Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ratty BUT Cozy Seats

 Like you, I love taking photos of baking success (or any success for that matter!) and I must tell you that the cinnamon rolls were worth the indigestion!  I used the bread machine to mix up the the sweet dough and rise once and then I took it out, rolled up the gooey goodness, sliced them, let them rise again and baked them.  YUMMY!
 I've been making sun tea and mixing it with lemonade (Arnold Palmers, you know) and it is such a refreshing break from water (ha ha!) and also helped soothe my "too much white flour and white sugar" stomach ache.
 The pine tree is producing the loveliest fruit.  The pine tree is in my neighbor's yard and generously shares her perfect cones.
 I'm kind of a penny pincher when I shop, but when I saw this tin garden stake it was a no brainer.  I like to say, "Hi, Robby!" to all robins and now I shall say it to this boy, too.
 The reason I changed my background to logs is because I adore cabins.  I like OLD cabins that smell like the great outdoors and musty furniture!  We have cheap old plastic chairs on our patio and they are much more comfortable when I add tattered quilts and old pillowcase-clad bed pillows AND they smell like cabins.  Come sit.  I'll make you an iced drink and we can watch the birds eat at the feeders.
 Last summer my sister-in-law came to Denver for an international school reunion.  She went to school in Thailand and has the happiest memories of riding public transportation around Bangkok.  It was safer back then.  Anyway, she gave me a nice piece of cloth from there.  I made it into a swimming pool skirt.  I felt like I looked a bit like a big cloud of floating fabric, but the grand girls were impressed.  "You made it just this morning?"  Easy make:  a quick casing and the insertion of waistband elastic.  It already had a side seam and a hem border.  
 I like to play around with stones.  We have a lot in our flowerbeds because the people that lived here first "gardened" with plastic, rocks, and weed killer.  
 Okay, here is a seat for you.
 Here is a seat for me.
 This is my good friend Jennifer.  She sent me this photo of herself with one of her hens.  She is a teacher at my school (right next door - YAY!) and she has shared eggs with me before.  Anyway, she clucks and sings to her hens in the summertime and they produce more eggs.  She's pretty lovable!  I can see why they like her!
Some of the eggs are blue and some are green.  Aren't they glorious?

Okay enough about me (even though blogging is sort of an all about me affair in a good sharing sort of way, right?)  I LOVE reading my favorite blogs because I am extremely fascinated with people and how they like to do things, what they think, what they make, and the variety of topics they choose.  Do you feel the same way?
Our son has been dating someone wonderful and we are going to meet her tonight!  YAY!  I can't wait!  
Two more days until Granny moves down the road to take care of three happy girls.  Grampy will help, but he likes our bed best and I don't blame him.  If I wasn't so tired at the end of the day I might not want to sleep in someone else's bed either.  I try to get up early when I am there and Bill usually comes over and joins me for coffee and prayers.
I hope a bird sings a song to you today.


TexWisGirl said...

i like the rock heart. :)

Fat Dormouse said...

Those cinnamon rolls look amazing, PomPom. There is something in Wiltshire called Lardy Cake which is delicious too (Here's a link I'm not sure it would be very good for you, but it brings back memories of my Uncle Pat who loved it!

Super photos as ever. I'd love to pull up a chair and share a chat with you!

GretchenJoanna said...

I don't think your blog is the all-about-me type at all. It is more like all-about-the-world-that-PomPom-loves. And everyone who reads it feels that love coming through.

Nana Go-Go said...

Ok, here's my 'Arnold Palmer' Father was a golfer and when the big tournaments came to Scotland, he would take me and my youngest sister along to spectate. One year, he was lucky enough to be within 'autograph-obtaining' distance of Arnie but no-one actually had any paper for him to sign on so my Dad offered him his handkerchief (clean) and Arnie asked my little sister to turn around so he could rest the hankie on her back and sign it, which she did and he did and forevermore, my Father used to recount this story with great relish to his golfing buddies but unfortunately, the handkerchief got lost along the way. I may buy some of that lemonade in his honour, if they sell it over here.
My boss has no hens left because Reynaud, the Renegade Fox has run off with all of them recently. Even the new ones she bought to replace them. I so miss those golden yolks.
Hope you have a lovely,restful summer break. x

Attic Clutter said...

love the light aqua eggs,the neat skirt repurposed,the
heart of pebbles so so cute(:)
thanks on my mannies and love the storms too yes (:)
except when the cherries are still on the trees..causes splits and my son has acres and acres of them(:)
plus last year we had a mountain fire started from lightening that about chocked us to death from the smoke down in this Wenatchee,Wa lasted a month
....was just horrible
ok then Whew ...the memory of that smokes got me a smoking ..LOL

Farm Girl said...

I think I would like to come and sit on your porch. Mine is way to hot.
My flowerbeds will never be the same. It is full of hens and chicks buried up to their necks in damp earth. Poor things. I am thinking of putting a fan out there.
My bunny is just so miserable. He thinks a frozen bottle is his best friend.
Have fun at Grammy camp. I bet you are so exhausted that is why you sleep. How is your Dad?
I love cabins too.
Well time to go outside and spray every thing down with cold water.
A cabin would be nice.

wayside wanderer said...

Love your new look and especially your tagline. It is all very YOU. I would very much like a cinnamon roll. I'll put the coffee on right now!

wayside wanderer said...

Love your new look and especially your tagline. It is all very YOU. I would very much like a cinnamon roll. I'll put the coffee on right now!

M.K. said...

I meant to tell you before that I like your new logs, your new photo, and your neat new "tag line." (Is that what they call it?) Your Asian skirt is lovely -- very nice fabric. I had some Korean fabric once, some silk -- so gorgeous! Well, I would adore coming to your house, sitting in the chair by you, and chatting away with you while we watch your grandies play in the yard. I really do with you lived nearby! The cinnamon buns are an added temptation, and I know what you mean about the sugary tummy ache. But for some foods, it's worth it :) Love you, Pom!

Lisa Richards said...

I love the new header and slogan! I love log cabins, too. I miss ours! Your chairs look very comfy. If I had my druthers all of our furniture would be covered with colorful quilts. At least I can do that in my art room, lol!
I love seeing what you're up to, too. Have fun loving on the grands!

Nancy McCarroll said...

Can you smell the pines? I can. Wish we could have a good old chat in one of your comfy chairs and maybe a scrambled egg? Pretty eggs.