Sunday, April 22, 2012


 Hello!  I've been reading about Barnabas the encourager.  Encouragement means to give courage and I fear there are not enough people who feel called to encourage.  Let's add to the ranks, do you want to?
 Do you have favorite ways of encouraging others?  I like pats.  Pats on the shoulder, pats on the head, and pats on the back.  I'm trying to think of new ways because quite honestly, I forget to tell people stuff.  I want to get better at this. 
Compliments must be considered and checked for sincerity. 

 Encouragements should be pleasing, soft, inspiring.
 They can be light in the disheartening darkness.
 They can be fresh like a walk beside your favorite river.  Ratty is encouraged by his own river.
 Encouragement itself can be a party!  Our sweet son-in-law was very encouraged by his surprise birthday party last night.
 It can be a birthday gift wrapped in your favorite color.  I gave Jeff some kitchen stuff for his future house.  He loved.
It can also be a sweet sight, like these bunny slipper clad baby feet.  I find my own bunny slippers quite encouraging.  
I'm going to try harder.  I will let you know how it goes.  I'd love to hear your favorite ways of encouraging the people in your life.  Please share.


Gigi said...

Oh yes, so important to remember to do sweet acts and say kind words of encouragement! I must try harder to think of this too. You're the cat's p.j.'s Pom -- really! Love your big heart, sweet spirit, and compassionate loving nature!


debbie bailey said...

Right now while my daughter has 8-month-old twins and four older children, what encourages her most is a meal, vacuumed floors, washed dishes, and keeping any/all of the older children. Acts of service is very important to her. She also calls me daily and often uses me as a sounding board. I try not to give too much advice; just listen. It's hard, but I'm getting better with practice!

Just reading your blog is encouraging to me. Your sweet spirit shines through your words.

Lisa Richards said...

You are a natural encourager, Pom!
I need to work on this. It's tempting to be thinking too much of self and not what others may be experiencing.
Thanks for your encouraging post.:)

Betty said...

OH yes, encouragement is a form of giving I think Pompom, all good for the soul, giver and recipient both benefit! Thankyou for this post, it's a good reminder to focus on others and be aware of their needs.

magsmcc said...

I'm a bit speechless at the thought of you trying harder to encourage! You are such a Barnabas to us all. It's funny, because Angela is talking today about the power that comes channelled through blogs- His power, His encouragement through you! I should try harder however. I think to encourage you have to be free, free of self and all that entangles so that you can look up and out. I'll try harder to look up and out.

Farm Girl said...

Hello Pom Pom, I love the bunny slippers on baby feet.
Oh I don't know how I would say I encourage people, A smile to someone having a bad day, a hug when someone needs it. To ask someone if I may pray for them, in the middle of the aisle at the grocery store if I have to,
Lots of things, Opening my home all of the time. I think God gives opportunity in the tiny ways we have to open our eyes and see.
Like you do every day. :)

Gumbo Lily said...

You ALWAYS encourage me, Pom Pom. That's why your blog is such a joy to visit -- you give us all encouragement, joy, hope. I sometimes like to write little notes or send cards to encourage others. I want to be more encouraging too. Thank you for encouraging me to encourage others.


ann said...

As teachers and grandmas, it is our job to encourage. I always try to say kind things, but as teacher I have to offer constructive criticism. As a grandma, I tell my little ones how wonderful and special they are. And you have great ways to encourage your loved ones. Thanks for getting us to think about encouragement.

The Provincial Homemaker said...

I think you are already a great encourager Pom Pom. Your kind comments show that. I definitely have some work to do in this arena. I tend to save my encouragement for friends, my husband and Ginger. I need to spread it around more:)

Helen said...

This is a good post, Pom Pom. You are making us put our thinking caps on! I think that encouraging has to be personal to the person you want to encourage and to their circumstances, to spur them on to believe in their worth, to show them that they are valued and loved and cared for, and that can take so many forms. The thing is for us, the would-be-encouragers to be alert for people to encourage, to ask God for discernment, maybe and for wisdom to encourage in the most fitting way. I must say, Pom Pom, that you are a great encourager, just the odd happy comment here and there, the caring attitude comes through in all you do. Bless you, my dear, and thank you.

Catherine said...

I'm with first thought was what?? Whatever is she talking about..Mrs Barnabus...try harder...pfff lol. You are encouragement personified silly! I love your flowers such a pretty colour combination. Thank you so much for enriching my life in a myriad ways & that's even from a distance! Your children are so blessed to have a mother like you.."she laughs at the days to come" suddenly springs to mind. So much love to you squeeeeeze x0x0x

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Can there ever be enough encouragement? How easy it is to forget how wonderful it feels when it comes your way. I like to be verbal...and I think because I give verbal encouragement I expect it to come back in that form...and there are so many forms, like you just expressed a pat on the shoulder.

Great post...I too need to learn many ways to encourage others.

Floss said...

Thank you Mrs Barnabas! This is good to think about. A nod and a smile are very encouraging to my pupils - I try to let them know what they do right, not so much what they do wrong. And I think this is also VERY pertinent, and much harder, in terms of encouraging our own families! Love the slippers...

Attic Clutter said...

bagged ladybugs $5
Oh I love it..ya me may buy some this year (:) Love the encouragement post Thanks POM~~

Cheryl said...

How beautiful, how inspiring... and what scrumptious bunny feet xx

Susan B said...

Your blog posts, and lovely photos are always an encouragement to me! Encouraging others more is something to aspire to...thank you! :)

Shey said...

Oh and how I need some encouragement tonight, I find encouragement for myself when I read the bible or listen to audiotapes. As for giving encouragement to other I'm not so good with words but I like doing things to make my friends smile, especially the ones that I can see need encouragement, like my friend at work, sometimes when she's out of her classroom to make copies I sneak to get her mug and make her some coffee, when she comes back she's always delighted to find a cup on coffee in her desk. Another way is buying small gifts that I know my friends would like, nothing expensive, maybe a nail polish in their favorite color, things like that always make them smile. I get encouragement by my students when they hug me goodbye, I love it. =)