Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sweet Outdoor Beauty

Yesterday afternoon, after planting my seeds (zinnias, morning glories, sunflowers, and nasturtiums) I took Sunshine down to the grocery.  It was a quick and easy ride.  It was a breeze to park, lock, and run in for a few provisions.  Yay!  
Birdie is beginning her summer with a little baseball.  So cute!  I love her socks!  I stayed with the other two morning girls.  I was too distracted to take photos of their morning doings.  There are so many pretty things to take pictures of at Kelli's house, but I tend to lose my camera preoccupation when the girls, dogs, and cats are filling the house with joy.  
Today, I'm keeping my feet up.  Guess what?  It is our 35th wedding anniversary!  Wow!  We're going out to dinner later.
While Bill was mowing the lawn, he stopped and said, "You must do something about the white peony.  It is so loaded with buds that it is falling over.  Thin!"  So I had to.  See how few stems there are in comparison to all the lovely green balls of peony?

While I was clipping and putting them in water, this robin swooped in looking for worms.  Isn't he lovely?  Our robins are the very sweetest birds.  
First, he played hard to get.
Then he posed.  I love his red breast and beady eye.  
And a yellow chipmunk came to visit, too!
She brought her mommy, daddy, and baby sister.  Don't you love Lizzy's "stink eye" look?

Finally she gave her "fresh as a plum" juicy look.  Can you see the stars and fairy dreams in her blue eyes?  
My friend MK sent me a goodie!  What a goodie it is!  I love her gull painting!  It shall be framed!  I love my artistic blog friends who share!
Roses are promising to come soon!
We'll have many days of peonies.  This hot pink peony is going to pop soon.
Melanie from Australia is a flower fairy.  She has opened up a vintage florist shop! She said there are no peonies around her. SAD!  I wish I could ship her a box of these scrumptious blooms.

I tiptoed over to Reve's to shoot this gorgeous poppy!  
I adore the picnic table (old and warped) when she wears a dress like this.
Guess what the fairies did?  Yes! They planted a shirley poppy for Pom Pom!  
It is supposed to get really hot this week.  We'll have a granny sleepover.  I hope all my seeds will feel the sunshine and sprout up in the back garden.  
Summer is SO good.  I'll be back to show you the peonies in full bloom and especially the "ballet slipper pink" one.  She comes a bit later! 
I am going to make some raspberry sun tea right now.  I just saw a goldfinch fly by.  Oh, we DO love summer, don't we?


Betty the Wood Fairy said...

Oh Ii so want some of your Summer, today it's chilly and we had the heating on - in June for goodness sake! Congratulations on your anniversary and may there be many more.

GretchenJoanna said...

My DIL in Oregon has peonies in her garden, too, but they are a little ahead of you and are fading now. Summer - yes! I'm proud of you for planting all those seeds, and will look forward to seeing the flower stage a little later - maybe not *much* later!

TexWisGirl said...

such cute little visitors you have! love your poppies in your pitchers, too!

magsmcc said...

Can I come for a sleep over? I'd be very well-behaved... I am going to plant a peony in your hour here. Your grass, is what I really want to say. Not your moss, or your muddy kicked up by boys earth. Your grass.

Elizabethd said...

We had huge beds of peonies in France. The white ones were scented. I love them, and maybe one day I will see if they will grow here.

M.K. said...

It IS looking fun and summery over your way, Pom Pom!! I must confess, of all your photos, my favorite one is of your slippered feet, up and gazing out the window :) Such relaxation! Sunshine looks like she's ready to carry you to many adventures this summer. Isn't it easy, fast, and fun to ride your bike to a nearby store? I'm amazed at how quick it is.

That white peony is bursting! Wow! What a delight! Have fun with your adorable little grands, and have a blessed anniversary celebration with your love.

Angela said...

Happy anniversary to you both, dear friends xx

M.K. said...

(I forgot to say that I'm glad the little seagull flew safely to you. He looks happy there :)

Debi said...

Oh how I wish my peonies looked like yours! I have a black thumb but I keep trying. Your granddaughter has the most beautiful blue eyes...

Gumbo Lily said...

Oh yes, we DO love summer! I enjoyed all the beautiful summery things you shared. Those peonies are AMAZING! My poor peonies did not fare so well this year. I'm going to pour the water to them, but I think they just did not get the moisture through the fall & winter months that they needed. I'll enjoy yours instead.

Happy Anniversary your two! I'm so happy for you. Eat something yummy.

Attic Clutter said...

oh my goodness..beautiful flowers and babies(:)
love the post Pom
thanks on my fox(:)

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I love all your beginning of summer pix! We're having a rainy beginning here, but the flowers and trees are lush and beautiful. I must plant peonies! I didn't understand that until I saw your pictures. Happy anniversary, my dear! And happy summer!


Farm Girl said...

Have a nice anniversary today or was it yesterday? I love your babies they are adorable. I can see you are enjoying your vacation very much. Keep it up!

wayside wanderer said...

Those wonderfully round peony blossoms are really something to behold. I think I could look at them all day. Happy Anniversary to you and Bill. I wish you many more years of wedded bliss. Hugsfromtx, Leslie

Little Black Footprints said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your Husband, what a lovely family you have and the little ones are adorable xx

ann said...

You are quite busy. Good busy, isn't it? Lizzie is just so cute. And so are the socks. Isn't it nice to have summer off? Teachers need their summer and you seem to be having a glorious one. Hoping that my peonies will need thinning one of these days!

ann said...

You are having a busy summer. Busy is good, isn't it. Lizzie is so cute. So are the socks. Nice to have summer. Teachers need their summer. I hope someday that my peony need thinning. (and I hope that this isn't a repeat)

Aisling said...

Love your summery post. It has been warm but gloomy here this week. I have been planting too: mostly vegetables, but some nice herbs shared by gardening friends. Those are the best and I always remember their story... Who gave it to me and when.

Thank you for sharing some sunshine! You are wonderfully uplifting, every time I visit. :)

Nancy McCarroll said...

So happy your beginnings of summer are filled with joyful happenings.

Your peonies! My, how beautiful.

Lisa Richards said...

Glad to see you and Sunshine are out and about! Love to read of all the doings at your house. It is so much fun to share art, isn't it? We're doing lots of planting and yard beautifying at our place as well. I'm on my way to my other blog to talk about that.
Enjoy this glorious summer!


a feast of homeliness home from home goodness ... so good to be back again dear PP ... thank you for your visit today xx