Monday, January 12, 2015

Girl Stuff

I had a lot of fun with the three angel pies!  We did not get into the car.  We stayed home every day.  They did not complain!  They love to be home, playing and imagining, snacking and watching movies.  It is right up Granny's alley!

Our daughter-in-law April is a knitter.  She learned when she studied in Prague.  She knit each granddaughter a doll and when I am at Kelli's I like to round them up and play with them!  I had to repair Miss Bug's doll's hair.  I simply used my crochet hook to gather the chewed stitches.  The puppy enjoyed chewing on it quite some time ago.

Today I was over at Sam and Plum Cake's and I gathered their dolls.  Aren't they cute?  The girls really like them.
 Miss Bug loves the mouse she's had for a few years.

Granny made cookies.  Easy.

 Short interruption here - I couldn't believe how gorgeous green this butter lettuce is!  And I've been eating hobbit food!  Mushrooms! 
 Okay, back to the girls . . . 
 They've been reading!  Yay!
 They all have an eye for beauty (as does their dear mama) so I snapped a few photos of their "nursery" aka bedroom.  They all sleep in one room.  

It was easy to stay with them for three days.  Every night they begged for stories.  I must admit that once I get started it seems like I can remember every event, feeling, and fear from my own childhood. They find these stories highly entertaining.  Ha!
I've been busy catching up around here.  Tomorrow I am going to my old school and I shall read with some struggling students.  I like working with kids one-on-one.  It'll be fun!
I'm warm and snug, sleepy and happy.
I'm glad you came by!  I know there are a million places for you to click to, so I really appreciate it that you clicked over here!


TexWisGirl said...

i'd love staying home, too. :) cookies! yum! sweet little dolls!

ellen b. said...

Love the dolls. How sweet that you can have good quality time with your girls. How nice that you help out in the local schools one on one. I might need to look into that kind of program here. Have a lovely week!

Scrappy quilter said...

Such cute dolls and those cookies look yummie.

Farm Girl said...

So glad you got to stay at the girls house and let them play and rest. I think after Christmas those days are very good. I just love all of your pictures today.
We have been eating mushrooms too.
I hope you get lots of time to rest too.

Happy@Home said...

Always glad to click over. Seems happy, cheerful and colorful things are always happening over here. You are an awesome granny. I'm taking notes. Love all the girly things today.

Granny Marigold said...

What fun little girls are!! Well, little boys, too! I like the girly Lego.

Lisa Richards said...

What a fairytale nursery your grands are blessed with! And so many wonderful things to play with!
I love the knitted dolls and all the homey fun you had reading and baking.
I hope you enjoy reading with the students at your old school.
Telling stories of your childhood is such a good idea. I hope I remember to do that when my grands are a little older!
Enjoyed my visit here. :)

ann said...

The littles ones had a delightful time and I think your rather enjoyed your time with them, too. Love the little dolls. Stay warm, friend.

Gumbo Lily said...

What a good Gran you are! Looks like it was a fun time with the girlies. The knitted dolls are so cute. And the cookies -- YUMMY!

SaraJ said...

I wish it was a stay at home day here. Im off to visit my cousin which will be good - but the weather is horrid!
Looks like you had a great time with the girls. x

Amy at love made my home said...

So many lovely wonderful girly things!! xx

Sue McPeak said...

Oh, I loved seeing their knitted neat that your DIL knits...another shared interest. I taught mine to crochet, and she loves it...I love that she does. The girls room is darling...all those doll beds lined up...special. Happy Girl Day!
Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

Attic Clutter said...

love the granny u are(:)
looks so fun &
a delight to look at all of it..

Julia said...

What fun you had with the girls, love those knitted dolls. So much love poured into them, no wonder the girls love them.

Thanks for sharing your day,

MamaF said...

Oh dear, where to start from ? The girls are lovely and it's so beautiful that they can spend time with you. I feel so sorry to live so far from my mom, the little one hardly know her ( we only meet one week during the year :( ) and the older children just remember her from when they were smaller... but well, the Lord has a purpose from everything. The knitted dolls are gorgeous and the girls room !!!! It seems to be in a fairy tale :)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

PomPom, I am totally amazed you remember so much of your childhood. My memory is in dribs and drabs, bits and spurts; iow, not much. Is it possible to have dementia from early childhood? Love the girls' bedroom...delightful!

Leslie said...

Girls stuff is so much fun and it seems you had a lot to enjoy. I agree, very cute room. I love that alcove with the window.

Anonymous said...

Such fun times!


Happyone said...

Sounds like a wonderful few days. You certainly are blessed. : )
I keep meaning to tell you how much I like the red curtain topper with the poke a dots.

M.K. said...

Of course we stop here, Pom! We love your blog :) I think the birdie princess in the chandelier is charming! What fun you had with your grandgirls. They seem to live a sweet life, don't they? I'm glad they love stories and reading. That speaks well for their future lives. You make being a granny look SO delicious ... I can hardly wait till the day! Thanks for being an inspiration to us Future Grannies.