Saturday, September 6, 2014

September Goodness

 Crops!  Harvest time!  Aren't my squatty little carrots funny?  The cucumbers keep producing and Bill said no more pickles because we're running out of room.  The are very crunchy and taste delicious sliced, too.

 Do you have doodads sitting around on surfaces that have sort of surpassed their shelf life?  Me, too.  These little angels have been moved to the garden.  Do you like their halos?
 The sunny girls are so tall this year!  Sky high!

 I hope we have a warm September so I can harvest a tomato or ten! 
 Out on my walk I came upon more crab apples.  I think that particular shade of rosy red is my favorite color.
 Some of the leaves are changing!  
 Roses around the neighborhood are blooming again. They are glorious.
 I took this picture while looking at a neighbor's trash heap.  It reminds me that I have fresh-picked plums in the refrigerator and it's time to stew them.

 We can't forget the "greens" of summer!  Isn't this ornamental grass lovely?

 I find this pot of geraniums by a neighbor's green door VERY pleasing.
 More apples of the crab kind!
 I was listening to an M.F.K. Fisher book while I walked (thanks to MK for the suggestion) and all the references to eating in Europe, wines, trout, sauces, fresh peas, and eating chocolate at boarding school made me crave tea and chocolate (and a billion other fine foods).
 I used this tea (a gift from Brad) and some Earl Grey lavender tea that I found at a discount store (Not expired!  Yay!)

 I used a delicate tea cup and tea pot that Kelli gave me when I finished up teaching sixth grade.  YUM!
I found some chocolate, too.  
I hope your weekend is going well.  I am much better (finally got some antibiotics - sometimes absolutely necessary) and I have lots of pep.
The thing is, I also have LOTS of books to read.  I'll tell you all about them next time.
In the meantime, put your face toward the sun.  She's so warm and kind this time of year!
Bill just returned from Australia where it is windy and cool.  He had a wonderful time, but he's happy to be back to mow the lawn and walk with Jeff and James in the mild September morning.
Speaking of little James, he's coming over at dinner time so his parents can have a little "date".  Yay!  I love his face!
Bye bye, sweet visitor!


Julia said...

I love Earl Grey tea but I haven't had any lately. I like it black.
Cute baby carrots, and it looks like the cucumbers are plentiful.

Your fall flowers are gorgeous, especially the mums.
My Crabapple tree is loaded this year and we're having another sunny day with heavy showers this late afternoon. I got drenched getting the milk for the calves. We even had a little bit of thunder.

I hope your weekend is relaxing.

TexWisGirl said...

you have lots of goodness around you. love those stubby little carrots! beautiful blooms and grasses, too.

Debi said...

My carrots are about as big around as a pencil! I picked a big bucket of cherry and plum tomatoes this morning before the big rain. I'll get a few more but they are just about gone. So glad you are feeling better.

Farm Girl said...

Have a lovely evening with James. I love his face too. You still have lovely things coming out of your garden, I felt the same way about cucumbers after a while.
I love the colors of crab apples too. We have one more hot day so I think it will be reading tomorrow.
My brain is tired. I am so very glad you are feeling back to your old peppy self. Have a wonderful evening.

Betty said...

Those apples are a lovely colour, I can imagine you wearing that colour! Have fun with little James - hope you get through all those books quickly so you can talk about them - I sometimes buy the books you recommend and am never disappointed. Betty x

Nana Go-Go said...

Sorry you've been poorly, my lovely, must have missed a post. I'll go back right now and rectify that. I made lovely plum jam the other day, if I do say so myself! That Bill of yours sure does get around!!Crab apple jelly is lovely too but a bit of a fiddly thing to do. Worth it though. Thanks for popping over to mine, Pom. I really wish we lived closer too - I'd love to hear your jokes. Feeling fine and dandy today because I'm off to dinner with the Grandbabies. Can't get enough of those kisses and cuddles!!Have a great week. xxx

Nancy McCarroll said...

Your posts always make me smile.

Did you pick up that plum box from the trash heap? Grandma's face is so sweet and the picture is great!

Kiss James for me and ask him the meaning of life and report on his response, ok?

Amy at love made my home said...

I hope that you had a lovely time with James! Everything in the garden and on your walks is all still so lovely, the crab apples and your neighbours flowers included! I hope that you enjoyed your tea and enjoy some more another day too. Glad you are feeling better. xx

Chel @ Sweetbriar Dreams said...

The colour in your garden and surrounding neighbours properties are still so vibrant. There is nothing as delicious as Earl Grey or Lady Grey tea, so refreshing. Have a wonderful week my lovely x

M.K. said...

You do LOVE your grandbabies so very well, Pom :) BTW, can't you make a jelly with crab apples? I think so. Never did it myself, but I've heard of it. That tea looks yummy. I like a creamy tea. All those bright colors, all those healthy, happy plants. The nasturtiums are particularly abundant and bright. I also have a few angels (tree ornaments) that would look nicer in the flower bed -- that's a great idea! Each year I don't put them on the tree, and return them to the box, which is silly. I'd enjoy them, even stuck into a pot with a plant.

Kit said...

Such lovely pics. Look at those nasturtums! Our sugar maples are changing. :) Watching my Denver Broncos. Makes me think of wonderful Denver. Get better and enjoy your tea. :) Kit

GretchenJoanna said...

Wow, Pom Pom, plant life is just bursting out and spilling all over in your world. Next summer I absolutely MUST plant sunflowers. I know just the spot. Yours inspire me. Love

Anonymous said...

Hello Pom Pom! Such bounty...I'm looking forward to being Mrs Bok again and having a garden once more. I love crab apple blossoms but never know what to do with the apples themselves.

Tassell, Tea pot, and life down under said...

PomPom, why didn't you come with Steve to Australia?
The crabapple trees are beautiful, and I think you can make cider out of their fruits. I can see the sun is more happy to spend time with you. Lots of beautiful things around your neighbourhood.

Take care and have a good week.

ann said...

You are good to yourself, a lesson that we all need to learn. Yes, I do need a trip to Norm's. I am starting dollhouse #2. Anytime now except Thursday and Friday. Have a wonderful week.

Attic Clutter said...

pretty pretty pom
love the color door (:)
stubby little carrots ..hehe

Lisa Richards said...

"We can't forget the greens of summer"... Wah! That line made me sad! Summer always goes by so quickly and winter is so long. But I do try to enjoy the white beauty of winter. Time is always moving on in this world. I look forward to the world where I'm sure it's always summer. And 70 degrees...please, Lord. :) Love your pics as always! Enjoy James and having your hubby back from Aussie-land. ;) XXOO

Aura Main said...

We have never been able to grow carrots and I have never tasted crab apples. They look splendid and are in abundance in your yard. Are they tart? Bet you can make a wonderful pie using them. The last thing I ate tonight was greek yogurt with flax seeds. By they way I made some delicious Breakfast Flax seeds cookies and have posted the recipe.

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Beautiful photos...

Of the beauty, which surrounds you...

Thank you for sharing these, with us.


Gentle hugs,