spacious feel. I often wonder why they are built hollow so you can store all the pots and pans inside!

Gumbo Lily said...

Much cuteness, for sure! The new kitten is super cute and the hula hoop girl is cute and so are those pups. Happy Summer!

M.K. said...

Those puppies are so cute, and the new kitten is sweetness itself. I need to shift around some furniture. I'm telling myself that I'm waiting until Julia goes off to college -- then I will be free to clean out, declutter, and shift stuff :)