Monday, July 1, 2013


 It's breezy this morning so I took Sunshine out for a very flat-road spin!  I ventured a bit further and came to a (gasp!) HILL.  Sunshine doesn't have any gears because she is a beach bike, so I had to stand up to get up the hill.  My heart beat a lot faster than it does when I do Zumba or walk on the treadmill!  I survived and when I got back to the house I rode around in circles in the driveway like I did when I was a kid.  FUN!
 There are a few happy surprises in the front garden!  Roses blooming like crazy, a wild looking lily, and some volunteer sunflowers and cosmos!  

 The volunteer sunflowers are so hearty.  The shape of their leaves looks like someone cut it out with scissors.  
 Sunflower buds = stunning!
 Morning glories planted themselves in a pot that was left in the dirt over the winter.  I pulled them over to the stone wall and today THEY PRODUCED their bell-like blooms!

 If you find a stick and some maple spinners, you can make a dragonfly!
Jeff's girlfriend is AMAZING, by the way.  We fell in love with her!  She's gracious, kind, funny, tough, and gorgeous.  Yay!  Jeff sweetly hung my curtain rod in the living room so this morning I pressed the cotton curtains I've had for decades and hung them up.  It looks breezy and happy!
I'm off to the fabric store to buy crafty projects for the girls.  I have to pack my backpack and a food bag, too.  I have learned that I don't LOVE kid food anymore.
We have yellow butterflies all around.  I am going to buy some oranges, cut them up and put them on the picnic table and see if the flutterby friends gather there.  I read somewhere that they do!
July 1.  Wow!  Summer really is in its glory this month, isn't it?
Thank you for reading!  


Lynn said...

I am so so impressed you can ride a bike standing up - I can't even ride one sitting down - lol.
Praying for your Dad.

Betty the Wood Fairy said...

How fun to take your bike out, I can't ride a bike so am a bit envious! Your flowers are thriving, cosmos is beautiful, I never have luck with that one even though some kind bloggers have given me seeds, nothing came up Betty x

M.K. said...

I can really tell from the flowers in this post how far apart we are from each other in the blooming seasons. Wow! Those morning glories are so pretty, and such a surprise :) Love your billowy curtains and bunting. Have fun with your grand gals!

Farm Girl said...

I will have to make some dragonflies!
I am so glad you had a fun bike ride. I like that you rode circles in your driveway. I would like that too.
Have a fun time. I don't like little kid food anymore either, what is worse is it doesn't like me.
I hope you find lots of crafts to make at grandma camp.
I would come if I could.
I used to have those curtains too. :) That is so funny. What I wish I had was Priscilla curtains. do you member those? I would use them to dress up as a bride at my grandmothers house. They always had the faint smell of dust. She had bags of them. I always think of those kind being in Anne's bedroom. Now to cut up wool for a new rug.

Attic Clutter said...

WHEW!!! Pom (:)
got that old heart a pumping did ya (:)
good for you ..
I thought about going swimming but found other things to do.. BUT I need to exercise more !!

TexWisGirl said...

glad you got out for a 'spin'! :)

wayside wanderer said...

I think it would be fun to have a PomPom Cam. Wouldn't that be neat? You could mount it to your handle bars and take us with you. Love the cosmos. I thought I planted some but then some funny shaped purple flower made an appearance. Same whispy leaves, but not any cosmos I ever saw before. That is pretty much the way it goes for me.
Hugs from tx,

Gumbo Lily said...

I love summer flowers blooming in full force. Your rose bush is pretty. I have a similar one that is just about to pop. Two others are almost done blooming, but they sure are pretty right now.

I noticed your bike didn't have gears. That makes for hard work! Mine has gears.

Happy July!

April said...

I like your dragon fly, MP! Happy to hear that Jeff's girlfriend is wonderful.:) Love you!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Pom, I bought a bike and at the first, small, hill I had to get off and walk. I've decided a bike is for NO hills...flat lands and took it back to WM. sigh. I really wanted to ride it too but my knees said NOOO!

Nancy McCarroll said...

So glad you like the new girlfriend. My MI l can't stand me, who can figure? But you are such a sweetheart hat you would lieanyone Jeff likes

Younareca brave soul on Sunshine ! Will rad your blogs on myntravels...