Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday Photos

 The pumpkin patch looks ready.  Down a road, near our neighborhood, there are pumpkins.  Are there pumpkins at your grocery store?  

 I have eaten my last cucumber.  They give me heartburn.  They're pretty though and amazing (thank you for bearing with all my cucumber photo shoots).

 Bill went over to get our Saturday morning buddy at around 5 am.  Here he is in a blissful moment of peace. Aw!  They are SO cute, Grampy and James.

 I like the way this starfish (a party gift at a baby shower) matches the angel's heart.  

 I've been spending time sorting.  I sure have a big collection of writing books.  Here, you can browse.

 I sorted through some old journals and found the list below.  I like old my lists.  They are entertaining.

 I like revisiting my random artwork!
 I like my reminders of a sweet and holy time with Jesus.  By the way, I ate a trout for dinner last night.  I asked the butcher to cut off the head and tail because I get a tiny bit creeped out looking at dead fish.  It had a lot of bones.  

Next week, I'll be 56 years old.  I really liked being 55 years old so I imagine I will like being 56, too.  There is quite a bit to us when we've been granted so many big moments, so many sightings of love, so many connecting conversations, and when we house such lively memories.  Each day is full of mysterious awe.  It's fun being a human.

Plum Cake's birthday is Monday so we are having a little celebration for her tomorrow.  I bought her the sweetest baby doll.  I'll take a picture of her holding it when she unwraps the gift.  It smells like sweet baby powder.  I've always liked  the way dolls smell.

Signing off.  I've got some sweeping to do, a pie to make, some jam to re-jar (Nana Go Go told me I can fix my soupy jam), and some reading to do.
Thank you for coming by, reading, looking, and saying hello.  (BIG HUG!)


Farm Girl said...

cucumbers give me heartburn too.
I love that sweet picture of James and Bill. Both sleeping like babies.
I laughed at your story about the trout. That is so cute.
I thought your birthday was coming.
I am glad. I wish I could come and give you a birthday party.
Your flowers are lovely. It looks like you worked hard.
I hope you take lots of picture of the new baby doll.
Have a lovely Saturday. I got We Took to the Woods today at the library. I am excited to read it.
Happy Saturday!

Julia said...

Ironic, I just had a cucumber sandswich. I only eat young burpless cucumbers. Sorry that they give you heartburn.
Your photos always tell a sweet story. I just love looking at your artsy journal. It looks so pretty and you have a wonderful talent.
James looks so adorable and it's just like men, they always have to have their nap, lol.
after they eat. lol... well mine does anyway.
You still have plenty of pretty flowers.

Happy Birthday. Have a happy weekend too.

Amy at love made my home said...

Happy Birthday for next week!!! I hope that you have a wonderful day and a great year ahead. We saw quite a lot of pumpkins in New England and some pumpkin patches being set up too, they won't be for sale over here though until right before Halloween as people don't use them as decorations in the same way here. I have some plastic ones for indoors though! xx

Kit said...

Hi busy lady! Love that pic of baby and man. :) Sorry you can't have cukes. Good veggie. I have to steer clear of onions myself. Yay for upcoming birthdays! Kit

TexWisGirl said...

i love your boys. so cute with little hand on bigger hand!

happy birthday to you and to plum cake!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I love seeing your journal pages! Maybe when I'm 55 I'll keep a creative journal like yours. I hope so.

Happy birthday to you and dear Plum Cake!


Granny Marigold said...

I like your old list. How industrious you were/are. Love you you embellish your lists too. Must try that. Have a happy birthday next week!!

Gumbo Lily said...

I love peeking inside your beautiful journals. I really think that you should make books like Susan Branch. I do! Every time I see your journals, all decked out with your art, I think, "Pom Pom should write a book!" With your own beautiful writing and your own whimsical art.

Happy Birthday(coming up)!

magsmcc said...

Big hug to you too x I have the clearing of cupboards on my September list. And here we are, second Saturday in a row spent mostly at home and not a door opened!

GretchenJoanna said...

I really should study your rows of writing books - I mean, check them out online or even at the library; I don't own one of those!
Nor have I ever created anything like your journals brimming with the joy of the Lord and your life.

I just today saw a row of pumpkins in front of Safeway. But I think I'll wait a week or so before I get some for the front porch.

Betty said...

Have lots of birthday fun next week Pompom I hope 56 is going to be special for you. we don't see many pumpkins here until Halloween when they flood the shops at about £1 - £3 each so we can carve lanterns for a week, then they are absent again - I love their colours but not their taste! they grew well when I had my allotment in town but I have never seen whole fields of them like yours, maybe I should go and look for one! Betty x

Tassell, Tea pot, and life down under said...

PomPom, you can be so funny sometimes. You are not alone with the fish heads and the eyes, my husband refused to eat them. I love cucumbers but they give me wind and indigestion. Only good to eat a few. Well your garden looks like at its peak. And Grampy and James are looking pretty comfortable and contented.
Hope you have a good birthday soon.
Sorry I haven't visited a while. Enjoy your weekend.


Fat Dormouse said...

Your journal is so beautiful - and so *you* I can sense the love of life flowing from the pages. You are such a sweet person.

I love pumpkin time because I can find my favourite butternut squash in the shops and make lots of soup and chilli-and-squash risottos. Maybe I'll put that in my meal plans for the next couple of weeks! Parsnips are finding their way into the shops too...Huzzah!

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Oh that picture of Grampy and James... So, so, so precious.

Just look at that tiny hand, on his big hand. I love photos like this. :-)))

All of your post, is lovely, of course.


Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Happy Birthday, ahead of time.

What a lovely time of year, to have a Birthday.


Happy@Home said...

"It's fun being a human". Smile... love that thought. Let me be among the first to wish you a Happy, Happy Birthday. I turned 56 in April and so far, so good :).
Love all of your happy things here today, especially grampy and James enjoying a special moment.

ann said...

Sometimes you leave me breathless. Where do you come up with so much energy? Sweet baby James is really growing. Isn't it nice having a baby in the house? Have a sweet birthday. We should do something.

Julia said...

Hi Pompom.
Thanks for your comment on my blog.
To answer your question. I no longer have any cats after the last of my three cats crossed the Rainbow Bridge, I could not bring myself to be heart broken again. I have lots of barn cats but no house cats.

Happyone said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by. You have a lovely blog and I enjoyed looked at your photos.
We have a very own pumpkin patch. : ) We got about 25 pumpkins. It's the first year we've grown them.

M.K. said...

Hello! This is such a cheery place :) Yes, we have pumpkins around. Loving autumn. Have a happy birthday, both you and your grandgal. :)