Thursday, June 13, 2013

Toadstool Haven and Gnome Hang Out

 We had Kelli's family over for taco dinner last night.  Red fruit salad is one of my favorites (no picking out undesirable fruits).  Strawberries are in their glory just now.  When we go up to Washington in less than two weeks we will arrive during strawberry season.  Yummy!  Washington strawberries taste so sweet.
 The girls like corn.  Kids look so cute when they eat corn right off the cob.
 I don't expect anyone to enjoy our flowers as much as I do, so thank you for bearing with me.
 I thought you might like to see the gnome "hang out".  Can you see the leaf table and chairs?  How about the log fairy house?
 Reve and I are going to a different nursery this morning.  I am shopping for more white petunias and maybe another snapdragon or six.
 The ballet slipper peonies are not out just yet.  They make lovely bouquets.  I can't wait.  All of the ball-buds that I had to cut early are blooming in their vases!  Peonies are super stars!

 Here is Toadstool Haven.  I planted six perennials.  I marked each with a toadstool so that Bill doesn't spray them with weed killer when they pop up next year.  
 I think the fairies had fun exploring the new fixtures last night.  
Well, hello worm!  Watch out for Mr. Robin. He's greedy for worms!
Oh! My green beans are sprouting!  Yay!  I hope the basil, lavender and parsley pop up soon, too.
I have to get a crown today.  Sadness.  I fear dental work.  At least my Jenny will be there with me and I'll watch a movie while I hold my mouth open for two hours.  Yikes.
I promise less flowery and more artsy or literary posts soon.  Frances is clearing out (Left-Handed Housewife) and Mags is almost finished with her marking.  MK is making a new shawl and she and Leslie are both posting about The Hidden Art of Homemaking.  Lisa is drawing and painting.  TexWis is having a give away and featuring all kinds of fun Texas scenes.  Nancy always has lovely doings at her house in Western Colorado.  Gumbo Lily's land is always beautiful.  She said she pulled her bike out of the barn and she'll be out working with her hubby.  She's amazing.  Sandra (Thistle Cove Farm) is always doing the work of three men at her farm.  Just go down my blog roll and you'll meet new friends and continue to experience that "bloggy bliss" and inspiration.  Some of my favorites don't post as often as they used to, but I keep them on the roll in hopes that I'll see them popping up more.  Oh, you'll love French Blue and Peachy Pink, too.  Melanie has opened a vintage floral shop! Debi (Barefoot Mom) has been posting.  Patty (Attic Clutter) always shows cool stuff.  Elizabethd (Cornish Cream) has a lovely garden and so does Ann at The Garden Spot.  Gretchen (Gladsome Lights) offers up lovely scenes and deep words.  Have you met Kim at My Field of Dreams?  She's a fantastic worker bee! Debbie at No Spring Chicken is a wonderful blogger.  Tales from a Toadstool House and Love Stitching Red are favorites!  Sara's Come Away With Me is always good! I LOVE Tina's The Quiet Home and Lynn's The Sunny Side of the Street! Angela posts every day!  (Tracing Rainbows)  Aisling does Sunday Strolls.  Susan Branch is awesome. Sharon Lovejoy is a celebrity, too! You probably already read Attic 24! Happy at Home with Kim is always pretty.  Nana Go Go is SO nice! Carolyn at Mess, Muddle and Fun is super artsy.  Sue at Collect in Texas is awesome. Angel in the Garden?  Divine!  Kit from Montana?  So inspiring! Bonnie from Utah?  Great cook and crafter!  Mouse over at Fat Dormouse?  LOVE! Deborah from Canada?  So smart!  Betty the Wood Fairy? A precious friend!  I love The Provincial Homemaker and Tassel, Teapots and Life Down Under is fun.  My daughter-in-law's Knitted Symphony is of course delightful. Little Black Footprints is sweet.  Oh and I can't forget Janette and Janette's Sage.  She's wonderful! See?   We're still blogging!  I didn't even mention all my favorites!  There are too many to name!
What little task are YOU going to enjoy today?


M.K. said...

Today I have a dr.'s appt., and I think I'll offset that with a bike ride in the early evening. You DO have a nice long list of excellent blogs! And your toadstools look so cozy with their new plants.

Elizabethd said...

My 'little' task today is to finish clearing out kitchen cupboards ready for one kitchen to be taken out and a new one put in!

Farm Girl said...

So cute and you named so many of your friends. What a neat idea. So sorry about your crown, I wish it were for your head.
Have you read any good books *wink*
I looked at the cover of my book as I went by with the vacuum. I am going to get to it today after I get back from the grocery store.
I love your little houses for all of the fairy and gnome kind.
Have fun at the nursery. I have sunflowers popping up in my new garden.
Always nice to get caught up with you.

Kit said...

Oh but your flower pots look like mine. :) And you will love this, I have a garden gnome and he is dressed in Denver Bronco colors! A gift from my Mom. Glad to see you are enjoying your summer and now since I read your blog this morn, I must go and buy some strawberries! :) Kit

TexWisGirl said...

thanks for the mention! :) love the tight peony buds!!

Janette's Sage/Simply Your Decor said...

You are just tooooooooo much fun!! Now you can come any day to our Book Club!
Thanks for a really didn't need to. You always put a smile on my face when I come here. Now to visit some that I don't know!

Attic Clutter said...

oh Pom thanks for the sweet mention on here to hate the heat!!!
your post is yummy...and so pretty (:)

Nancy McCarroll said...

I want to hang out with your gnomes and smell your peonies!

Gumbo Lily said...

Ohhhh, I don't like the dentist either. I hope it went OK for you. Outdoorsy flowers and gnomes and things are fun to see. Thanks for the bloggy love.

XXOO ~Jody

Betty the Wood Fairy said...

I feel like part of a little family! I might visit some of your friends today. My garden has no flowers - we have so much rain it's all very green though - I love snap dragons - my favourite summer flower - your fairy ornaments are so sweet - magical- I imagine your grandchildren love coming to your garden! I will sit on my bench today and read if there is a little sunshine. Betty x

Aisling said...

I know what you mean about another "snapdragon or six." Aren't they wonderful? I have a large pink snapdragon that came back from last year. It is the most gorgeous snapdragon plant, healthy and lush, that I have ever seen. I have not had them "overwinter" before and am loving watching these grow.

Enjoy your day, once you get past the dental work portion.

GretchenJoanna said...

Yes, we're still blogging!! Yay for US. My cousin is planning the decorations for her daughter's wedding in Vermont and it will be peonies, peonies, and more peonies. I can' think of anything more lovely.

Sara said...

Hi Pom Pom, you've got quite a little gnome village going on in your garden! Love all those toadstools too. And your red fruit salad - yummy. I am glad you are enjoying your summer!

ALoadofOldTat said...

Red fruit salad, what a great idea. Yummy.

wayside wanderer said...

Today I swept my fence. I know that might sound is a black wrought iron and at the back of yard just on the other side of the property line are these huge willow trees. Did you know that willows produce catkins thus cottons blow all over the place. I did not know this and the cottons have stuck to our fence thus the sweeping.
Happy Saturday, Pom Pom!

Lisa Richards said...

Loving your little gnome hangout! Using the toadstools as markers is a great idea! You are very brave trying to mention so many blogging friends. What an undertaking! (It's handy that you have a good vocabulary!)
Hope you found lots of white petunias and snapdragons!

Melanie said...

Oh bless your little cotton socks ! Thankyou for those sweet words. I am guilty of not blogging as much of late with my new business and approaching assesments and exams to prepare for. I am scrolling down my blog roll catching up on 2 weeks worth of reading and I keep on clicking back on your posts because I am attracted to your flower pics !