Monday, September 5, 2011

Dear Eternal Sparkle

 Well hello, summer fairies!  Don't zinnias look like fairy pom pom's?  I think so!  The colors are so vibrant and they mix up so nicely. 

 Here is a leftover balloon from Finn's Picnic.  Does it remind you of a pumpkin? 
 Alas, the morning glories are winding themselves around the sunflowers.  Love.

Colorado peaches are here for a short while.  Peaches are so photogenic, aren't they?
 Have you ever read The All-of-a-Kind Family?  They are lovely stories about family life.  I recently found this one at a used book site.  They are written simply and carry a lovely tune throughout.  Sadly, all but the first one are out of print.  

Let's hear a little from Gladys Taber today.  Do you want to?
"I have found that when I cannot possibly accomplish everything I am supposed to, and I feel an unbearable pressure, as all homemakers must, if I just STOP, life goes better.  I get a good book, like Hal Borland's Countryman, and make some Constant Comment tea, and sit down on my own corner of the sofa or in my favorite lawn chair.  I let life settle in around me - and that's the only way I can express it.  After twenty minutes or a half an hour, I go back to the mechanics of living.  And at the day's end, I am just as far along as if I hadn't stopped to think!"

Smart, huh?  Gladys wrote the passage above in September.  I have noticed that many of you are preserving the earth's bounty, making pretty things, cleaning up your gardens, sorting the necessary routines that school children need, looking ahead at your work year, or maybe snuggling in each morning for a dose of spiritual food you know is absolutely essential for your soul.  It's so tempting to assess our progress or plan out impossibly lengthy accomplishments.  I tend to over think my list of "to dos" and I am trying to celebrate what I DO get done while I grab quiet moments throughout the day.  Gladys was wise and we do thank her for penning such "salt of the earth" advice.
 Mags and I have been shooting email missives across the sea, planning our GRAND TOUR for The Wind in the Willows blog event.  Oh, we have some fun adventures planned for you if you would like to join us.  The book below is going to travel around the world.  Mole shall accompany it, and maybe Ratty and Mr. Toad will sneak in, too.  The passport is still being processed (yes, if you are a literary figure who figures into many readers' lives, well, you can get a passport built for three).  The route and map will materialize soon.  Watch this space and watch Fraise Lachrymose, too.  We're planning the launch.
I bought a purple bouquet for you yesterday while at the grocery store.  I thought you'd like the juicy white roses paired with plum colored blooms.  If you like to give your own soul little kisses, you need occasional flowers.  Sometimes I say to myself, "Self, you really should tidy things up a bit before you bring home flowers."  Well, that's just silly self talk.  Look how wildflowers grow in the woods!  They don't wait.  We shouldn't either.  Don't want to spend your pocket money on gifts for yourself?  Buy them for one of the flower fairies in your little sphere then.  Even men like flowers and appreciate a real live gift straight from a Creator who adores them.  
I hope you hear the hum of love in every moment today.  Listen very carefully.  There IS a song singing around you, you dear eternal sparkle.  (Yes, I am calling you a dear eternal sparkle.  Smile.) Today is a good day.


Elizabethd said...

I so look forward to the Wind in the Willows event!
I'd love to know what you thought about Green Dolphin Country?

Gumbo Lily said...

I adore zinnias and have a few big ones that definitely have *eternal sparkle* coming from them. And sunflowers and morning glories. It's as if we get a big bang of flowering glory this time of year, just before the fall really snaps down on us and we must kiss them all good bye.

I love the practical advice that G. Tabor gives. She's so right on. I love my afternoon coffee break and it's amazing that life and work charges on even though we take a little time out.

You've got Eternal Sparkle too, Pommy. Thanks for taking time to visit with us like you do.


Gigi said...

Pretty pretty flowers in your happy world. I almost always buy a bouquet of grocery store flowers when I do the weekly shopping, and you're right about 'even men' liking them ;). Mr. FC will almost always comment on them -- 'what are those called', 'oh, I see the roses bloomed', etc. God knows we need pretty, doesn't he ;)?
Hearts & flowers,
p.s. Oh, and I'm so looking forward to "The Wind in the Willows' event too!
p.p.s. Our peaches were so bad this year due to the awful heat and drought. I was so starved for good peaches that I brought home (from NC) a quarter bushel in my carry on bag. Good idea? No. Sadly, most got squished, but still had a few good ones. I bet your Colorado peaches are scrumptious -- enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Hugs to you PP. xxx

magsmcc said...

Well, you know the strawberries are in! Read out Gladys to Prince Charming, who has had A Bad Day at the Office. He says they have the idea of being on the balcony or in the dance- sometimes you need to stand on the balcony to understand how to dance better- or just keep dancing, I would think! Grand Tour, here we come!

Angela said...

So excited to find out all that you and Mags are plotting for the W-in-the -W event.

And the flowers are so gloriously sunny

blessings x

Farm Girl said...

Well, I don't know but I think visiting with you is a bit like pouring myself a cup of tea and "letting life settle in around me."
You bring such nourishment to my soul.
I have been so busy today, it is just nice to sit and take a break and I am glad it was with you.
Have a lovely week.
Thank you for the flowers too, I love the white roses and the purple.
You know what happens when you want a dog? You will start staring at them as you walk down the street. Then before you know it, you will know every name of the dogs on the street.
I can say though, I don't know what I would do without a dog.
When I was a kid, I memorized the D
encyclopedia dog section, dreaming of dogs I might get someday, the H too. :)for horses.

Betty The Wood Fairy said...

Lovely words today PomPom - you have sparkle, a lovely sparkly aura. I am very excited about the prospect of Wind in the Willows, this is going to be the best ever, I can feel it! Your garden still looks like it's hanging on to Summer, ours has let go now but I think I like Autumn the best so don't mind. Thinking warm thoughts and smiling. Bettyx

M.K. said...

Oh, please count me in, with the Wind in the Willows event! I don't know exactly what it is, or what it means to be a participant, but I hope I can do it. What do you mean that the book will be traveling the world? Is it a copy of the book, or a different tome? As you see, I'm a bit lost. But I do adore that gorgeous arrangement you bought. How lovely!

The Provincial Homemaker said...

WHat a fantastic quote. I think I might need to jot it down in my commonplace book. Perhaps I'll head off now for 30 minutes in the easy chair while Ginger naps.

Brad M said...

Wonderful stuff and a great day for flowers! I haven't had a cup of constant comment since college. This must go on the list of thing for which to shop! I love you,

Catherine said...

What zingy zinnias! Truly fabulous roses & what a pretty alsteromeria in the bunch.."The earth smiles in flowers"...did you know ; )

I'd just love to be part of the big event!..of course.
Much love Catherine x0x0x

Floss said...

So they are zinias! I THINK that's the plant I've been spotting this year and wondering what it was... I shall check our municipal examples against your photos to be sure - so thanks, Pop Pom!

And the Wind in the Willows thing sounds such fun.

AND I like your quote very much. Today is the first day since June (or maybe even May) that I've been completely on my own, with no paid work and no family. Kind of weird but your quote is therefore very timely.

Happy@Home said...

I was just thinking that I need to plant more zinnias next year. They are such cheerful looking flowers. Love how your morning glory is twining around the sunflower. A beautiful combo, IMO.
I have that very same Gladys Taber book. You have inspired me to get it and all of my other GT books out and since it's a rainy day I may have to get the Constant Comment tea out and follow Gladys' advice.
Have a great week.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Thank you for all the flowers! And for Gladys. And for reminding me about the eternal sparkle here on this rainy Monday morning.


p.s. I've big plans to get a big box of books mailed to you today. Sorry it's taking me so long. I got sick last week and it's put me behind on everything. I'm better now and ready to get caught up.

no spring chicken said...

I'm listening... and I'm hearing. You know He says all creation sings. I believe Him!! I think you and I shall be joining in on the chorus today.

I love all the beauty you shared this morning and look forward to the adventures of Toad and friends. :)

Blessings, Debbie

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

That book is a wanna have, looking so very darling!
Your flowers are pure happiness, cheery colors and lovely forms.
September hugs to you my friend xoxoxo

Lisa Richards said...

I love Gladys Tabor's sentiment. We just HAVE to do that. Life just keeps racing along and we have to sidestep it and regain a little sanity and perspective. After diligently studying this morning I poured myself a glass of iced tea and took it with me as I walked down the long drive to the mailbox in the wonderful sunshine! I SO needed that. I visited with Homer the Border Collie and Penny the horse on the way and just breathed in the fragrant air. Oh yes, it's a necessity! :D

I sure hope I'm part of The Wind in the Willows world tour. It's one of my favorites!

Thanks for sharing your joy today, Pom Pom!

Kerri said...

I love it when you share your garden with us! This morning I was out talking to the strawberry plants and tidying up the vegie patch. It was so nice and satisfying :)

Anonymous said...

I so loved the Gladys Tabor quote. I think it's time for me to make a cup of tea! I hope you have a blessed day at school ~ your students and their parents are soooo blessed!


Michela said...

So jealous of your lovely luch Zinnias! There are just five of them in my garden :-(

The dB family said...

I adore zinnias! They are such a POP of colour. I think the purples must be a fall colour. Right now my garden is a riot of purple-ish blooms. (I will have to post on it).

Peaches don't last long in my home. I think maybe our season is a little longer than yours, but in the home they're here today gone tomorrow -- or at least until I pick up another basket.

Looking forward to Rat, Mole, and Mr. Toad's whirlwind tour. That reminds me somewhere I have a little someone for you. Once I find him, (he was put away during the reno) I will have to ask you for your address again, so I can send him to you.