Sunday, April 1, 2012

Palm Cross

One more week until Easter! Today we held palms and marched into church behind the pastor.  Inside the bulletin I found directions for making a cross from the palm.  I think I missed a few steps, but it IS pretty.
I've been buying bunnies.  Eight of them for eight grands.  Do you like this bunny bunch?  They'll go into a box/hutch and chug on up to Ft. Collins.  I love soft bunnies, so our grands welcome new bunnies this year.  
I feel like it is time for an herb garden.  Jeff is digging out his tomato bed and I am thinking about where to plant herbs.  Lemon thyme, lemon balm . . . mmmmmmm.
I have school to think about.  Tomorrow.  I'm planning my holy week.  What will yours look like? 

If we had been in the crowd, waving our palms, well . . . isn't it uncomfortable to wonder what we would have done, how we might have behaved if we had been there as the week progressed?  Oh, I'm so thankful for His power and His great heart of LOVE.  I am happy He is pleased with me, his little grubby sheep.  
You may want to visit Floss's friends for a Pause in Lent.  Thank you for stopping by and poking your head in.  I like your company.


libbyquilter said...

you have fruity blooms and spring flowers and they are gorgeous~!!!~

cute little soft bunnies, the grands are going to love them.

i have some tomato plants that will go into the cold frame by mid april (if all goes well) and did you know that basil and tomatoes are considered companion plants? each one helps the other grow better. it's possible that with a little googling you may discover some other herbs that are good companions for tomatoes . . .
i love the idea of growing the tomatoes AND the herbs to cook them with side by side.


Hazelnut said...

Your blossom pics are fantastic!
Lucky little grands with bunnies, they'll love them.
I can't lay hands on palm leaves, so I will put rose petals under my cross.
Roses for The Rose.
xxx H

magsmcc said...

We went outside in Sunday School today after a quick recap on the Easter story- with two big boxes of chalks and coloured in the little patio area with scenes from the road to Jerusalem and pictures of ourselves waving too. We used My First Message and one of Manty's questons was what would you wave? All I can come up with is a damp teatowel or one of the boys' school sweatshirts off the radiator! But I could still shout- Jesus, on Lynda Avenue, Jesus! Walk with us!

Carolyn Phillips said...

The blossoms on those trees would be wonderful to wave.

The dB family said...

As I get older, I find I wonder more how I would have been and who I would have been during the final week leading up to the cross. It's certainly comforting to know that He had forgiven us and that he loves us despite our failures. Have a great week, dear one!


Thistle Cove Farm said...

well done on the palm cross; I've wondered how those are made.

Farm Girl said...

How very nice Pom Pom, my daughter was just asking me if I remembered when she was little and we were sitting in the big church and they carried in Palm Branches? She wondered if they did it and did she want to brave taking the kids while they are well to see it. She had quit taking the kids because they were sick so much from Sunday School until it warms up.
I love your bunnies. I haven't bought any for mine yet, Mom's have sort of forbid me to giving them any more things they have to clean up. I have been making play doh, which is a hit. I use Kool aid for coloring. Grape is the best.
I hope you have a very nice week next week.

Lisa Richards said...

Thanks for bringing it back to Jesus! What He has done for us is the whole reason we have Hope in this world.

Beautiful flowers and another creative cross!

Blessings to you and your household this Easter!

Kit said...

The bunnies and herbs look great!And by the way I love that table in the cross picture. Did you make that? Fantastic! Kit

ann said...

The bunnies are so cute. The grands will love them. A busy week here, then grandson's birthday, Easter service, Easter dinner, the Egg hunt. Hope you have a great week. Happy Easter.

Kerri said...

So much beautiful springy-ness! Yes, I do think that is a proper word! We have had such a beautiful warm sunny day here that I can imagine it is spring for me too x

The Provincial Homemaker said...

Great job on the palm cross. I am always impressed at how much work goes into providing one for the entire congregation.

Here in the Australian Anglican Church Palm Sunday has been replaced by Passion Sunday (with Palm Sunday left only as a secondary option - fortunately one our church takes up). The theory being attendance at Good Friday services is now so low, many miss out on the passion story. Personally, I think you miss something without Palm Sunday - afterall why did Jesus come on Sunday, he might as well have arrived on the Wednesday if something significant didn't happen in the intervening days. Also, as our rector commented last year - it is important to realise it was the same crowd welcoming Jesus to Jerusalem and later calling for his death.

Betty said...

Lovely bunnies, your grandchildren will be so pleased, what a wonderful granny you are Pompom. Your herbs look fresh and green, I am planting some in my wheelbarrow this year but waiting for the weather as the UK is coming out of the unexpected early Summer and back to cold/snow would you believe!

melanie said...

I love your Palm Cross Pom Pom, it is lovely, and those little bunnies are so adorable! I am going to do some gardening myself today. I hope you have a lovely week and Easter weekend :) xxx

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I fear what I would have done if I were a face in that crowd. You always think you'd be one of the courageous, righteous ones, but in my case the odds are against that ...


Attic Clutter said...

Oh WOW POM ..Love the flowers on this post and the last one too.. the paper/ table cloth under the cross is darling did you paint it??
My Easter birdy card -ya I love it
Hugs and Happy Easter Week to you ~

Attic Clutter said...

thanks so much on my crafty room too POM (:)

debbie bailey said...

I have a collection of three palm crosses. The largest one came from Westminster Abbey in London. I wished out church handed them out on Palm Sunday. Yours looks good. Where did you get the palm frond?

no spring chicken said...

And I AM a grubby sheep... The other day my youngest daughter was witnessing a terrible display of wicked words and eye rolling tantrum from a 4 year old daughter aimed at her mother . She turned to me and asked, "how can a mom even love a daughter like that?"

We have a perfect Abba... "and if you then, you who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children how much more will your father in heaven..."

I love your palm cross. Enjoy your week!

Blessings, Debbie

Gigi said...

I think your cross is perfect -- made with love like everything you do! Gorgeous flowers and sweet bunnies too. We managed to plant some lettuce, herbs and tomatoes over the weekend too. I love having little things like this growing just out the back door -- just in case I ever do really cook ;).


Susan B said...

A beautiful cross!

Your grandchildren will love the sweet, soft bunnies. :)

Your blog always has such lovely photos.

I hope you have a blessed Easter weekend my friend.