Thursday, April 12, 2012

Green Grass

There are gnomes at the grocery store!  I stayed home from school today and went to the doctor.  Sure enough, I have a sinus infection and he gave me some antibiotics.  I haven't been on any medicines for a hundred years so I think they'll work!  The doctor is so nice.  I really should go visit him more often! This gnome was waiting for me right near the pharmacy.  He winked at me and then he hopped in my buggy.

 Isn't our grass green?  Bill is a great grass grower as all good hobbits are!
 Spring is sure dressed up all pretty this year! 
 Look!  Three scarlet sisters!
My neighbor's forsythia is so clear and glowing.  It almost looks translucent over there showing off in her garden.
Here's our snug little house, the house of the pointed eaves.  When we moved here twenty years ago, I did not like the rock wall, but now I like stones a lot more.  
It was SO fun to stay home today!  I rode along on the preschool run and saw my three peppy girls (and my girl!)  I finished my teacher license renewal, I washed my clothes and ironed a little, and I mowed the lawn.  Oh, the air outside is so clean and good.  About this time of year, I'd like to live outside.
I have a little over seven weeks of school before summer.  Every year, I love summer more.  Do you?  I've been telling my students, "Don't sit on the sofa and play video games.  Go out in the meadow and play with puppies!"  They think that's funny.
Maybe you could go out in the meadow and play with puppies.  Thank you for stopping by the house of the pointed eaves.  Smile! 


Lisa Richards said...

The house of the pointed sounds so romantic!

I love your gnome! He looks so familiar. Has he been in any TV commercials? :)

It paints such a funny picture to think of you telling your students to play in the meadow with puppies. It's something that kids might not think to do these days.

Only YOU would think you should visit your nice doctor more often! Hope you're feeling great soon!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Oh I have been commented to everyone ..."it is sooooooooo green" after last years drought and heat wave, it is so wonderful to see.

We have six weeks before summer break...and I am looking forward to it..time to be creative with my two boys, and make memories

Bonnie said...

You are amazing. When I don't feel good, I complain a bit, climb into bed and mope. You mowed the lawn!!!! I hope you feel better soon. I can't begin to imagine what you might accomplish:)

Lynn said...

Dear Pom Pom of Green Gables
Get Better Soon

Catherine said...

Hello dear Pom Pom. I'm glad that you got to stay at home today but not nice to have a sinus infection..I think I might have something like it too..I'm not a copy cat though, I'd really rather not have it, it makes my teeth all sore. I noticed clusters of Shea Oak droppings outside the library today & they were sulphur yellow with their own kind of pollen..think they may be the culprit. I saw some people walking a cat on a string in the park made us laugh. The cat wasn't very cooperative & there was a BIG problem when a dog came along! I really like coconut water has a toasted coconut flavour...yum! Lucky you caught the wink then eh ; ) We have a stove top bialetti coffee maker it's very clever & can only break if you put it on the stove with no water : 0 Seven weeks will go quick I am sure. Much love Katie x0x0x

magsmcc said...

Oh PP, get well soon. I don't like you to be sick! Though you seem to have done all the wisest things towards restoring body and soul! We can't go out and play today because of heavy heavy rain. We could get all cooped up in our heavy rain gear and go outside and play anyway, and this is Ireland and we have done this before, but we did a LOT of that in Edinbugh so we'll be driving around and looking for indoor fun today! Hugs and hugs and hugs and a blanket (small but rippling) to sit under from the strawberries xxx

Farm Girl said...

I hope you feel better soon. I am always glad I have a doctor when I finally have to admit I might be sick. I don't visit mine either. My kids complain that they never go to the doctor, but Mom is on first name basis with the Vet. Not true of course. :)
I think you had a very productive day. Your grass is very pretty.
I hope you have a lovely weekend and I do hope you feel better.

Gumbo Lily said...

I love the green grass growing. Ours is coming, but it's still mostly brown here. We need a hearty rain or snow.

I like your snug house and the rock wall too.


M.K. said...

I love your house of the pointed eaves :) And the grass is very green. I know what you mean about things hopping into your basket. That happens to me too!

Larkrise garden girl said...

I love your home it looks lovely! green is a great color and your garden is so pretty!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Feel better soon; it sounds awful but, hopefully, the meds will work quickly.

wayside wanderer said...

Our weeds area cheery shade of green. =)

I hope you feel better soon. Sounds like a great day off. We are playing with ducks in our meadow.

Anne@A Little Fur in the Paint said...

...or play with kitties! (I love both!!) Thank you for visiting me, sweet friend!
Have a wonderful weekend!'
(we, too, are counting the days until school is out...:)

Barbara said...

Lovely glimpses of Spring. Thanks for your comment. Yes we had a lovely time with Sara and her husband but it seems a long time ago now. Sara says that you and she had a good visit too. Always fun to meet with bloggers.

Kit said...

I like that, go out in the meadow and play with puppies! That is what I will say to the kids at my school. We get out June 6th. So about 8 weeks. I can't wait, I love my job but a whole Summer off is just incredible! Have a great weekend! Kit

Vicki said...

Hi, PomPom, my friend,
I am so glad that cute gnome flirted with you and hopped right in your basket. Springtime is looking lovely there at your home. I know you are looking forward to summer. I can remember those days well as a teacher. I loved teaching, but I was always ready for summer vacation and a time of renewal. Enjoy your weekend and thank you so much for stopping by Bunny Cottage for a visit. Some major changes have taken place in my life. I sold my large home and now live in a one bedroom apartment. I have enjoyed "simplifying" my life. Vicki

debbie bailey said...

Your house is so cute! Mine is soon going to be white with green trim, too! I'm tired of the blue. Hope you feel better soon.

melanie said...

I hope you get better soon :) I love the little gnome, I am one of those who adore gnomes, I do not know why they have such a bad reputation? Your grass is very green! Lovely photos, and I love your home! :) xxx

libbyquilter said...

"playing with puppies" is a great idea~!~ i don't have puppies but i know a cople of dogs around here that would love to play in the meadow~!


Susan B said...

I just read this post. I hope your sinus infection is getting better! I love all your photos! Take care. :)

The Provincial Homemaker said...

Beautiful green grass, a sweet home and a sunny gnome. What a great post.