Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ironing Game

 So, I was standing in my ironing room/sewing room/book room/play room, basking in its muddled happiness when I decided to do a little ironing.  First I had to mend a pair of favorite pants.  They had a little tear near the belt loop (I do not own any belts, by the way).  I found the perfect patch.  Hoot!  After that, I decided to play a little game with my pile of ironing.  I sought out all the colorful pieces and ironed my way to a nice little mix of hues.  What do you think?  Pretty, huh?  
When I was young, my mother would offer to spend an evening sewing for me but I had to iron while she sewed.  I ironed pillowslips and hankies while the sewing machine whirred.  When I was a young mama, I ironed for pocket money.  I put an ad in the newspaper and many nurses (I guess nurses got behind on their ironing) called me and I began ironing all their pretty clothes.  It was fun (and a tiny bit difficult) and I did it until we moved away from that city.  Do you think my lot of ironing is the reason I love Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle?  I think so!

 I really should use the Pom Pom room for a guest room instead of a "my stuff room" but I like having a place to put pretty things.  This Susan Branch flag is so cute, isn't it?
 A bright basket of yarn!
 A brown sheep
 Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle's little brother
 an Ann leg and a few pretty and peaceful books
It's pretty much a mumble jumble, but I'm so thankful.  
So, now I'm off to school.  What kind of ironing games do you play?


M.K. said...

I do not iron. My mother loves to iron, but I did NOT inherit that gene! I probably iron fewer than 5 things a year, and those only b/c I can't wear them unless they're ironed :) You're lookin' all springy, Pom :) Happy last few weeks of school! Summer's around the corner - yeah!

Betty said...

ha ha, as a child my mother didn't iron regularly and so I used to put my school uniform under my mattress! it came out reasonably ok but when I became a teenager, I asked the lady who ran the launderette to teach me how to iron(coin machines where you take washing to do it yourself in the uk if you don't have a machine and you can pay the lady to iron your shirts)I like ironing and have been doing some today - I have to iron all the shirts or all the trousers or all the t-shirts at once! ocd thing. Your laundry looks cheery and bright,

Attic Clutter said...

Pom oh I Love Mr Twiggy (:)
hugs Patty

Attic Clutter said...

oops tiggy (:)LOL

libbyquilter said...

cute little owly patch~!

my favorite ironing game is to avoid ironing at all costs . . . lol~!

i feel quite comfy in a t-shirt and jeans and if they're quick out of the dryer there is no need to iron. so only once in a while do i ever do it.

well, unless you count ironing fabric yardage which i DO actually like to do . . .

you're a joy Pom Pom. thank you for putting a smile in my day.


magsmcc said...

You did all this before you left for school? You are a legend, ironing or otherwise!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

I don't iron..well unless I am sewing. We ironed everything as a child..pillow cases, sheets, my Dad's handkerchiefs...my mom even had one of those irons that was round like a commercial iron, and you pressed it close...I knew how to iron.
But today...forget it unless I have to..which is funny about this post since just a few minutes ago I was telling my hubby I was going to have to iron...our dryer broke. That dryer shut down after I had given it a pretty make over!! So, I will be ironing!!

Love your room...so like mine, I will have to post the stories of mine one day.

Hope you had a good day at school.

Lisa Richards said...

I iron by taking things out of the dryer ASAP! :D

I really admire your industrious ironing job. You are very resourceful and I think you did find a kindred spirit in Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle!

You have a cozy little place to relax and I'm glad you are thankful. I'm thankful for my little home, too!

Now to have an open-faced salmon sandwich with my hubby. I can smell the toast now!

Sara said...

I rarely iron because I live in blue jeans I guess! But I do enjoy it when there is something I have that needs it. Love watching those wrinkles smooth out and hearing the steam hiss softly!

Happy@Home said...

I do believe you know how to add an element of fun to everything you do. That owl patch is the cutest!
I think the only ironing game I play is trying to keep my iron from dripping on the clothes. It seems to have a leak problem at the moment.

Gumbo Lily said...

I like to make a lavender ironing mist that I use while I iron, mixing in a quart spray bottle: water and a few drops of lavender essential oil. Shake and spray on ironing as you go. The fragrance puts me in a good mood and I like how much easier it is to iron out wrinkles when you spray the garments first.

I have a room that's my own creative workshop. I love it.


debbie bailey said...

I put on a Netflix Britcom to watch while I iron. I like to iron and watching a good TV show makes it that much more enjoyable. I iron almost everything we wear, because everything we have is either cotton or linen.

wayside wanderer said...

My idea of an ironing game is this...try to pull clothes out of the dryer quickly, but since that usually doesn't happen I turn the dryer back on for a few minutes and try again to pull the clothes out quickly. This can go on and on. I go to great lengths not to iron. The other day my daughter was ironing her taekwondo uniform and getting lessons on the How To from her daddy and her oldest brother, neither of whom ever iron. It was funny to hear, and we had fun teasing them about their "know how." She is a smart cookie though and her uniform looked fabulous especially with her in it.

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine said...

What sweet ironing memories. I love to iron. I've often said that I love it that I can smooth out some of life's wrinkles.

BTW, I love all the pictures you posted today!

Fat Dormouse said...

I really don't like ironing, and I wait and wait until I run out of clothes!! But I iron much quicker than MrD - he spends ages on his ironing, whereas I do mine very quickly (and badly!)

Farm Girl said...

So glad I didn't miss this post. I have been in the midst of spring cleaning and I just sat down with a cup of coffee. I am so glad I got to share it with you.
I have to say I don't iron that much anymore. Isn't that terrible? I iron when I am sewing but that is about it unless we are going somewhere of course. I am afraid I have turned a bit Erma Bombeckish. Though I will not admit to ironing only the leg that faced the stage. :)
I like your little patch for your belt loop.
As always dear Pom Pom you make me smile. Yes, Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle has always been my favorite too. I made my granddaughter a quilt with Mrs. Tiggly-Wiggle and I loved those blocks the best but I did enjoy Jemima Puddleduck very much.
I hope your Thursday is lovely.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I love ironing--especially since mostly what I iron is fabric for quilts. I use a wonderful lavender-scented concoction called Mary Ellen's Best Press, and it makes me very happy.

I love your green shoes!


GretchenJoanna said...

I love to iron. I mostly earned teenage spending money by ironing for many hours every week - almost all men's shirts belonging to friends and neighbors.
Until my husband retired last year I had to iron a lot of his shirts, too -- and it makes me happy still even though there aren't as many now.
But I also play Wayside's game quite often!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

I love to iron; guess that makes me strange, eh?

Anonymous said...

I'm not an ironing girl ~ I only do it when I'm sewing or if I have too ~ Smile! Such a pretty, colorful Pom Pom room!

Blessings on your day,

Attic Clutter said...

Love the cottages no haven't seen the Holiday ..Have a fun day (:)

Vicki said...

Hi, PomPom, my friend,
I iron as little as possible. I admire you for making a fun game of ironing, so many pretty colors in your wardrobe and home. I spy a sweet Raggedy Ann. One of my earliest memories is of my mother reading a Raggedy Ann and Andy book to me. I still love both, Ann and Andy, to this day. Enjoy your weekend! Sending love to you~Vicki

Kerri said...

I almost never iron. I don't believe in it! I think it is a very good idea to have your own room! I think it is crucial to happiness! So glad yours makes your heart happy x