Thursday, September 8, 2011

Moon and Angels

 In Stillmeadow Calendar, Gladys Taber shares this about September (the LOVELY month!):
"The harvest moon is heavy with gold;  the stars are polished diamonds.  The dogs and I walk out onto the lawn; a fox barks in the woods, otherwise the night is wondrously still.  Beautiful pale smoke floats up from the ancient chimney, and I think of Thoreau's words:  "There is no remedy for love but to love."  That's how I feel about September, and I wish I could share the tranquility of this night with my unknown neighbors all over the world."
Isn't the moon photo above fantastic?  I found it on the "Interwebs" and I LOVE looking at it.
I ordered a book that I remembered loving quite some years ago.  It came with an insert left by its former owner.  A page of Reader's Digest's Quotable Quotes had the following quote listed:
"Be not forgetful to entertain strangers:  for thereby some have entertained angels unawares."  Hebrews 13:2
I've always loved that verse.  Miss Cadence is a sweet little angel, isn't she?  
Look for the angels today.  They're around.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful PP. :) Guess what? I have a Gladys Taber book coming in the mail, all the way from the States! I can hardly wait, as I've been wanting to read her for a looooong time! All thanks to you dear friend. xxxx

Gumbo Lily said...

I'm going to go fetch my Gladys Tabor Stillmeadow and read September. I can't get enough of those descriptions. She writes what I see, feel, hear, smell.

My parents are coming to help haul hay...angels unawares.


no spring chicken said...

It's much easier to entertain angels (strangers) when they look like Cadence, than some of the prickly strangers (angels?) out there. It's a good verse, thanks for the reminder!

I love September too!

Blessings, Debbie

Farm Girl said...

My favorite angel wrote this post. :)
I always think about that verse when I am out doing odd things like going downtown to look at antiques and someone appears by my side needing a meal, who knows then if it isn't an angel is disguise? I love the quote from Gladys Tabor, just perfect for September.
Have a lovely day.

Bonnie said...

Words to live by!!!!

Betty The Wood Fairy said...

A lovely post and I do like the picture of the moon a lot. I have just got my Gladys book ready to post to its new owner but had to have one last look at September!
Angels around us - yes indeed, I think sometimes they push people needing help into our path - I went to enrol at college today and this dear little woman said 'im scared'... so you can imagine I took her arm and said 'let's go and find out where you enrol'. I think even grown ups can be scared of the unknown, authority, form filling and hundreds of teenage students that know what they are supposed to do when we dont! us mature students can feel a bit overwhelmed! It all worked out anyway. Angels in my hair is a lovely book about angels. Bettyx

Betty The Wood Fairy said...

p.s. I am absolutely not fibbing, I just remembered the lady I helped was called 'Angela'. Now I'm scared!

Anonymous said...

Miss Cadence is a precious little angel!

Joy to you,

April said...

Yes, she is a sweet little angel!

Angela said...

Great post - and like Betty I helped somebody today - she said "my names Angelita" and I replied "and mine's Angela"
Then she said "but why are you helping me?" and I said "do you know the story of the Good Samaritan? God blessed me today, I want to bless you"
angels everywhere - and we are usually unaware of them
blessings x

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Lovely post, Pom. I will keep my eyes peeled for angels--I find when you're paying attention, they do have a tendency to show up and bless us in interesting ways.

Miss Cadence is adorable. My goodness!


Gigi said...

Love that quote too Pom! And yes, of course Miss Cadence is an adorable little angel!
Hearts & Angels to you,

Catherine said...

Yes isn't that moon picture entrancing! Rob came home from work the other night just before midnight & & asked if I had seen the moon? I had actually because I had been out with my torch snailing..but we went back out anyway & stood together in the middle of the road..only place we could see the moon easily as it was in a most odd place & looking quite impossibly splendid. I didn't get an Angela, I got an Audrey on Friday : ) X0X0

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

That is a MOST beautiful moon! Wow. And a very sweet angel too. Do you sometimes wish you lived Gladys Tabor's life? I must keep my eye out for her book(s); I've never read her but keep hearing about her.

Happy Homemaker UK said...

What a cutie-pie angel. Happy September to you! Your newest follower, Laura

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Wishing you a sweet Sunday and a wonderful new week ahead xxxx

Michela said...

Happy Sunday PomPom, even if it's a very sad day for your country (and for the rest of the world too).
That moon is truly beautiful, today it was like being in July here, shame that it gets dark very early :-(

Heart Felt said...

The sweetest angel I've seen all day ~ gorgeous! J.xx

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Hello Pom Pom - thank you for visiting Thistle Cove Farm, it brought me here and I'm loving visiting your blog. Gladys Taber is a favorite...she and my Mother share the same first name... and I adore Mrs. Taber's books. She's delightful and now that I live on a farm, we have even more in common.
Yes, angels are all around us, sometimes even in the same house but, sometimes, we're in a hurry and miss them.
I need to say good-bye, for now, so I can return to your blog and read your other posts. Please visit me again, soon.

Kerri said...

I've always loved that angel verse too. And the moon, wow, it's totally glorious! Thanks for sharing it x