Saturday, April 28, 2012

Green Trees and Ann

 Hello from the top of the maple tree that stands by the house of the pointed eaves!  Our maple tree is flourishing, popping out her stunning leaves! 

 We've had some smoky clouds floating around the sky.  Oh, the weather is remarkable!

 My book came!  Aren't Ann and Andy beautiful?  I see you smiling.
 I realized that my big Ann book has been in my possession for (gulp!) over twenty years.  I'd forgotten that my sweet mama sent it to me.  Don't you love my mother's fine handwriting?

 I bought this little book of wisdom for myself (shocker!) and it holds the very dearest words of GREAT truth.  Quotable, right?

 Since I was messing about downstairs near the ironing basket and the mish-mash of Pom Pom junk, I took some Ann portraits. 
 When the kids were very young, I would occasionally take myself on little outings (thanks to Bill who would come home between appointments) to antique stores near Seattle.  I searched for handmade Annies.  I found quite a few for reasonable prices and I used my pocket money to buy dolls.  Isn't that funny?  Here I was busy with my real babies and I bought myself raggedy dolls.  Hmmm.
 This shy Ann has a lovely dress.
 The Ann on the left was handmade by me.  She isn't finished and is practically bald in back.  The crazy haired one is really an Andy, but at the moment he is wearing a dress.
 They all have the special Ann seal:  I love you!
 Yes, I have Ann on my brain, but I also have the Willows on my mind.  Betty the Wood Fairy has been entertaining the small brood.  She sent me a postcard (actually Ratty, Mole, and Mr. Toad did!) The Willows' hostesses (a stellar group of NICE people) are doing it up big.  My, my, oh my!  Don't you wish you were traveling with the boys?  The Grand Tour is proving to be the trip of a lifetime!
 I have felt a small amount of guilt because my beloved Badger did not get to go.  He is a homebody, and probably would not have wanted to hustle around the globe in a box, but he is such a fine guy.  I might make a Badger to welcome the boys home many months from now.

I was reading the end of the story a while ago.  I had to copy the illustration of Mole and Ratty in their nightclothes.  I was feeling sleepy and yearning for bed (and peace) at the time.
Do visit Betty and check on the boys, won't you?
I'm off to dance with the ladies this morning.  Oh, it is sweaty business and the weight work/mat work is so hard for this granny.
When I get home I'll put on my new gardening gloves and pull weeds.  I may plant some pansies.  
I have five weeks left of school and I am bent on giving all the encouragement I can to my first set of sixth graders.  I am thinking of writing them each a card (starting now) with all the virtues they possess, written out one by one.  I had a former student pop by yesterday and she said, "I still have the Christmas card you gave me."  I said, "Did I write something nice on your card?"  She replied, "You told me to do a little writing over the holiday break!" Ha ha!  Well, I'll try not to be so bossy this go around.
Kindness is a very sweet word, isn't it?
That's why I like Raggedy Ann. She is SO NICE!  Her voice is nice, her actions are benevolent, and her attitude is humble.
If you don't have an Ann, I hope one comes your way.  
Thank you for reading and thank you for stopping in.  You're nice.


magsmcc said...

I'm so glad you're thinking of Badger- I will confess to feeling a bit guilty about him myself! That quote so sums up this blog- sunny music playing all over the world from your heart xxx

M.K. said...

I have a VERY OLD Ann. I've had her since I was in about 2nd grade, and I believe she was used when I received her. Don't know where she came from. I should take a picture of her next time I'm in the bottom of my BIG trunk, to show you!

wayside wanderer said...

I have 3 Anns in my life, each very different, one from the other side of the word, another one from the other side of the US, and one on the other side of town, but all three possessing sweet encouraging friendship to me. Hugs to you and wishes for productive pansy planting on this beautiful spring day.

Gumbo Lily said...

Your raggedy Anns are all so charming. I especially like the picture of the Ann hanging upside down on the clothesline drying out. I wish I could be out pulling weeds, but it's changing from rain to snow and back again. Should be doing this most of the day, so they say.

The book your mom and dad gave you is sweet, and yes, Mom has such fine penmanship. What a treasure.


Sara said...

Beautiful illustrations in that Raggedy Ann book...I love the style of them.

♥ the quiet homemaker said...

Oh sweet Pom lifted my spirits tonight. Sending you hugs, x~x~x~x

Hazelnut said...

Dear Pom Pom,
I so enjoyed this post!
The Anns all have a sweet character, as you say.
Like attracts like, I say!
Hazelnut xxx

A tale from toadstool house said...

aah such a lovely post,PomPom,I did enjoy reading all about raggedy Ann and Andy,I have not seen them in this country,but I may have missed them? I love the words in the book. How lovely is Bettys postcard ,I am going to pop over and see what shes been up to with the brood.I think sending the cards to your pupils is such a lovely idea,My son had a wonderful English teacher in years 10 and 11 and She wrote them a poem each.My son was touched by this and still has it.She said they were the lovliest class she had ever had and she was retiring that year.She was the nicest teacher,Mrs Eseen.I'm sure your pupils will appreciate the cards greatly.
Enjoy your planting and have a wonderful weekend,lots of love,toadstool sister,xoxoxoxo

Happy@Home said...

Another delightful post! I adored all of the Ann goodness. I bought an Ann & Andy book at the thrift shop last week for 20 cents. Couldn't pass that one up :). I love that photo of the birds trying to use Ann's hair for a nest. I'll have to see if it's in my book.
I know without having met you that you are a wonderful teacher. Your students are so lucky to have such a kind and caring teacher.

no spring chicken said...

I'm just imagining the happy Anns at your home... You're nice too!!

I popped over to Betty's to check up on the boys. It's hard to imagine how they are even holding up with the things they have experienced over these past months! What tales they will have to tell. Yes, you must make Badger... they will need him after their Grand Adventure?

Blessings, Debbie

Lisa Richards said...

I love the illustrations in your new Raggedy Ann and Andy book! I think I had an Ann sometime in my childhood, but none right now. I especially liked your drawing of mole and ratty in their night clothes! They have a knack for making themselves comfy and eating good meals. My kind of people!
Your maple is beautiful. The clouds in the third picture seem to be pointing to it!
Enjoyed your post and I'm sure your students are feeling blessed to have been in your class this year. I think you're very nice, too!

Betty said...

Yes, definitely make a Badger! but I think you're right, he is a home body and would not have liked all that floating down the river stuff. Glad the postcard arrived safely - I got it from the Historians club here and as a result have got interested in the old buildings - there used to be a windmill here for example - and I do love windmills (3 still in the area). Raggedy Anne dolls look loved and the books - your illustrations are like these - do more!

Farm Girl said...

I love all of your Annie's and Andy.
Oh do write those cards. I was going through some things of my Mom's and she had ever single report card I ever had. Now 100 years later the little notes are so precious. My second grade teacher said, " Let this sweet girl read and read this summer."
So simple but still today powerful.
You have such power in your sweet words.
I love your green leaves. They looks so pretty.
Have a lovely day today.

Attic Clutter said...

Howdy POM~~
Love the raggedy post and my maple is doing great too finally (:) the leaves are getting bigger each day.. Thai food is delish (:)

Gigi said...

Oh what a fun/sweet post -- as always! You know I love Ann too, and still have mine from childhood. She's sitting on the bench in the entry to welcome folks as they come in ;). And you know you're a bad influence on me, as I always have to order the books you're loving b/c I know I'll love them too. Thank Goodness for Amazon and cheap used books ;)!
♥ & Hugs,

GretchenJoanna said...

I loved the Raggedy Ann and Andy stories and checked them out of the library all the time to read to my children. Eventually I read several into a cassette tape recorder and I still have the tapes on which the stories are interspersed with songs from records I had also borrowed. I wonder if CD's of those stories are available? I bet the new editions have been "updated" somehow....

LissyLou said...

Great post! I love the pic of Ann upside down on the washing line! X

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Oh the trees are just beautiful. And now I am going to go unpack my Raggedy Ann...and head to the library and check out some have inspired. Each of your inspirations are just full of joy! You are so creative...wish my kids had of had you for a teacher

Vicki said...

Hi, PomPom,
I do have an Ann and an Andy, too. I love them both dearly. I think I told you before how my momma always read to me each day when I was a young girl in the
1950's. She called it our "nap" time. She would read Raggedy Ann and Andy to me, and I would drift off to sleep. I can't think of a better way to go to sleep, can you? Your sixth graders are awfully lucky to have you as their teacher! Enjoy the rest of your week, kind friend! Vicki

melanie said...

Your Maple tree is a magnificent beauty! And I love your Raggedy Ann books! I hope your having a lovely day :) xxx

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I had a Raggedy Ann doll when I was a girl, but I didn't realize until now that there was a Raggedy Ann storybook. How funny! I'll have to find a copy.

I recently read (and now I don't remember where) a story about a teacher who passed around sheets of paper to her class one day when the students were being cranky and unfocused, each sheet with the name of a student on top. She asked everyone to write something positive about each of their classmates. At the end of the class the students received the sheet of paper with all of their classmates' comments.

Many years later, one of those students was killed in Iraq, and at the memorial service the teacher learned that this student kept that sheet of paper with him at all times, and it was in his wallet in his pocket when he was killed. At the end of the service, other students from that class came up to the teacher and said that they, too, had always kept that sheet of paper with the nice things their classmates had written about them.

So write those cards, Pom Pom! They will mean more than you'll ever know.


meadowsweet hare said...

your posts are always so adorable! this one is no exception it has made me smile :) lots.
thank you so much for your kind comment, it's rare for me to post nowadays but i'm hoping i will get back into the sing of blogging again soon x

Jackie said...

I just stumbled upon your blog this evening and I love your Annie's!!!! My fav...Andy with the crazy hair wearing a dress...LOL!!!

I'm your newest follower!


Kerri said...

You are so sweet. I love your idea of writing each student a card. Those are the kinds of things people keep forever. You never know how your kind words can encourage someone. Just knowing someone belives in you is so powerful x x