Monday, July 3, 2017

Summertime July

Yesterday (the Sabbath) after walking to church, cooking a hot breakfast, and taking a little nap, I settled in for some cardi knitting.  I'm making some good progress even though the yarn is a bit splitty.  It's soft anyway.

 July!  The sweet peas smell delicious. 

And within a few years I should have a big crop of rhubarb, thanks to my sweet neighbor Reve. 
 The wild grass growing up in the catmint is pretty, isn't it?
 When I had jury duty they took away my addi turbo circular needle (I guess one could stab someone else with my little workhorse needle) so I had to go back to the yarn store and buy another (and then weave it into the stitches - thankfully this went well).  There is NO PLACE like the yarn store.  I thought you might like to see some of the goodness. 

While browsing around Hobby Lobby, I noticed how lush the fake flowers look when they are displayed well.  I'd buy a BUNCH, but they are expensive. 

Here's a cute line up of happy kids.

I am so thankful for the marigolds.  I did not plant any of them.  God did.

 Christie took this photo of our Jeff.  What a cute daddy!  My heart grows two sizes when I look at this picture. 

A fancy red bug on a sunny shiny sunflower!  
 We have one zucchini already and many more to be had.  Too many, I know. 
 We had houseguests last week.  Tim does not have warm happy feelings toward houseguests.  He wants his people at his beck and call.  

Sometimes he goes up to Bill's office and checks out . . . zzz

 "no bees no honey no work no money"

Our precious friends visited from Washington.  They were in high school when Bill and I worked with Young Life almost forty years ago.  We love them so much. 

After they left us they headed south (destination Texas) and stopped at the Garden of the Gods near Colorado Springs.  FUN!

And our dear animal hoarder got another puppy.  Winnie.  I know, they are both adorable.  Circus!  Circus! 

This one revels in being the only pet at our house.  He doesn't appear to mind at all that he doesn't have cat friends (or dog friends).  He's been moth hunting in the morning.  He eats them.  Yikes.

We have a busy grandkid week ahead.  Side note: Our Brad and his family will celebrate at a nice hotel because Brad will bagpipe for a small town parade.  Isn't that fun?  They have been doing lovely summer things like going to drive in movies (April packed a wonderful bag of movie snacks to be eaten in the van.  The kids wore their pajamas to the late movie).  They are also swimming and going to the library.  They have finished the church's VBS (April is a master organizer of VBS's).  
Here, the local grands will come over today.  The three puppy girls will sleep over and their parents will come for a picnic lunch tomorrow.  Christie is meeting a friend for coffee this morning so James and Noah will pop by for a short stay.
Thursday Sam and Liz (Plum) will come and then they will sleep over on Saturday while their parents celebrate their anniversary.
So, there are many doings around here. 
I am looking forward to a trip to Washington later this month.  My sister's oldest daughter is getting married in the woods around their seaside home.  I'll spend time with sibs and my precious mama.  I'll visit Guemes Island.  Oh, to see the sea again!  Yay!
Happy 4th of July to American friends!
Happy belated Canada Day to my Canadian friends!
Happy summer to my friends abroad and  happy winter to my sweet buddies in Australia and New Zealand. 
Sending heaps of love your way.
Thank you for checking in to say hello!


Beca said...

There's always so much going on during the summer break. Keeps us busy and our heads spinning. It's fun though. It's so nice you're getting quality time with your friends and family.
xx Beca

Amy at love made my home said...

Have a good time with your family! I am shocked that they took away your needles because even the TSA allows them on planes and they are stricter than anyone!!! Could they not have kept your knitting and given it back to you at the end of the day? If this ever happens again and they have to take your needles I have heard it suggested that they cut the needles off the cord and you tie a knot in the cord and at least then it saves your stitches. Anyway, that aside, as I said, have fun!

Elizabethd said...

You have had such a busy family time, and lovely friends too.
I can feel for your beautiful cat, I like a bit of peace and quiet too!

Lisa Richards said...

A news-packed blog post! Don't forget to rest now and then!
I can't believe they nabbed your needles during jury duty and didn't give them back?
I know the feeling of your heart growing two sizes. Mine does that when I look at my brood! Enjoy your lovely, sweet family! :)

GretchenJoanna said...

I'm glad to hear you have a visit to the sea to look forward to! And that your sweet peas are blooming! I was hoping God would plant a few things in my garden, using seeds scattered last summer, but I think He needed me to help Him put the seeds closer to the dirt so they wouldn't get lost in the thick mulch...

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Great post - you are certainly busy and I know that you love having your grands over. You are so lucky - I only have 1 and she lives 500 miles away.

The yarn shop looks terrific with all that beautiful yarn. Don't see to many of them around here anymore - guess people don't have time.

Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful time in Washington. Enjoy yourself with your relatives.

Happy 4th and enjoy your day.


Julia said...

You have had a very busy week. So much going on in your life. Those kids are all so beautiful. Poor Timothy, he does not like his routine disturbed. The world revolves around him...He love his momma.

Happy 4th of July.
Hugs, Julia

happyone said...

Love seeing all that beautiful yarn and what gorgeous colors!!

Jean | said...

Karen, you've got a lot (of good stuff) going on! Love the photos, especially the cat and the sweet peas and the pressed zinnia.

Granny Marigold said...

All that pretty wool makes me wish I could knit!! How does one ever decide on colours with so much choice!!
Enjoy your very busy week ahead and have a great celebration for The Fourth of July!!!

elizabeth said...

lovely pictures!!! lovely life!!! have a safe and wonderful time with family later! enjoy the ocean!!!

ellen b. said...

Your Jeff is a fine looking young man. It's wonderful how surrounded you are with family and good friends. Have a great 4th!

Henny Penny said...

I love that soft pink your you are knitting with. Sure makes me wish I could knit. You have a beautiful family, and Timothy too. Love your posts!!!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Happy 4th of July, Pom! I'm enjoying seeing all your knitting. Maybe I'll pick up those needles again one of these days ...


Happy@Home said...

It sounds like July is off to a busy and happy start. Such fun to see your photos. Your upcoming trip and wedding sounds lovely.
Enjoy your 4th of July.

Cat Lover said...

What a busy time for you Pom Pom! Glad you are enjoying all your visitors even if Timothy isn't. ;-)
Enjoy your holiday!


Kit said...

You are one busy lady! I love that cat of yours! He is so content and happy. :) It appears that you are having a lovely summer. That is wonderful! :) Kit

Farm Girl said...

What a nice visit with you. They didn't give you back your needle? I have jury duty next week. It always seems like a good waste to sewing. I could get so much done if I could take something to do with my hands. Drat! What a lovely life you have. So much lovely stuff here.
I hope you have a nice day. I got five quarts of pickles. :)

Heather said...

Love the marigolds! I wish I had planted more for our backyard. They are so pretty and vibrant. :)

Kim said...

This gal is chilly Australia thanks you, sweet lady, for your warm wishes. Your July sounds like a lot of fun. Love all that yarny gorgeousness and the Sweet Peas.....oooh can't wait till they make an appearance down here.

Julie said...

So much sunshiney loveliness in this post dear Pom Pom. Just been catching up on all your bloggy news. Your garden is looking wonderful. I love how Timmy doesn't especially like visitors as my two fur babies are just the same & I am sure they smile when visitors have driven off!!! Have a lovely weekend dear friend xxx

Cheryl mylittlepieceofengland said...

So many lovely pictures. I love the fragrance of sweet peas and would love to grow our own rhubarb. Sounds like you've been very busy, have fun with the grandkids xx

Blogoratti said...

Such wonderful thoughts and delightful and happy photos. Warm greetings to you!

M.K. said...

What beautiful yarn -- I think I like it even more than flowers. A yarn store is a dangerous place. Now ... are you saying that the people in the courthouse took away your knitting needles, and made you pull your work off the needles??? Yikes! That's really awful of them! Kinda makes me mad. They should've let you hand the whole thing over, and then get it back later. Ugh. Well, it sounds like your July is going beautifully!

Kezzie said...

Please can you send TIM my way to eat my moths! The yarn and fake flowers are beautiful!x