Sunday, May 20, 2012

Color Stripes

 I must share the blue sky with you.  Isn't it gorgeous?
 The trees in my neighborhood grace the street.
 The mountains say, "When are you coming up?"  Three more weeks.

 I guess we are bad rose growers, but the neighbors are extremely FINE rose growers.
 Sometimes one of something is very poetic.  Don't you think so?  Sometimes a lot of something is poetic, too.  Have you ever seen twenty horses running together?  A whole field of sheep?  A long line-up of fire trucks? 
 One robin = awe
 I wish you could smell this pink beauty.  Delicious.
This summer I will knit.  Do you like my stripey sweater?  I hope it fits.  Other than continuing to spot toadstools and gnomes, I am going to knit and read/write poetry.  I've been reading a good book about teaching poetry.  Do you think YOU might indulge in a bit of poetry over the summer?  It's a mighty good season to spot poems.
Art and poems go together, so let's make art, too.
Okay, now that's sorted.  Sending LOVE to you, caring reader.  (BIG HUG!)


Sara said...

Your stripes of color are brilliant and I love them. Glad to see the sun shining...I heard it's been raining lately.

ann said...

Don't we just have the most fabulous blue skies here!. You have a good summer planned. Poetry; of course, I 'll be reading poetry and may trying to write some too. I love you colorful knitting. I do a bit of easy crochet. Knitting scares me. You should soon be done with school. Bet you need the rest. Have a good week, PomPom.

Betty said...

One of something is certainly beautiful, I have one solitary iris in my garden this morning, somehow it's more interesting alone, I am appreciating its detail. I have three cats today though - as am babysitting my neighbours 2 for the week - they are in and out a lot, Amber likes that. Your stripes look cheery and snug. Betty x

♥ the quiet homemaker said...

Now that knitting is fab! Uplifting to work on I bet! I think I need to make something with colour next, I went from a grey top to a brown one! Not long til you finish school, yippee!! xxx

Floss said...

Thanks for your lovly bright colours and thoughts. I would indeed like to indulge in a bit of poetry over the summer - thank you for the suggestion! But I will leave the knitting to you... ;)

Angela said...

I LOVE stripey things - especially rainbows!
Have a lovely week PomPom

I'm waiting to hear of Willows safe arrival in Lancashire

blessings and hugs x

Catherine said...

Hello dear Pom Pom, I love your Robin & your blue sky. The poetry sounds like a nice idea. I am liking Mary Oliver's words just lately. I plan on finding some more of her work in the coming months. I am thinking a little crochet can do the knitting. Yours looks like fun & no holes! Thank you for your sweet care & kindness. Much love Gathering Katie x0x0x

M.K. said...

I should be knitting. I should be writing poetry, and writing other things too! Instead, I'm running around "like a chicken with my head cut off" as they say. Life must settle, like dust in a house. Your post is beautiful, Pom. So much color! Can't wait to read about your summer :)

Cheryl said...

How I wish we had your blue sky, it's so dreary here! Your gorgeous striped knitting and beautiful pictures help to brighten my day - thank you xx

Farm Girl said...

As always when I visit I feel my soul being refreshed. You know I met you last summer when you were on vacation. I can't wait to see all you will remind me to do and to learn and to stop and smell the roses when you again are on a break.
I hope these last few weeks pass quickly.
Our last day of school is this week.
Yay, I am tired in my brain.

Gigi said...

Oh such pretty summery things! Lucky you with that gorgeous view of the mountains. I'm envious!
And yes to poetry, but sometimes I have trouble reading it. However, I love hearing it recited by someone wonderful -- like Ben Whishaw reading Keats - heaven. Guess I don't have much of an imagination. It's kind of like reading Shakespeare's plays -- can't do it. But actually seeing them performed is magic.


Happy@Home said...

A trip to those beautiful mountains sounds delightful.
Your photo of the one robin is so clear and beautiful.
Your stripey knitting project is so cheerful. Do hope you'll share the finished piece.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I will always indulge in poetry--bring it on! I like your stripey sweater. I have some sweaters I want to finish knitting this summer. Maybe you'll inspire me!


Hazelnut said...

I once did a poetry lesson with the chief Inspector watching! Thank goodness the kids came up with some good ideas - poetry not a 'safe' lesson but exciting!
You will SO enjoy that holiday when it comes...and in the anticipation!
May the time until then pass uickly and be fun,
xxx H

Sue McPeak said...

I'm so inspired to KNIT, WRITE, and PHOTO SHOOT....thanks for the inspiration! Great photos and 'Delicious' words...just what I needed after my 'BloggyBreak'!

Hope your Mother's Day was wonderful and your coming summer will be filled with poetry, fun, toadstools and gnomes!

wayside wanderer said...

You have some wonderful summer plans! I've been reading some poetry by M.L'Engle in her 3rd memoir The Irrational Season. Each successive memoir of hers I read I decide is my favorite.

no spring chicken said...

Your photos are breathtaking!

Definitely sounds like my kind of summer. I so wish we were neighbors. We could compose poetry aloud while we knit and draw... and laugh. It's a sweet thought anyway. :)

Blessings, Debbie

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Two weeks left here...and your beautiful photos just call to come enjoy...which I plan to do this boys and I. I also plan on reading more. Children's books will be at the top of the list.

Sounds like you have some great plans...enjoy, enjoy!!

Lisa Richards said...

Your sweater is GORGEOUS! The one thing that kept me from learning to knit was the fear that after all of that work it wouldn't fit! lol!
I borrowed your robin picture for my blog post; do you mind? Come see!
A summer full of poetry and art sounds wonderful. And enjoy those mountains and all the loveliness around you!

Brad M said...

Lovely poems. Lovely Mama. I love you!

Gumbo Lily said...

Beauty everywhere! Knitting will be such a good thing to do during summer -- especially colorful stripes! I might try a wee bit of poetry, but no knitting here. Maybe I'll work on some embroidery instead.

libbyquilter said...

you are right.
one = poetry

btw: how about YOU teach US something about poetry~!? i think everything you post has a poetic spirit about it~!!~
hhmmmm . . . maybe some sort of blog poetry challenge or something to get us linked into our poetic interiours . . .


Attic Clutter said...

HI Pom (:
) darling pics..
oh yes the hooked rug idea..I am in agreement with ya on the supplies to get still thinking of it though (:) hehe hugs`p

Flowers in the Window said...

I love your photos and your thoughts :) I like the idea of poetry. I haven't really read much poetry since I was at school - a very long time ago. So maybe now is the time to read some and really enjoy it :) Maggie xx said...

I love your stripes! The colors are so pretty and cheery. And I had no idea that you liked gnomes so much...we'll have to get together and talk little men someday soon, for I too am a fan :)

Kit said...

My favorite line of something is School Buses! They make me cry and smile. I love them. Kit

magsmcc said...

Ah, so we have to write the poetry. HMM. May I play?