Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Walking and Candy Dreaming

 Aria drew a lovely picture, don't you think? I love the lipstick and the mascara.
 Miss Bug is a lovely artist, too!  Of course, Granny loves her message.  Little lambie.
 I'm still marveling at the pine cone.  I saw some pine cone print wallpaper on Pinterest.  Want.
 Bill and I went to the mall to walk today.  It's so icy outside and easy to slip, so this seemed like a great option.  It IS a great option!  We walked for an hour (that's a lot for lazy me!) and there were so many shiny things to see.  Yay!  

 I like window shopping more than actually BUYING things!  Don't you LOVE the display at the tea shop?  
The weather is grey today.  Abnormal for Colorado.  Soon I'll be galavanting over to Kelli's to stay with the girls for three days.  The hardest part of this kind of granny fun is NOT the children.  They are sweet and cuddly.  It's the pets.  They are very nice, very loyal, but they are needy and when I get up early in the morning to drink my coffee and clear the cobwebs from my brain, they all gather around me and stare.  I can't let them outside too early because that would risk early morning habits that might inconvenience their master and mistress.  Oh well.
Confession:  I can't WAIT for Valentine candy!  I love hearts and chocolate and FLOWERS!
Also, I adore the Easter candy.  LOVE it!
I like thinking about Easter, even now.
Here is an excerpt from a favorite book by Calvin Miller titled The Singer:

(Jesus is speaking to Mary)
blurted out at once.

"I know," she said.

"I love the Father-Spirit more than life.  He has sent me to the crowded ways to sing the Ancient Star-Song."

"I know," she said again.  "I heard the Ancient Star-Song only once.  It was the very night that you were born.  And all these years, my son, I've known that you would come to board the shop someday.  Can you sing the Star-Song yet?"

"I can," he answered back.

They neared a house and entered.
They shared a simple meal
and sat in silence.  And the song, which they 
alone of all the world did know, was lingering all around them in the air.

She had not heard its strains for thirty years but hungered for its music.

He had not sung it for an afternoon but longed to have its fluid meaning coursing through his soul.

Of course the song began.

Spring will come.  It will.


Kezzie said...

Oh Pom, that story is so beautiful!

The mall looks a lot higher quality than the ones near me!x

TexWisGirl said...

such cute drawings. :) and i can 'see' the pets staring at you. :)

magsmcc said...

Amen to Spring. Though just one small fall of snow would be nice first! Rocking chairs and a rocking horse at the Mall. LOVE x Good luck with the pets. I stand firm thereon. Two boys more than enough maintenance for me!

Lisa Richards said...

I like the saddle area at the mall. I would sit on that!
Yup, that's why I don't have pets. :)
I don't have Valentine's candy either, but I did just bake some brownie bars. Wish you were here! ;)

Granny Marigold said...

Another lovely post! I like the story. Also the mall with that saddle. Are children allowed to sit on it? I know a little man who would just love to!

Pom Pom said...

The saddle IS for kids! They have so many things for kids (tablet strollers so kids can have screen time while Mommy spends money! Eeeeek!) at the mall! They have houses to play in and things to climb. It's a very lovely place and even better when there aren't a million shoppers bumping about!
Yes, please, Lisa. A brownie sounds perfect!

Janette Wright said...

What a fun post, as always, because you soooooooooooooooo enjoy life. Well I have one son up in Colorado skiing right now, while we get down into the teens tonight...burrrrrrrrrrr. I think that type of walking is fun and all your precious things from the grands..priceless. Have a great trip.

Scrappy quilter said...

What a fun post. Love the cute drawings.

Farm Girl said...

I love all of the bright colors. Good for you going for a long walk.
I bet you are tired.
I have red and white and lots of hearts on my mind. I do like red of February. I am making myself slow down and enjoy the blue of January.I hope you get rested from your walk.
All of the animals stare at me too. I understand what you are talking about. :)

Amy at love made my home said...

Always nice to get an I love you message, and even better with a handdrawn picture too! xx

Julia said...

Oh my, I love that saddle. I love it more if there was a head attached somehow. I can picture myself as a kid riding that saddle. What a great piece for the kids.

I used to go walking around the malls on Fridays years ago just to see people we knew. Everyone did it on Friday night. Now I find the Malls stuffy and noisy. I must be getting too old, lol...

Keep up your walking.

Julia said...

I love kid arts, they are the best.

ellen b. said...

I was a 2nd grade teacher way back when and I always so loved the art work of the young. Then when we had children it was so wonderful to see their artwork. Your grands work made me smile real big. Walking the mall is a great idea for icy or bitterly cold parts of our country. Good for you for getting going! Oh boy I'm tired for you already taking care of the kids and animals!!

Sue McPeak said...

I enjoyed your walk at the mall. Thanks for sharing the saddle, bench and teapot window. Best of all is the expressive with the lipstick and all. A treasure for sure. Stay warm and keep up the walking.
Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

ann said...

Don't those sweet little notes and stick figures just melt your heart? I have not been out of the house all week and perfectly glad to stay in it has been so cold. I will venture out tomorrow for groceries. UGH. No candy for me.

Leslie said...

Staring doggies...haha. I am used to one small one watching my every move. He watches me even with his eyes closed if that makes sense. Have fun with all those cuties!

Gumbo Lily said...

LOVE those granny pictures. Aren't kids the best? I like how things like lipstick stand out so strong to them when they draw.

Mall walking sounds good today. I only took a very short walk to the chickens is all. SO Cold! And wind. I had lots of office work to do and a new computer to install and move in files. I needed a walk.

The little saddle is cool. And the teapots too.

Love the Song Story.


Maggie said...

Lovely drawings by your grands. Thanks for sharing your trip to the mall..I love window shopping too but I also love going in and buying! X

Nancy McCarroll said...

What a sweet song story, or was it story song. Good for you for walking, and noticed there was a tea pot shot in there in your pictures.

Betty said...

how sweet that all the little fur faces line up and stare! I hope they don't make you feel too guilty!

Tassell, Tea pot, and life down under said...

You are one lucky gramps. Love the drawings, so vivid and so from the heart. I admire your reading repertoire, I wish I could read more books.
Thank your for sharing.

theshepherdshouse said...

Good morning, Pom Pom!

You are such a blessed granny! So much love they have to share with you!

Everything is bright and cheery here as usual...lovely!

Have a sweet day! And yes...spring is coming...yay!


Thistle Cove Farm said...

yes, spring will come...just not soon enough to suit me -smile-. it's brutal here. love your mall and I'm not a mall person; can't remember the last time I was in a mall.
have good granny fun!

Catherine said...

Hello Pom just how many furry faces are there, staring? Are they all the same kinds of fur? Doesn't sound like much barking going on, at least! Cold is one thing but a slippery winter must be a challenge. Glad you found somewhere fun to walk..& ride ; ) Eh Grahhy. So cute! Much love GK x0x0x

M.K. said...

Ah, you are longing for sweet spring, for its birdsong and bright skies, for flowers and candy and Easter's resurrection! I'm not ready for mosquitoes yet :) The grands' drawings are priceless. I've kept many of my littles' drawings from years ago. Miss that. Adam tends to our early morning animals that hover and follow. He lets me sleep, I'm so glad to say.