Friday, September 23, 2011

Little Ladies and My Birthday!

 Hi Everyone!  I thought you might like to see the envelope THE THREE are traveling in!  They should arrive at Deborah's any time now, if they haven't already!
 Last Sunday a friend from school dropped by to borrow a book and she brought her cute daughter.  Millie was at our house, too!  They are very close in age.  Look at their toes!  Aren't they two sweet little pictures of perfection?

 Peppers!  When I saw this gorgeous display of peppers at my grocery store, I HAD to capture it so you could see it, too.  I know very well that you go to grocery stores and look at vegetables on a regular basis.  I'd like you to take pictures and show them to me, so . . . . 
 Smiley face!  Sorry April and Elizabethd!  More hearty breakfast fare!
 Last weekend, we went out for frozen yogurt with Miss Samantha Rose.  

 My birthday is on Sunday!  I bought myself some lavender for the classroom.  I am continuing to LOVE sixth grade.  Oh, they are so cute, so funny, so FULL of life and love.  I shall bring them each a cupcake on Monday.

But, here is a cupcake for YOU, my sweet friend!  My birthday wish as I blow out the candle is:  Open my eyes so that I can see the secret delights that are pouring down on me and my open-eyed kindred spirits.  May we see the falling sparkles swirling around the special souls we are privileged to know!  
Happy Birthday to me!  Happy September to YOU!  Let's dance! I have a tutu you can wear and a big bow for your hair.  Stay tuned for blog connections to The Grand Tour.  I am so eager!  I can hardly stand the waiting.


Farm Girl said...

Oh have a lovely day. I wish you the best of blessings. I love all of your pictures the babies are wonderful and so is your picture and the peppers are just beautiful. Have a lovely weekend. Here is a birthday hug O

Elizabethd said...

TRES bonne Anniversaire, chere Pompom.
Have a wonderful day!

April said...

Happy birthday, MomPom! You are such a special blessing in my life. I wish I could see you more! I will call you on your birthday, but I hope you have a fantastic birthday weekend! Love you!

The dB family said...

Happy Birthday, my Dear Pom Pom. I haven't checked the mail yet, but as soon as I am done lunch I will dash out into the rain and peek in the mailbox!

Wishing you a wonder-filled weekend full of family, friends, joy, and lovely surprises!


~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Ooh, you have a wonderful weekend to look out for! A happy happy birthday on Sunday!!
Birthday hugs xoxoxo

Gigi said...

Hi Birthday Girl! Have a most wondrous and magical birthday with lots of ice cream cake and loves!
Sweet babies everywhere! Love the one of you and Little.
Looking forward to seeing the W in the W fellows -- just hoping it doesn't require amazing creativity on my part -- wheels are turning rather slowly around here lately ;).

Betty The Wood Fairy said...

First, Many many happy returns and blessings for your birthday, may it be filled with Gods light in the form of happiness, family, love, laughter. Wind in the Willows is really capturing my imagination, I have been thinking where the little characters would like to stay in the woods - I have my den ready for them. Samantha Rose has the most beautiful presence, she looks to me of silver, very spiritual. Hope your birthday is full of good surprises. Bettyx

Sara Lorayne said...

How marvelous - music at the supermarket! Wow, did someone arrange that just for YOU??

My eyes are open and I see lots of sparkles around you. Wishing you a marvelous celebration of being born and of living in this beautiful world of ours.

M.K. said...

Happy Birthday, Miss Pom!!! I'm giggling at the thought that you have a tutu in my size!! Or a bow in my hair! And you know what? I already DID take pictures from the grocery, and I'm going to post them :) Just wait! No peppers though.

You should buy a little rosemary bush too, for your classroom, and put it by the door for the students to slip their fingers through as they go in and out. Rosemary fingers are so delicious to smell.

Eagerly awaiting the Grand Tour posts and the visit!! Have a blessed birthday weekend.

ann said...

Indeed. Have wonderfully Happy Birthday.Lucky 6th graders!

ann said...

Indeed, Happy Birthday. Lucky 6th graders.

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Happy Birthday! Oh happy day :) XOL

debbie bailey said...

I'm glad you told us it was your birthday, because I've been saving a little something for you. I don't know what I did with your mailing address, but if you'll e-mail it to me again, your birthday present will be in the mail next week! Mine is

Have a great day!

magsmcc said...

Oh Pom, I can't dance, I have been standing for an hour now and that is quite enough! But I'll sparkle with sectret smiles! Happy happy happy happy birthday, dearest, most magical friend! It will be Joday in exactly one week and we have much cheeky monkey plan-ness afoot!

wayside wanderer said...

Happiest of birthday's to you, Pom Pom! (Mine was on Thurs!) September is a wonderful month to celebrate a new beginning! Sam is your mini-me, don't you think? Lucky girls!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Happy Birthday early, PomPom; hope it's the best one yet!

Catherine said...

Oh HAppy, Happy birthday Pom Pom!!!!! I hope you have a truly delicious day! I adore the picture of you & Milly & the one of the 3 little girls dancing in a circle at the bottom of your profile sweet. I have just found a Switchfoot song quite recently called "Your love is a song"..some of the words are "I'm keeping my eyes wide open" here it is not a quiet one so if you listen be prepared! Much love Catherine x0x0x0x

Happy@Home said...

Happy Birthday to you! How nice of you to share your cupcakes with the 6th graders. That will brighten up their Monday for sure.
The baby girls are adorable.
Enjoy your special day.

Farm Girl said...

Have a very happy, happy day today.
I hope you get lots of pretty cupcakes and flowers for your birthday. I hope you have a day filled with joy.
My wish is that your sky will be blue, Your sunflowers will keep their faces to the sun, and joy will sit quietly beside you and all will be well.
So thankful God gave me the joy of meeting you.
Happy Birthday,

Lisa Richards said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Pom Pom! Today is my hubby's birthday, as well! It's a good day to be born!
Ah, babies sharing binkies! :) So cute! You have beautiful grandchildren and you are a wonderful grandma! (I can tell!)
I'm glad you are loving your class. It's wonderful to have a job you love to go to each day.
You know, I often think of God when I walk through the produce section at the store! :D He is such a wonderful artist. All of those gorgeous colors really inspire me!
Looking forward to "the visit". What exactly do we do on our blogs when we receive it? Just create a post and put in some pictures and let you know it's there?
Have a great birthday!

Pom Pom said...

Oh, thank you for all the sweet birthday wishes! I am having a beautiful day! The sky is blue, the birds are singing and I had ice cream cake for breakfast! (BIG HUG!)

libbyquilter said...

ice cream cake~!~that's a great way to start out a birthday.
i hope the whole day is full of wonder and surprises and ends with contentment and satisfaction.

love the felt heart stitched goodness in this post~!


Gumbo Lily said...

Happy Birthday, Miss Pom Pom! I am so happy you are celebrating and bringing your students cupcakes! What fun! How old are you? You didn't say.

Aren't those Littles the cutest?! And I do love to see bright peppers all lined up like that. What colors!

Wishing you joy, joy, JOY for your birthday!


Anonymous said...

I'm late with birthday wishes PP as I've been away! I hope you had the BEST of days! Big hugs from across the pond, xxxxxx

Shey said...

Happt Birthday dear PomPom! Oh my son would love to have a teacher like you! He's in 6th grade, thank God there are people who love to teach at each grade level, I could never do 6th grade, my heart is with the little ones but I'm so glad there's teachers out there who love teaching older grades. =D

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I hope you're having a wonderful birthday--oh, wondrous, glorious day when Pom Pom was born. Take a bite of cupcake for me, my dear!


Beansieleigh said...

Oh thank you for the delicious cupcake! Best wishes to you!! Happy Birthday, and many happy returns! ~tina

Bonnie said...

I hope you have a lovely birthday. Thank you for the cupcake:)

no spring chicken said...

I am excited to tell you that your birthday wish has already been manifest in your life... I'm surprised you didn't know it. Everyone who is privileged to know you certainly does!

Happy Birthday sweet kindred soul... And many more!

Blessings, Debbie