Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Playtime

 Gardening is a forgiving occupation, don't you think?  I never read about it, I just mess around.  Once you know the basics, it is quite okay to rearrange, make your own rules, and break up the dirt if necessary.  Some years I have watched the earth nurse my seeds along and produce A LOT of plants and other years, not so much.  
 I went to a garden center and rolled a big cart around, placing random plants inside.  

 Little white petunias and alyssum were fun to tuck into my new dirt.  Geraniums fit nicely, too. 
 Can you see Mr. Gnome?
 Super-charged peonies!  These are the less heavy blooms.

 White flowers are like white dresses, soft and holy.

 My neighbor (on the other side, sweet Joan) is going to share poppies with me.

 I had to buy a curtain rod for the living room.  I have the white valance, but the window is so wide. I measured so I bought the right size rod this time.  The big craft store only had one choice, so a pineapple-y finial it is.  I bought this "paint and decorate them yourself" bunting!  I am going to collage and sticker it up. I'll paint and draw on it and glue photos to it.  I love bunting.

More lovely white peonies.  They really deserve all the photo ops.  
It's VERY hot here.  We had a fun sleepover last night.  We dined at the bakery, went to the library for armfuls of books, came home and watched a long version of Snow White.  We ran out of time.  We'll have to do it again.  We played in the pool in the afternoon and the pool is still inflated in the back yard.  I am going to take a dip in it later because it is VERY hot here.  It's full of floating grass and sunscreen rainbows, but it'll be cool.
As soon as it isn't scorching outside, I'm going to make the chimney garden into a toadstool haven.  I bought perennials for that little area. There are so many fun little jobs to do in the garden and as long as I don't start thinking about it too much, I like it.  Do you tend to turn small delights into "have to's" instead of allowing them to remain "want to's"?  I do.  I must keep telling myself, "If you aren't go to do it, quit thinking about it.  Think about it while you are DOING it, not when you are not." That's good advice for me.
I am going to go upstairs and put a strip of flat lace on a pair of jeans (first I am going to cut them so they can be capri pants).  Then, if I can do what I think I can, I am going to embroider them a bit, sew on a tree patch (see above) and basically embellish them just for fun.
Thank you for calling in!  (BIG HUG!) 


Anonymous said...

What wonderful flowers Pom pom,Your garden is going to be wonderful. Cant wait to see the toadstool haven.enjoy your dip in the pool,our sun has gone again,boooo hoo,hope it comes back soon,lots of love xxxxx

TexWisGirl said...

glad you had your fun in the dirt. hope the flowers do well for you!

magsmcc said...

The lace capris- did you see that chez Deborah- I did and loved that idea! It is very you! Those peonies are just divine. I do love your busy summer projects. I might make a list right now...

Debi said...

Your flowers are lovely! I haven't even purchased mine yet... it has done nothing but rain here so I'm waiting.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

You're having a fun start to your summer, aren't you? Love all the flowers! I did that a few weeks ago. Sadly, the rain gave some of my favorite plants muddy feet and they didn't survive. But many are thriving and the daisies and echinacea I planted last year are up and dancing around.

Keep having fun! xofrances

Thistle Cove Farm said...

I think poppies and peonies are some of my favorite flowers; yours are beautiful!

Gumbo Lily said...

I'm loving your peonies! Wish you could put the lovely fragrance online too. Your flower gardening looks like it's going to be fun and beautiful.

A dip in the pool sounds nice. It was hot here today too. I'm glad your sleepover went well.

M.K. said...

Ah, Pom! You nailed it exactly! I know just what you mean about worrying about things I'm planning to do, and changing them from pleasures into odd little dreads, kind of. Or actually simply worrying that I'm not doing them yet. You're so right! We should think about them while we're doing them, and enjoy it fully. I need to try paying attention to that :) All the flowers are so lovely, and I know you'll give them all good little dirt homes to grow in. Fun!

Farm Girl said...

Don't you love gardening. All of your flowers are fantastic.
It sounds like you had a great day. So you have the heatwave we had this weekend? I hope you get the cool down we got to because it is bliss.
Well I took them in the big pool. They were very happy to swim.
I am exhausted now though.
Have a very nice evening.

The Provincial Homemaker said...

Oh do have a lovely day Pom Pom. Your capri idea sounds cute.

Attic Clutter said...

oh wow fab pics love peonies so much
I need one..better go buy one soon(:)
the lace on the cut off jeans great idea..lace on the bottom..I need that..will go cut some and sew some tomorrow thanks Pom(:)

Betty the Wood Fairy said...

You seem to be having an energy spurt Pompom! I like your jeans idea - hope it works out. I have come to find that I like the planning rather than the doing of some of my ideas lately! I have no curtains in my dining room and quite like speculating about what will be going there! I want a green leafy pattern which is proving impossible to find and nothing else will do! Our garden has one rose and not much else, we have so much rain here I am very fed up. Betty x

Janette's Sage/Simply Your Decor said...

I haven't gotten to play in the dirt this year and so miss it. These are just wonderful. You have started the summer off right...keep enjoying.

wayside wanderer said...

Oh, you are so smart to put something under plants in your vehicle. I left that step out when I gathered my posies earlier this week. Sigh.
This. Is. The. Best. Time. Of. Year!!!!

Attic Clutter said...

awh ...thank so much on my mannys POM POM..(:)

Sara said...

I'm enjoying all your flowers, Pom Pom! And I like your idea of blue jean capris embellished with lace and embroidery. Will you show us when you are done? Hope so. And I hope it cools down a little for you, but not too much of course. Blessings to you.

Lisa Richards said...

Lots and lots of fun going on at your house! Wish I could have watched Snow White with you. I may have to find a copy! :)
Beautiful flowers. Yes, it's best to not make a chore out of what should be relaxing, but sometimes we overdo and stress over it. I find I do that even with my art. I feel like I have to get something done, when really it's up to me to sit back, relax and make it a joy.
Enjoy the pool!

no spring chicken said...

If you're not going to do it, quit thinking about it! That is a poignant quote and I'll always remember it.

You shop for plants like me. Willy-nilly without a whole lot of planning. I like it so much better that way!

Have fun keeping cool. :)

Blessings, Debbie

Tassell, Tea pot, and life down under said...

I'm so impressed with your white peonies PomPom. I haven't really seen any of them growing around here, except in the flower shop. But poppies are abundant, they seem easier to grow.

Well, happy gardening and I'm looking forward to see your toadstool garden.

Enjoy the rest of the week


Catherine said...

Wahoo...Pom Pom after my own Garden Fairy heart!! I could not have squeezed a single small person in to my long-suffering car yesterday on my way home from...gardening & gathering! I had bought delicious primulas, polyanthas & pansy's for all "my" gardens. Then my GK friend loaded me up with walnuts (sacks of) persimmons, huge lemons & more plants!! Oh & I bought the most delicious tree-ripened apples along the way too. I have so loved working the soil these passed couple of weeks.
Your peonies utterly love you don't they! I can hardly believe that you were still talking snow & bare dirt in May, now you are melting..wild!!
Have a wonderful break.
Whispering...what are capris?
Much love GK x0x0x0x