Sunday, February 8, 2015

Happy Thankfulness and More Hygge

I found a few new copies of The Wind in the Willows (new to me).  I hoard them.

I also found the anniversary edition of another absolutely favorite story, Harriet the Spy!

Please pop over to Mag's blog and read her latest Badger post!

February here has been GLORIOUS!  We have warm temps and blue skies!  Hearts all around!  We are SO thankful because our Kelli and the three girls were in a terrible car accident and nobody had to go to the hospital.  The car was totaled.  Thank you, God. Thank you for protecting them.  

One and Only House Plant is thriving.  I have decided to talk to her, encourage her, and move her around the house to catch sunshine!  Do you believe in talking to plants?  James likes to pull on house plants. We have to watch him.  Yesterday morning I realized that he had been chewing on a wood chip for quite a while.  I think you've seen this darling photo, but I am sure you enjoy seeing it again!  (PROUD Granny!)

I went to the Polish Pottery Outlet to buy Brad and April a big new teapot.  We texted back and forth and decided on a nice green one, but I spied this coffee pot and thought, "I WANT." I shall not buy because I have too many dishes.
I still have gnomes on the brain.  My sister gave me this pretty rock.  Let's paint some rocks for our garden! Do you want to?
Here is my mama's hygge-filled house!  We had so many nice conversations.  I am so blessed to spend time with my wonderful mother.
Here's another peek at the Lutheran church at Daffodil Hill. Don't you love the tree view?

I am so thankful for safe cars and car seats.  Precious cargo sits in these small perches.

Where's James?  Isn't he funny?  
I hope you have a lovely hygge-filled week yourself!  I went to the big Starbucks to knit with a friend last week.  We had so much fun trying to figure out her shawl pattern and visiting up a storm.  What hygge things have you done lately?
I'd like to pour you a cup of coffee. Thank you for stopping in!


TexWisGirl said...

cute little grands. :) sweet pot, too.

Granny Marigold said...

SO glad your girls were not hurt when they were involved in that accident, More copies of Wind in the Willows!! Lucky you.

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

wonderful news, about the car accident, which only hurt the car.

oh that James, he is the cutest thing! and have to love it... chewing on a wood chip. they can be scamps!!!!!

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

oh and those precious old books!!!!

♥ Tina said...

Oh my goodness, thank the Lord Kelli and the children are okay!!

Love all your sweet Willows pics, and oh that pottery! :)

Big hygge hugs to ya! xxx

Nana Go-Go said...

May God continue to protect the Precious Cargo. How awful for all of them - it must have been very frightening. I hope they're all ok. James is such a cutesy-pie!
Thank You, Pom, for leaving your comment at mine which I loved reading. I'm so glad you're my friend too. Have a good week. (Your Mama's house is divine!).xxx

Julia said...

Family is so important.... I'm glad that the girls were not hurt in the accident. I hate to think of what could have happened. Cars can be replaced but not the kids.

Farm Girl said...

So nice to visit with you and see all of the happy things. I love James in the curtain, funny baby. So funny he was chewing on a wood chip. I love the girls in their car seats. How thankful I am that they didn't get hurt.
I will try to practice more Hygge this week. After Monday of course. :)
I hope you week is slower, I think you should paint more gnome rocks.

Kezzie said...

I'm so glad they are ok, what a terrible thing to happen. Your little grandchildren are cherubic as ever. Sweetie James, he's my favourite!
I love your heart dishes- very pretty.xx

MamaF said...

Thank you thank you thank you Lord for protecting Mom and girls !! Oh and you have a James too ! Yours is lovely ... and mine is lovely too :)
Your mom's house is beautiful, have I already told you how much I love the way you talk about your mother and family ? Such warmth ! Have a wonderful new week ! said...

PTL that Kelli and the girls are okay! I love that last photos with those feet peeking out under the drapes!!

Jean | said...

Glad everyone came out of the accident okay. What do you mean you have too many dishes? I come from a long line of women who don't believe there's any such thing! :D

Lisa Richards said...

So glad your girls are okay! My daughter is a car seat safety tech. I think her girls will be rear facing in their car seats until they're quite old! :)
Love all of the WITW pics. I will check out Mags's blog right away.
I always drool when looking at the pottery pictures. So bright and cheerful.
Your mom's home is very cozy and inviting!
Painting gnomes on rocks sounds like huge fun!
You're a good granny!

Jeannette said...

Praise that your family was not injured...sorry they had the trauma at all. I like the where is James picture and the tree view and all the Wind in the Willows were wonderful to see. Thank you! I think you cheered me up.

Amy at love made my home said...

I am so glad that your family are all safe after that accident, thank goodness for that. I love the illustrations from Wind in the Willows, nothing quite like them is there! xx

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I have that same copy of Harriet the Spy. It's one of my favorite books ever.

So glad the girls are all safe! How scary though.

I have three houseplants now, and they somehow have stayed alive. My track record is not good. I should try singing to them.


Kit said...

Oh no! I am so glad everyone is okay. That must have upset you a lot. Yikes! Thank God. Kit

Heather LeFebvre said...

So glad Kelli and the girls were okay! Yikes!!! Look at that beautiful coffee pot!!! Hard to resist those things....Must find our audio version of Wind in the is SO good -- BBC I think and I wonder if it is Julian Fellowes playing one of the characters? Might be or else it was someone else from that show Julian was in "Monarch of the Glen"

M.K. said...

Oh, Pom, thank you for sounding so cheery! It's a joy to come here and read. I'm SO VERY SORRY about the car wreck! I didn't know! But how thankful that they are fine. Phew! God's protection is all around us.

As I look at your WITW photos, it's really hard to pick a favorite illustrator. I love the first one, and esp. the picture of Toad in bed. Look at how simple the lines are, but look at his face in profile, and his little hands, stretching out, gripping the blanket. Just a few lines can communicate so much. But the other illustrator, the picture of Badger with the lantern -- I love how the light is done there.

Your mama's home looks warm and comforting. See the light and shadow there? I love a room that looks like that.

I'm sad that that teapot remained in the store :( It clearly needed a home! haha :) Well, we must draw a line somewhere, even with beautiful things.