Thursday, March 28, 2013

Toadstool Baby and Fat Cats

 Look at this darling toadstool baby!  Lizzy has the most kissable cheeks!  Tina at The Quiet Home made this darling bonnet.  SMOOCH!
 Lizzy is our darling #9.  She is so wonderful!  Six months old is a beautiful age, don't you think?
 Yesterday after school, I drove out toward the mountains to visit a Ragdoll Cat Cattery.  These beauties live in a lovely home where cat trees abound.  Yes, there are beautiful cat perches (made by the husband of the cat breeder) and there were even kittens (upstairs in the nursery).  They are very careful with the kittens, so I did not take any photos of them.

Bill rolled his eyes at me when I told him that I am cat shopping.  There will be no feline resident here any time soon.  That's okay.  I did like my little cat adventure.  I forgot that cats are very hairy, I admit.
I have two more days until my spring break.  Yahoo!  Today we are having a poetry slam.  I must stop at the store for coffee cups (for hot chocolate and tea).  The students have been very relaxed and nice.  I feel sure they are anticipating many days of sleeping in late and eating junk food.  
Our snow is subsiding and the weather promises to hover around 60 degrees.  That's good!
Kelli is preparing the Easter meal!  Good again!
Truthfully, I've been kind of forgetting that this is Easter week.  I'll correct that.
Thank you for stopping by!  I pray your day is full of meaningful interchanges and calm covering.  


M.K. said...

What Beee-ooo-tiful baby and kitty pics!! I want you to have your new cat NOW :) But I understand too. Glad you have a break coming, and pretty weather, and warm temps ... and SPRING!! Happy Easter, dear!

Farm Girl said...

Lovely, lovely baby!!! She is just so cute and yes, with kissable cheeks. The kitties were pretty too.
I bet you are glad you are off next week. I hope you have some warm weather.
Personally I think I will be ready to go back to school. I am feeling panicky because I have about 8 weeks left and I still have so much to do. :)It has been hard to think of Easter with it coming in March. I am thinking I will just do Passover. Have a nice couple of days.

TexWisGirl said...

our friends used to have 5 ragdolls and loved them. sadly, only 1 remains.

Bonnie said...

Oh that cute little hat. The baby is beyond cute. I love the photo with her little toes exposed and her bootie missing.
Enjoy this peaceful blessed week.

wayside wanderer said...

Is it my imagination or does Lizzy look a whole lot like Sam? She is super cute in her hat.
Oh, the days when daughters cook holiday meals???!!!! What bliss that must be! Happy happy Easter to you PomPom. And spring break, too!

Anonymous said...

Cutie pie, and I'm glad the bonnet still fits her! :) Sweet kitties too, xx

Gumbo Lily said...

Lovely Li'l Lizzy! I'd love to smooch those fat cheeks.

Pretty cats too. i like cats, but I like them outdoors. I'm not an indoor pet person. Our cats live at the barn and our dog, Sue, gets to sleep on the rug by the front door, but that's as far as she can come in.

Happy Easter Break. What ever happened to Easter Break (instead of spring break)?


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I think babies start to get really pretty at six months, as evidence by the lovely Miss Lizzy and her gorgeous cheeks. Pom, I hope you have the most glorious break! See you in the garden?


magsmcc said...

I'm taking the calm covering prayer, but leaving the meaningful interchanges for now, if that's ok! I'm all interchanges out and want lots of Quiet before Sunday! Isn't Lizzy looking so beautiful and so well. God is so good. Those cats look very sleek and regal. They scare me slightly!

Melanie said...

Darling Lizzy, she is such a little cutie patootie Miss Pom Pom ! Her skin is so peaches and cream, I think she is destined to be a great beauty !
As for the pussy cat.....oh go and buy one ! My 2 old girls are my best friends. They are 13 years old now and sisters and I wouldn't know what to do with myself without them. They are short hairs and don't shed a lot of fur much of the year. The only place they shed is on a towel that they know they can sleep on and then I simply wash the towel. Ragdolls are beautiful but they would shed lots of fur x

Pooch said...

Lizzy is so cute with her stylin' hat. What a cutie!


Lisa Richards said...

Thanks for sharing the grandkiddos! Hazel is just turning 7 months, so I understand what you mean about 6 month olds. They are just beginning to blossom in the personality department!
Have a peaceful and blessed Easter! I think we're going out to eat with some of our many children and grands. :)

Kit said...

Loving both the child and the hat! How cute! I start my spring break tomorrow. Today actually felt Springy and most of our snow has melted. My oldest is down in your parts. Snowboard racing at Copper Mtn next week. Whee! Kit

Carolyn Phillips said...

Oh she is absolutely adorable in that hat.

Betty the Wood Fairy said...

Google has not been updating your posts in my reader so I popped over to check. Have a wonderful peaceful and blessed Easter PomPom. Betty

Attic Clutter said...

oh love it POM
Happy Easter (:)