Saturday, July 20, 2013

Munich Skies and Paths

 The outdoors here are so appreciated.  Bill and I had a long walk along the river a few nights ago.
 I keep pointing my camera up!  There are so many tall and pretty structures.

 And looking down . . . at the cobbled streets.  I haven't tripped THAT many times!
 Dining outdoors, under a canopy = FUN!  I have had my fill of sausages.  They are VERY tasty.

 The wise people of Munich have turned Hitler's old headquarters into places of art and music.  Smart.

 Above:  where the ruling family lives - SO big!

 The lovely printed pots above were spied in a flower shop window.  Don't you love the soft pink?
 As we followed our brilliant tour guide, I had to stop and photograph this fantastic view of white clothed tables with simple pots of lavender.  SO lovely!

It takes so long to download photos here in the hotel lounge.  I shall stop now.  Bill and I are jumping aboard the train to go back down into central Munich to look around again. The weather is SO fine, the people are fun to watch and the company is sweet (Bill is the BEST travel buddy!)
Thank you for peeking in and thank you for your kind comments.  You are always so dear.


Catherine said...

Golly you two, what a lot has happened for you in the last couple of weeks! It looks like you have had a very refreshing change of pace & place in Germany. I am very glad that you have had some good time together & away from everything. I am intrigued by your comment about grief...being Holy. I have never thought of it that way before. I love the pretty flower pots & lavender. So glad that you spotted them. Thinking of you. Much love Catherine x0x0x0x

M.K. said...

Hi, sweetie! It looks like you're making the most of your vacation time, enjoying BEAUTY and remembering this time with your hubby forever :) It looks like such a clean, tidy place. That sausage plate does look yummy. I like sausages, but not too often. Enjoy!!!

TexWisGirl said...

it is really pretty. glad you are enjoying it!

Farm Girl said...

I am glad you are taking pictures even if it does take long. I really enjoy looking at what you see.
The building are incredible. Such fun to see all of the paths and the flowers too.
Have fun today.

Happy@Home said...

So nice to see you and Bill enjoying your trip. It looks like there is lots to see and do in Munich.
Have fun!

Lynn said...

I love the way you to take pics of the touristy bits and then take pics of flower pots, table cloths and lavender - you are so my kinda girl!!!

Attic Clutter said...

oh you lucky ducky POM ..lovely that mac n cheese on that plate of food with the dogs.??
looks good(:)

April said...

Looks wonderful! I wish I was there with you! Keep having fun! Love you

Tassell, Tea pot, and life down under said...

Munich is one place I I love visiting in Germany. Did you have some bratwurst and sauerkraut?
Don't forget to visit the Ratskeller, it's an amazing restaurant underneath the Rathaus.. It blows my mind.

Enjoy your break PomPom.

Thank you for sharing.

wayside wanderer said...

What lovely greenery and such wonderful sights. Soak it up!

ann said...

You are having such a good time. I am glad that you are taking us along.

Gumbo Lily said...

I'll bet you and Bill are having a great time together. Eat a sausage for me! Enjoy your time.