Friday, May 4, 2012

More Gnomes Arrive

 Two gnomes came to live at our house yesterday!  My sister sent me a goodie box!  There is a blue and white toadstool behind the gnome!  So cute!
 Gnomes and toadstools are everywhere!  Yahoo!  Please disregard the dust on my red shelf. 
 My niece rescued these two treasures from her school library.  They were being discarded!  Imagine that!  Look at Mr. Toad!  Wouldn't you love to mess about in boats today?  I sure would! 
I'm in the market for a new bike.  Jeff took this photo in Belarus.  Doesn't this lady look purposeful?  Look at her shoes and her purse. 

I've had a couple long days at school and I'm ready for the weekend.  
What are you going to do Saturday?  I like Saturday doings.  Spring sunshine sheds such a glow on our old furniture and my semi-battered kitchen.  The smell of freshly cut green grass and the sound of the crowds of brown birds at the bird feeder are soothing.
Oh!  Something I noticed on Pinterest: there are a lot of pins featuring desserts.  Why do you think that is?  We can't eat dessert every day, can we?  What do you think?
Time to get gussied up for school.  
Thank you for popping in!


Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Yea for the gnomes; double yea for dessert! If we had it every day, would it be special? Hmmm....probably!

Betty said...

Your gnomes look very homely, I have dust on the shelves too so seeing yours makes me feel better! Saturday I am working but Sunday will be a nice day for making donuts and watching something good on tv with the boys. We have a bank holiday in the UK so I am hopeful of some overtime at work!

Betty said...

p.s. I could eat my favourite dessert everyday - bananas and cream with sugar - sometimes I have them for breakfast too!

libbyquilter said...

ooooohhh i wouldn't mind being in a boat today . . .
maybe a sail boat on the ocean with the dolphins playing along beside . . . warm sun and a slight breeze and a picnic lunch (including a chunk of chocolate cake for dessert)~!

will you come along with me Pom Pom?


wayside wanderer said...

Those are some sweet gifts that show your family knows what you love. I have a full Saturday planned...helping with a baby shower, doggie to the vet, kids to a party, and I am hoping to get some meals cooked and frozen. I know I am forgetting a few things. What is it about May that makes it get so busy?

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Betty's dessert sounds like banana pudding (all she'd have to do is throw in some Nilla wafers), my favorite dessert.

This weekend I will be going to Will's lacrosse game, gardening, working on a quilt, and pretending to clean house.

Hope your weekend is wonderful!


Gumbo Lily said...

I saw some gnomes staring down at my from a store shelf the other day and I thought of YOU! Love that picture of the woman on the bike. Purposeful, yes!

One of the college sons comes home this weekend to stay (and work) with us for the summer. Yay! I'll be messing around in the yard/gardens and hoping to play with the Littles.


Hazelnut said...

Having a nice rest is what this Saturday is about, for me!( I hope it is for you too). I have been away to help my Dad and he has SUCH a sweet tooth I shan't need a dessert for a couple of days at least!! His favourite is ice - cream with broken up Crunchie ('honeycomb') bars and caramel sauce. At his age he can choose it every day,if he wants to, I reckon!
Happy weekend,
xxx H

GretchenJoanna said...

I like to read recipes, including dessert recipes, hours on end, and sort and resort my collection and plan which ones I will make. I rarely do make them, especially desserts - and just looking at the pictures online keeps me out of the kitchen -- yay!
I am surprised at how much I like your new gnome; his expression is quite endearing - and maybe also the fact that he is a literary type.

Farm Girl said...

Hey there Pom Pom, I love the gnomes! Very nice looking ones too.
I am glad it is Saturday tomorrow. It was too busy of a week.
We are planting the garden tomorrow. That will be a nice thing to get off my to do list.
Lovely books, so glad they got rescued. My SILs Mother retired from one of the school library's here the school decided that they needed a computer lab more than a library.
They were going to throw away the whole thing. The whole library. My SIL brought them all home to her garage.
I got boxes and boxes of treasures. We donated the rest to another school who needed a library. There were so many doubles. It was classic books like those with the discard tag on them. It still makes me sad, what about the kids?
I knew you would understand. :) It just seemed so wrong.

Have a lovely day.

Gigi said...

Oh those mischievous gnomes - so cute! And dust, what dust?
I vote yes for dessert every day -- or maybe every meal. When my kids were young, and I cooked a lot, we really did have dessert every day, and we were thin. All that running around chasing kids kept the calories from catching us I guess.
Tomorrow, we're going to buy some agapanthus to replace those that fried last year, and then fiddle around in the yard a little. I hope you rest and have a day doing only the most pleasant things!

Lisa Richards said...

I love the bookish gnome! Where do folks find all of those colorful mushrooms?

I'm so glad your niece rescued the two copies of The Willows! I love to rescue books. Our library book sale is next week and I plan to rescue LOTS of books! :D

I'm hoping to spend my Saturday doing some painting and drawing and playing with Audrey! Maybe hubby and I will get outside and do some fixing up!

I also plan to package up a few fun/funny things to send to my pal Pom Pom. I hope I'll get that done soon, so keep an eye on your mailbox!

Have a fun and restful weekend!

Catherine said...

Saturday is a lovely, lazy, homey day in our house....usually!! Today though, the smallest has a birthday party to attend and the biggest has packing to do for her school trip to Scotland on Monday. I'm sure there will be things on her packing list that we do not have and I have not yet noticed and there will be some frantic last minute shopping to be done!! Sea sickness tabs might be in order as Monday is forecast to be very wet and windy..lovely for a crossing of the Irish Sea!!!
Have a lovely restful Saturday! Cx

Happy@Home said...

I think we can eat dessert every day, but ... should we? Probably not especially at my age.
Love your new gnomes and so glad you were able to rescue the books from the discard pile.
I'm off to the garden center to buy the rest of my flowers and then we may go out on the boat in the afternoon, weather permitting.

ann said...

The gnomes have come to the right place. They will appreciate your cheerfulness and your free spirit.

Attic Clutter said... em (:)
Happy Sunday POM ~

Catherine said...

Well I think that you must just follow people that love desert because I hardly see any pictures of puddings, but that's ok 'cos I love fruit the most & that'll do me. Although I must admit there are a lot of cupcakes about these days that's for sure! We have the most delicious feijoas here in autumn...I wonder if you ever get them? I have been scooping them out, adding a little honey & a dash of rosewater..after about an hour they have made their own delicious syrup. That is such a kind thing to do for your students.. a personal note. Just the gesture to change a life. You are so sweet & CARING. Thank you for always being there. Much love Catherine x0x0x

Lisa Richards said...

Oh, Pom! I slipped my package into the saddle bag of the local Pony Express rider and gave his horsey a slap on the rump. You shoulda seen him light out for Colorado! Check your mailbox! I hope you find something you enjoy inside!