Friday, January 16, 2015

Bright Surroundings

 I made a HUGE pot of chili the other night and it tasted SO fine!  Kelli's girls didn't like it because I make it with chopped green peppers and I used a can of chopped tomatoes.  The chunks were unappealing to the picky eaters!  
 I love sour cream and peppers!
 Please try to ignore the power lines (I do, so I won't worry about them poisoning us) and look at the morning light.  It was magic this morning!

 The light made the fence next door shine.

 Then it was back inside to look at colors surrounding me and my everyday doings!  Do you like the print above? It's my pajamas!
 Kelli gave me a yarn bowl!  Isn't it cute?  A very nice friend of hers makes them.  
 Even though I get emails from the Polish Pottery Outlet showing me all of the deep discounts (teapots this month) I do not need anymore (not to say I won't buy some small pieces in the future!) but I DO love this little "huddle up" of the pottery I have.
 Do you like Vera Bradley prints?  I like the old ones.  The photo above is two eyeglass cases.  Pretty! Below, the glove basket.  Bright! Do you see the Hot Potato in the basket?
 I've been digging in the tea basket!
 More discontinued Vera Bradley prints

 Above you see my coffee set that I gave my mama and she gave back when they sold their second home.  Thank you, Mama.  I have used this coffee set recently to serve hot chocolate to pretty little girls.
 I used to have a bowl and a plate to match the cup above (a casualty of jumping children) but I'm thankful that I still have this cup from my mother-in-law's china closet.  I try to follow its advice.
 Still a few little Christmas reminders hanging around.  Behind is my toadstool poster-size sticker.  I love wall stickers!

My only house plant is alive.  That's progress.
 Even though the light is gorgeous today and it's supposed to be 60 degrees (yahoo!) it is still winter and hibernating is OKAY.  So go ahead and snuggle, rest, read, and be well.


TexWisGirl said...

you do love color. :) i like your skies. :)

Farm Girl said...

I love the colors. Isn't it nice to have colors inside when it is gray outside? I think your chili looks yummy. I hope you have a wonderful day hibernating. :)

Julia said...

Cute little mouse in a match box... I used to put little things in match boxes years ago when I was a little girl. Yours is the most color filled blog I've come across.
It's great to brighten a dull winter day.

Yumm yummm , your chilli looks tasty. I have all the fixing for chilli on the kitchen counter ready for supper tonight.

Have a colorful weekend.


Angela said...

Fantastic pyjamas!!

Nancy McCarroll said...

Love the little mousey.

What a gorgeous sky you captured.

Elizabethd said...

It would be lovely just to climb into the matchbox with a warm blanket!

Kezzie said...

Do you play hot potato with the kids!?!? I love that game?
Ooh, the pottery is gorgeous and you remind me, I must do some ceramic painting again. I've had 3 white mugs in my drawer for ages meaning to do it!x

Granny Marigold said...

It is important to surround ourselves with brightness these rather dark days of winter. I like the lovely prints. I've not heard of Vera Bradley. The yellow with blue little flowers is my favourite.

Pom Pom said...

Hi to you all and thank you for your sweet comments! Kezzie, the hot potato doesn't make it's cute sound anymore (we've had it for ages) but YES I love the game, too!
Angela, THANKS! It's been warm enough to wear lighter pajamas lately. I love the print, too!
Granny Marigold, that's MY favorite print. I love yellow and blue together. I wish the pattern wasn't discontinued, but I hang on to my ratty bags anyway.
Yes, Elizabethd! I adore the idea of sleeping in a snug matchbox, pillow and quilt, zzzzzzzzz!
Thank you for visiting me, friends!

MamaF said...

The last picture is super cute !!!
What I nice idea to have a glove basket, we keep losing gloves day in and day out and this might be a really nice solution ... and I love baskets ;)

ellen b. said...

Love the morning light! When I was young I did not like large chunks of tomato or cabbage in soup. Now I enjoy everything...mostly.
That polish pottery always catches my eye. That Be Ye Kind cup is very sweet. Have a wonderful weekend!

Scrappy quilter said...

So enjoyed seeing your photos. They always bring a smile to my face.

Heather LeFebvre said...

Just requested my library purchase the book you suggested! Always looking for more good books. :)

Lisa Richards said...

I made chili recently, too! I took some to work today and had sour cream and Fritos with it. :)
I like to sprinkle cheese on top, also.
Love the cotton candy skies!
Love all the cute and colorful things in your home.
I think I'll take your advice and rest and be snuggly like the little matchbox mouse. :)

Tassell, Tea pot, and life down under said...

That sunrise was magical indeed. And wow is that the snow melting in your area? A bit early isn't in?
Your home is full of colourful pretties, I love Polish Pottery too and that Celestial tea is my fave too.
Oh and I am excited for you coming to Australia, shame it's on winter but the beaches will be still beautiful.
Have a good weekend PomPom.

Fat Dormouse said...

It's only 11 am and your chilli is making my mouth water! I love chilli!

All your photos of bright and colourful things make me smile. The mouse in the match box is so cute and cuddly.

Happyone said...

The chili looks delicious.
I have a small collection of Polish Pottery and love it.
I too like the old Vera patterns better.

Amy at love made my home said...

You have such beautiful china! xx

Maggie said...

Great mix of colours, textures and fabrics to brighten the greyest of days but none can compete with the outdoor light show that Mother Nature provided for you, that was amazing.
bon dimanche

Maggie said...

Your chilli looks delicious. It's reminded me to make some...haven't made it for ages! Beautiful sky photos and gorgeous fabrics especially your pyjamas! X

Catherine said...

Hello Pom Pom, that little mouse in his wee bed is adorable. When we were little we all made dolls house furniture out of old matchboxes. Do the girls make things with them too or are there not so many boxes around these days? Well done on the house plant front! I do love all your bright & cheery prints especially your pyjamas! Much love for a snuggly week, GK x0x0x

M.K. said...

Oh, so many cute little things in this post. You're adorable with your ONE house plant :) But I do think the little mousie in the last photo, snuggled up in his blanket and matchbox, is the most darling. Your posts make me want to go knit and drink tea and gaze out windows and do all manner of nice things, all at once.

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

spots and splashes of color.... so important, in the cold-white-winter months...

Leslie said...

OH that little mousie gave me a chuckle. Gorgeous skies, too.