Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy Teacher

 Just a quick "pop in" to say a big and friendly HELLO to you!  It's almost the weekend and yippee for Labor Day!  Monday off!  Do you like the Lego gummies above?  I have to tell you that one of the zillion things I like about sixth grade boys is THEY STILL PLAY WITH LEGOS.  I find it charming!  My students are precious and MORE precious each day. Happiness!
 Everyday the students read quietly for ten minutes.  Their book choices are adventures and detailed "learn something new" stories.  No drama.  LOVE.
 The Disneyland tourists are back in Denver.  The girls LOVED the princesses, of course!  I haven't seen them all since they returned and I MISS them!
 Things are calming down at school.  I'm figuring out my new schedule and routine.  Now, to find a place to make tea . . . today, I shall figure that out.
 Booms is back at home now.  I had a lot of fun walking him around the neighborhood.  He was so happy to see me when I got home from school.  He danced with me!  His hair is all over our floor now.  I wonder if I'll get inspired to vacuum this weekend.
 The neighborhood trees are glorious!  LOOK!  Oh, summer!  You are very pretty!  I do feel a bit of cooler autumn air blowing in the open window.  September is my birthday month so of course I love it!  Yesterday a cute student said, "You will find a cupcake on your desk in 24 days!"  See?  Precious.
I'm all smiles.  I know my eyebrows need a little work here!  Ha ha ha!  But I wanted to give YOU a smile because you are so creative and good.  You love images just like I do.  You are curious.  I am, too.  Oh, God bless your soul today!


Elizabethd said...

What a lovely 'Pom Pom' smile!

Anonymous said...

24 days? Is your birthday coming up?/When is it?

no spring chicken said...

Again I say, "LUCKY, LUCKY KIDS!" I wonder if all teachers would find your kids as wonderful as you do... you reap what you sow. Judging from what you've been sowing here... I'm guessing you've never met a kid you didn't like. And many are blessed for it!

I'm smiling right back at you gorgous! And appreciating you more and more!!

Blessings, Debbie

Gumbo Lily said...

You ARE a happy teacher and a happy friend. I love kids who love Legos too.


Brad M said...

Wonderful birth-month and sweet 6th grade success stories. What a joy. I love you!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Yes, I DO love the Gummy leggos! For their shapes and colors...much prettier to look at than to eat (for me anyway). Thanks for the bright smile and the sparkly blue eyes. I like your hair and glasses look great.

Enjoy your long weekend.

Lisa Richards said...

Yummy Gummy Legos! Do they really snap together? Your kids sound delightful, and I agree, you reap what you sow!

I love your Beatrix Potter mouse. Do you mind if I copy her so I can use her in my blog header someday? I hope you find a wonderful place to make your midday cup of tea at school!

Happy birthday month and let's all enjoy this beautiful summer/fall weather! :)

Farm Girl said...

You are just as beautiful outside as your are inside. Can I come be in your class room, I would be ever so quiet.
I love all of your pictures and did you know that Miss Tiggy-Winkle is my favorite story of Beatrix Potter?
When I told my husband about the rat he too said, " Oh Templeton came for a visit?" At the time I didn't think it was cute like I do now. It took me days to see the humor.
I do hope you have a lovely weekend.
So glad you can feel fall too.
Hugs from me to you,

Betty The Wood Fairy said...

Your smile just radiates, I bet you light up a room when you enter! I have never seen gummy lego, so lovely that you are getting to know your students... they are lucky to have you, an imaginative, fun teacher. Bettyx

Michela said...

Aww, you're so cute!
Eyebrows?! Erm would you like to see mine?! Ha ha!
Enjoy your long weekend then!

April said...

You are a very pretty MomPom!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Lego gummies?! Fabulous! So nice to see your smiling face, my dear. I bet your students love to see it, too.


M.K. said...

You post such happy things :) I had NOT heard of gummie legos, and they are adorable! My 20 year old son just recently gave 2 bins of legos away to a little boy we know. Legos are always fun! (And I must say, if your eyebrows need work, mine are a disaster zone!) Glad you had a good week!

ann said...

Let's see, it is late Friday afternoon and you have energy to post a bright happy smiling face. I'd say that you have adjusted to going back to school. I, too, seem to be back in the swing of it. And I must buy Lego gummys for my grandson. He's got a sweet tooth and box full of legos. Happy week end Pom Pom.

wayside wanderer said...

You are a BEAUTIFUL and happy teacher. Your sweet and gentle spirit shines through your lovely countenance, dearest PomPom.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

You show beauty inside out, my friend. Is that right said? I mean to say, I see beauty on the outside and your beautiful soul is to be seen too.
Have a happy weekend and a wonderful new week at school! xxxx

magsmcc said...

Oh I see- it's edible Lego. Oh my!

Alison said...

Hi Pompom, I am Ali from Dorset UK, I do not have a blog yet, I have been following your blog for several months now. I also followed Lynn at Reasons to be ....., I remember that you were in touch with her. I am not a stalker or anything like that, but concerned that she is not around blogsphere any more (you might note we had a little "conversation" on her last few posts. Anyhow, if you are in touch with her would you please send her my love. Thanks and best wishes. Ali.

Angela said...

Bless you too, PomPom - and have a glorious holiday weekend. I have LEGO on my blog today too!!
I don't think we can buy edible Lego here though - what a fabulous idea
I loved getting to the bottom of the post an dbeing greeted by your marvelous smile
Sunday blessings, dear friend x

Catherine said...

I'm smiling back at you can you see?!! How lovely that Bill is in our land..will he be here for very long? I am very glad that the gummy legos are bright & shiny or else someone might eat the wrong sort! What a fabulously appealing treat for small it! Have a lovely holiday day...& short week. Hugs Catherine x0x0x

Gigi said...

Oh so glad your school year is getting off to a good start!
And lego gummies -- who knew?! Must find some for my little lego lover grandson (and me ;).

The Provincial Homemaker said...

I love the lego gummies.

What a radiant smile. No wonder your class are so contented:)

melanie said...

You are such a happy person, with a lovely happy smile :) xxx

The dB family said...

You are so pretty!

Booms is very sweet. I am glad that you are not in a hug rush to clean up doggie hair.

I didn't know there was gummie Lego. Bub is in grade ten and still plays with his Lego.