Friday, March 30, 2012

Back to Flowers

 Hi!  We're home again!  I liked the bed we slept in while we were in California and I spent a lot of time sitting on it playing around with my new iPad.  We walked a loooooooong way to Disneyland every day.  My feet are tired.
 The flowers in California are a sight to behold!
 My favorite images are definitely the charming nooks and crannies at Disneyland.   I sort of forgot that there are always HUGE CROWDS of people there during spring break.  

 Guess what bloomed in the garden while we were away?  

 Sara and I met by a fountain in Downtown Disney and then scurried to the Storybook Inn for lunch.  We talked and talked, just like old friends.  It was FUN!
I'm not sure why I am waving at the camera, but I do know that I need a haircut.  
I'm happy to be home.  I saw three sweet little granddaughters this morning.  I went to the grocery store for supplies.  I'll have more to say later.  I missed you!


Farm Girl said...

I missed you too. So glad you had a nice time. You do walk lots and lots don't you?
Yes, the crowds, that is what I always dread.
It has been awhile since we have gone.
Enjoy your weekend. Our spring break is officially started today, I have piano lessons today and then I have a week off, Yahoo!!
I can't wait. I like your picture you are so cute. :)

Anonymous said...

Missed you too! You have a lovely smile! Great pics, xxx

GretchenJoanna said...

While you were in CA, I was not! We were in Maui, where I oohed and aahed over the flowers that grow there....when I came home, the daffodils were blooming here, too! and the Dutch Iris! Welcome home, Pom! (I often think of Babar's cousin when I write that...)

Gumbo Lily said...

Glad you're back home. What a nice thing to be able to meet up with a friend. Hooray for spring daffodils. Mine are close to blooming. Oh joy!

Hazelnut said...

Welcome back!
We missed our ray of sunshine!
The pics are terrific...oh those cool, crisp sheets on your bed look so inviting, can you tell it's the end of the day here? Yawn, Lol!
xxx H

Elizabethd said...

How lovely to meet Sarah...from 'Come away with me', I guess?
So glad you are back home.

magsmcc said...

We missed you too, you gorgeous pretty lovely woman!

M.K. said...

We missed you too, PomPom! So glad you had a wonderful time, and so glad you're back.

Betty said...

How lovely to see a picture, I think you are a very pretty lady and your hair in particular. Disney looked fun. I have missed your chattery posts so am glad you're back. Bettyx

The dB family said...

I'm glad you are back safe and sound. I remember Disney being very busy and it wasn't spring break. Maybe it's always busy. The flowers are lovely! I'm sure it was very good to see your sweet grand daughters again too.


Shey said...

wow Disneyland seems to be a fin place, maybe one day I'll go. Beautiful flowers! And I'd love to sleep in a bed like that, it looks comfy and so soft. =D

libbyquilter said...

seeing your disneyland photos immediately brought back memories of when we took our daughter.
she was just out of the sixth grade and we had lots of fun~!
i'm glad you had fun too.

i found a few tiny yellow crocus flowers today. loved seeing your daffodils and forsythia~! soon we'll have some daffodils of our own.

it's good to have you back again Pom Pom.


Lisa Richards said...

It's been pretty quiet around here while you were gone! Glad to have you back and glad you had a good time! :D

wayside wanderer said...

Welcome home! I hope you are feeling refreshed. Lovely flowers. I love johnny jump ups and your daffs are beeee-yoooo-teeee-ful!

Lynn said...

Oh I missed you heaps!

Sara said...

Hi Pom Pom! Glad you are home safe and sound. I enjoyed your Disneyland photos...and look at that orange glow around the two of us! Must be in honor of Orange County or something. It was such a treat to meet you and talk about our lives and loves and everything else. You are such a comfortable person to be with...just as delightful as you seem here on your blog. Have a great weekend!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

fun, fun..thanks for sharing the pics...looks like a fun and cheerful place

Kerri said...

I went to Disneyland when I was 10 or 11 years old. It was fun to see it again! So glad you had fun :)

Jess said...

Hi pom pom! Hope you had sooo much fun in Cali! I love that you're waving @ the camera, so cute- so you ;-) hope all's well!!

debbie bailey said...

So glad you got to meet Sarah at Disneyland and glad you made it safely back home. Daffodils are such happy flowers. Mine have been gone now for several weeks. They're always the first flower to bloom. This year they started before Christmas!