Friday, March 8, 2013

What Color is March?

pretty beads from Africa
 Happy March day, friends!  Is your March a lion or a lamb?  Ours is a mix.  Yesterday was warm and tomorrow we are expecting snow.  In my kindergarten, fifty years ago, we made lambs and lions with torn paper and paste.  I THINK I made a lamb.
Something I am going to make is a BIG (the size of a dining room table) garden plan.  I will draw pathways and the house.  I'd like to collage all sorts of flowers and garden props around my pretend garden.  We can't garden for a while here in Colorado.  I guess I could put my gloves on and pull a dry stalk or two.  Maybe I'll make a checklist of possible early garden work to go along with my garden art project.  

I'm off to my work room to iron some colorful pieces of clothing to wear out into this March morning.  What do you like about March?


Bonnie said...

I love March. It's the promise of warmer days, sunny days, and new life springing out of the wet ground.

Love your shoes!!! I don't think I've told you that yet.

M.K. said...

You know, I bet there's some gardener out there who makes a list of all the gardening tasks you can do, all year long. There must be exciting, anticipatory soil work to be done that would may you feel you were "already there" in your springtime garden!

Farm Girl said...

I think for me, I think of flying kites. I have always loved flying kites so that is what I think of in the spring.
I love all of your bright colors. I like your idea of your garden plans.
Our March so far has been very lamb like. No wind which is odd too. Lots and lots of rain last night. It is snowing in the foothills. Which is nice.
I hope you have a lovely Friday and a wonderful weekend.

Carolyn Phillips said...

I love the spring flowers, daffodils,crocus, snowdrops, iris, tulips - all so hopeful and like a breath of fresh air after the greys of winter.

Floss said...

I love your title question - I instantly asked our sons, as they are both synasthetes. I expect you know what that means? I had to learn when I met their dad, as it's an inherited trait! Anyway, Son 1 says is March is black, and Son 2 says it's pink and green. I think I go with Son 2, but that's just for ordinary reasons, not synasthetic ones... Your pretty post seems to match my thinking!

Sara said...

March seems very blue and green to me this year. With white clouds and wind. And life bursting out everywhere in the garden already. I like knowing that longer days are coming soon!

Anonymous said...

I love March because it means spring won't be long in coming! April is really the month things get better here. :)

A garden just outside Venice said...

No matter which month is it, your posts are always so cheerful and colourful!
Honestly I do not like Spring, rain and humid weather and you know well why :)
Have a lovely weekend!
Michela x

Betty the Wood Fairy said...

Lighter evenings, bluer skies, flowers, birdsong, buds on trees, sleepy bumblebees - but in the UK we are being thrown abruptly from Spring back to winter this weekend. I like your garden plan idea.

Happy@Home said...

March came in like a lamb here.
Your BIG garden plan sounds super fun. Will you share it with us when you're done?
There is so much to like about March. It seems like the earth comes alive more and more each day and on the nice days everybody is out and about and in such good moods too. :).

Catherine said...

Spring sounds all very lovely Pom but it can also turn abruptly into summer & then summer can get very hot & very dry & last a very long time. Much of our North Island is now in drought conditions & one town is almost right out of water! It's precious stuff water. I have spent a LOT of time on the end of a hose these last few months but that's ok I do love to grow things. I bet you've got piles of sunflowers in that clever plan of yours. I am savouring the golden peaches & the table grapes & the passionfruit & the melons...& basil..I do love basil do you? I picked a new handful of raspberries today & 2 strawberries. I hope you have some ground to work with soon..have fun planning. Much love GK x

Nancy McCarroll said...

You will be having snow today, and lots of it!

Have never really thought of March in colors...let's just say green in the shade of bulbs peeking up.

Pom Pom said...

The snow is falling. It's supposed to snow all day. It feels cozy.
I guess March is white today, but later on this week, she'll be blue.

Kit said...

My fav about March, is that I can't get outside yet and it is still another of my lovely quiet months. I will sit and dream and read and stay warm and think about gardening in April. :) March came in like a lamb here. Kit

Gumbo Lily said...

About the only thing I like about March is that we're one month closer to spring. Even though spring officially arrives in March, it almost never feels like spring here.

I like your idea of making a garden collage.

libbyquilter said...

hhhhmmmmm . . . march is a pale yellow color, all about the warming and lengthening of the days.

your table sized garden collage sounds like a really terrific idea. i bet it will be lots of fun to work on as you wait to implement your creative plans.
i think you might be surprised by what you can get done outside on the warmer days and it will make a difference as to how fast you can jump in there and get started with the planting when that time comes.


Melanie said...

March over here in Australia means the hot weather will cool down. In saying that Melbourne is having a heatwave. I hope it doesn't come up here !
This is when I start to garden again after a hot Summer of not planting much at all. It means that I can start to think about planting Pansies and decorating the house for Easter. I love making nests at Easter time.
Sending you hugs Miss Pom Pom xo

wayside wanderer said...

At the risk of people hating me . . . I love the time change! Something about the shift in hour and light lifts my spirits so much. I know that isn't a popular thing, but it makes me happy, happy, happy. :)

ann said...

March is my daughter's birth month. In 1975, she was born on the heals of the worst storm since the '40s to hear the great grandparents tell. I like March, too, because the earth begins to warm and awaken. Six inches of snow for us last night. 3 cheers. Moisture.