Friday, March 1, 2013

Which Pot for the Party? The Grand Tour Finish

 Well, HELLO!  I see you coming up the street! I'm so glad you're here for this early morning tea party!
 Do be careful on the ice!
 Come in!  Come in!  I'll put the kettle on!
 "We've been looking forward to your arrival!  Tea parties are not our "cup of tea" but Pom Pom is finally paying more attention to us, so it's worth it!  Yes, we've been stuffed in a bag, teetering on the edge of the dining room table, waiting for YOU!"
 In a world (virtual!) where you can wear (and own) whatever you want, you can choose a tea frock and this is MY choice!  Do you like it? 
 I looked in my virtual cupboard for just the right dishes!

I found the perfect place to sit and chat!

This is my current tea. I like it because it is sweet, so I don't need cream or sugar.  I do have some cream and sugar for you, fret not.

 The boys insisted on wine.  Toad is the designated driver!  Ha ha ha!
Here comes the fun part.  I asked the boys what teapot would be best and they all offered their opinions and amazingly they had insight about each teapot.  They believe YOU ARE your teapot choice.  

 Ratty says that if you choose this teapot, you are an earth mother.  You love to garden and you don't even mind weeding.  You are kind and nurturing.  You have rosy cheeks and dirty fingernails.  Everyone wants to be your friend. 
 Mole says that if you like this red and white polka dot pot best you are a red lipstick kind of girl.  You still daydream of jump roping with your sister and you ALWAYS write letters and notes to the people that matter to you.  People call you when they want a sounding board and you're a good listener.  Is Mole right?
 Toad thinks the hearts and trees teapot is boring.  Ratty jumped in and said, "Mr. Toad, when are you going to realize that what things look like is not what they are?"  Toad walked away and nestled by the wine as Ratty continued, "If you love this hearts and trees teapot you are everyone's sister.  You are a woman of substance, one who puts others at ease.  You love sudsy water in the dish pan and toasty buns with your tea.  You can dance with a broom like nobody else.  You're the one that knits sweaters for cold shoulders and smooches tear dampened cheeks."
 "Let me do this one!" said Mole.  "This is the tea pot for me!  My snug home loves me.  If you prefer this teapot you are a nice little caregiver.  You listen when people tell stories, even if you've heard the story before.  You read your favorite books over and over again. You pray aloud and you whistle while you work.  You are love in the midst of worry and peace in chaos." 
 Mr. Toad wiggled himself out from between the wine bottles and positioned himself by this teapot.  "A hem!"  Go ahead, Toad.
"If you like this teapot, you are an elegant woman.  You sew seams so straight and embellish hankies with roses and vines.  You smile sweetly while others talk around you.  You like "a little bit" of many things, a tiny bit of wine, one cookie, half of a scone.  People like to be close to you.  You're safe and comforting." Well said, Toad!
 Mole! What's wrong?  Why are you crying?
"This teapot reminds me of my mother.  She was always up before me and when I joined her at the breakfast table, she would read me stories from her newspaper.  She sipped her tea and planned her day.  She gave me a list of fun things to do.  I often ventured outside for midday picnics upon her suggestion.  If you like this teapot, you are like your dear mama."
 Ratty jumped into the conversation and said, "If you like this teapot, you are a golden girl.  You are drawn to yellow and sunshine.  You have a gentle touch and give wonderful shoulder massages.  You like to sing, don't you?  Your laughter makes everyone feel like they are clever."

"This teapot is for the young at heart!" exclaimed Mole!  "I like the style of those who don't conform!  There is no predictability in this kind of exuberance! Oh, I do adore spending time with my childlike friends.  They bring me out of my safe shell.  Oh, please can we use this teapot?" 
Ratty had a dreamy look on his face while he looked this little blue pot up and down.  "Girls who like this pot, love the water.  How I miss my river!  Can we use this teapot?  If you like this one, you are a free spirit, a kind soul, a girl who likes the wind in her hair and the smell of the good outdoors.  You are quiet and BRAVE. You love the rhythm of the waves."
 What about this one?  "Oh, Pom Pom!  Quit your wishing for spring!"
 Mr. Badger, you've been quiet.  What?  
"Before I leave for Ireland, I want to savor the ordinary, the everyday.  I wish to remember the snugness of my underground home."  That's all he would say.  I asked him to tell me what it meant if YOU liked Brown Betty best.  He rolled his eyes at me.  I think if you like Brown Betty best, you have the fine qualities of Badger.
 Grace the Mouse was our only invited guest (because with all of you coming, we had to conserve seating space).  She wore her favorite purple dress and we made her a tiny pot of coffee.   She hasn't really warmed up to the Willows yet. She likes to talk about knitting and granola recipes.  They like HER because she chewed a hole in the mail package so they could get a breath of air.  
 We noticed the bunnies outside.  They were having a tea party, too.  Funny bunnies!  They are SO secretive this time of year!
 Oh, you need a sweet little "something something"?  Girl Scout cookies are the perfect  treat for purposeful travelers, regimented scouts, and dreamy wanderers!

Just as soon as we poured the last drop of tea from Brown Betty, the boys scampered downstairs to the family room and I smelled pipe smoke.  They didn't even ask if it was okay!  Oh well.  I hope they comfort Badger because he's obviously nervous about the plane flight to Ireland.  Grace and I took up our knitting and let them while away the morning with their boy talk.
Join the other tea party hostesses for a day of tea you won't forget!
Which teapot are YOU?

MAGS (my partner in Wind of the Willows LOVE!)

Betty the Wood Fairy
Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm
Frances (she may not be partying, but you will LOVE her words!)
Libby Q (I'm not positive that she is hosting, but she is visiting and SHE is amazing!)
Lisa (my art buddy!)
El Perro Blanco
Gumbo Lily (visiting for sure, and hopefully having a tea party!)
Maple Syrup Mob

Pop back every time you enjoy a cup of tea!  It may take a while for all the party givers to get their posts up.  We're all about grace here in our blog world. 
I am going to read a little bit from The Wind in the Willows and have another cup of tea!
Thank you for joining us! 
It's not too late to play!  If I forgot you or misunderstood whether or not you wanted to hostess, leave a comment and I'll soon fix it!


Betty the Wood Fairy said...

So many teapots, so little time! I choose the one for ladies who like a little bit of everything - that's me - half a cookie, just one bite of cake etc., but what a collection you have. My teapot is not shown on my post but has gingerbread men - it's homely and cosy and only comes out at birthdays as hubby treasures it and the matching mugs! Lovely to join you - Ambercat has been slurping tea out of my mug today - no joking - so she must have wanted to join in too. Betty x

Lisa Richards said...

LOVE your frock! I'm wavering between the teapot with the house and the blue one with the house and star. What a beautiful bunch of teapots!
I haven't posted yet and I'm working today, so I'll put up something quickly. I do want to be part of the fun! :)
Really enjoyed your tea party!

TexWisGirl said...

it wouldn't matter which teapot, but i loved that sweet little peach towel. :)

wayside wanderer said...

Hahaha, PomPom, you are so creative and imaginative. You are one-of-a-kind wonderful. Don't float away from all the tea drinking. I think I will have a little sip of the wine, if you don't mind. Thanks for always being a Day Brightener.

Fat Dormouse said...

I've joined in too, over at
I loved ALL the teapots but preferred the wine bottles - what does that say about me?!

magsmcc said...

That is exactly the right outfit and footwear for an exhilerating tramp up your drive for some steaming hot tea. I think Badger would very much approve of such outdoorsy things! We are tucking in our shirt tails and preparing for some serious time in the Wild Woods of Ireland when he arrives.

I chose the hearts and trees, but really, PP; are these all your teapots??

I am very glad to see Miss Potter and her protegees- you remind me of a little blog project that I barely started before bearely remembering it. I shall put that right within the week.... Thank you for the tea- I'm pulling my boots back on again. I still have miles to go before I, before I get to my last Hostess. Poop poop!

no spring chicken said...

I thought, "oh definitely the hearts and trees" until I saw the next pot. I have the matching water pitcher! Can I be both? :)

Blessings, Debbie

Gumbo Lily said...

I like Brown Betty because I prefer plain and simple, but I also like the radish pot... dirt under the fingernails describes me, although I do scrub them. What a fun post and I enjoyed seeing Miss Peach too. Glad she got an invite.

You really have snow! We are still dry and bare, but there was a tiny bit of rain this evening. The smell!


Catherine said...

Hello Pom..I am certainly visiting & reading but oh dearie me it has been a "just do what you have to get done" sort of few days for me so I didn't manage the tea party bit. Lucky you have an abundance of tea pots & saved a place for me I'm sure, except I'm not too keen on the look of all that chilly old snow. Adore all the commentary..the red wine & pipe are a hoot!
Just wondering...what was Grace knitting?
Much love GK x0x0x

Flowers in the Window said...

I'm not sure where all this started - I think I've missed some posts! So enjoyed all these lovely teapots! It was difficult to choose but my favourite is the Antique pink rose teapot...I don't think I'm an 'elegant woman' though!! Maggie xx

Sara said...

What fun! Oh dear, oh dear, I can't decide which teapot to chose - the polka dot or the hearts and trees? Perhaps a half-cup from each? Will the Willows allow such a thing at their tea party?

Love your frock!

GretchenJoanna said...

I like the Golden Girl teapot. I really don't like yellow that much but it was my favorite, and I DO give very frequent neck and shoulder massages to my dear hubby.

I'm so thankful to you all for welcoming me to your tea parties. I almost had an actual tea party on the 1st but actual conflicts of the best sort prevented me -- even before I learned of this lovely conflagration of tea and treats and friends.

Of course I drank tea yesterday. My goodies were virtual gifts. Love to all...

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Pom, this was a fabulous post; thoroughly enjoyable read! I'm late for the party but my post is up now; thanks for letting me play along.

Anonymous said...

What a pleasant morning was spent! Thanks! Kit

libbyquilter said...

oh dear Pom Pom, i'm late to the party. turns out i had a vet appointment that could not be rescheduled.

i love your party frock and think you are quite the free spirit~!

as for a favorite tea-pot . . . what do you suppose it means if i can't choose just one~!?