Friday, June 12, 2015

Quick Catch Up!

 My mom asked if Pom Pom had been on vacation!  I have been occupied with our kitchen, the company we've been having, and a quick mountain retreat.  Now, we are home for a few weeks with "just us" and I hope to catch my breath.

 The kitchen is finished!  Happy!  I love it and I'm so thankful.
We had our 37th wedding anniversary!  We're going to celebrate tomorrow night.

 I went to Costco with Christie!  (and a few little darlings!)
 I'm feeling very at home in our new kitchen, cluttering up the counters and such.
And even though it is pouring down rain right now, the peonies are blooming.  Heavenly!

 And I'd like to buy LOTS more geraniums!

I like having house guests, preparing nice breakfasts, and making lots of coffee.  
 Here are some Phoebe Wall pictures that I think I want on my kitchen walls.  SHE is a wonderful artist!

 Our Jenny is at the Butterfly Pavilion today.  She sent me this lovely mariposa.  So I am sharing it with YOU!
My brother came through his heart surgery very well.  He is resting and healing.  Thank you for your kind prayers.  I love him SO MUCH!
I'll be back with a few ponderings soon.
Thank you for calling in!  (BIG HUG!)


Farm Girl said...

I hope you have a lovely anniversary! 37 years is awesome! Your kitchen is just lovely too, I would love to see it in person and drink coffee and watch the rain. :)
You are always a busy lady, I often wonder how did you ever find time to work?
I love the picture with your sweet grand babies. I am glad you had a nice time in the mountains. Have a wonderful Friday.

TexWisGirl said...

glad your brother is doing okay! and really glad your kitchen is done! so cute~

Nana Go-Go said...

Your kitchen is just darling! I love those little heart-shaped shutters, they're just so you, Pom. I'm sorry to hear of your brother's health problems but I hope he has a very speedy recuperation. Happy Anniversary to you both. Enjoy the celebrations. xxx

Kezzie said...

So glad to see you back with the Amazing kitchen!!! So chic and so you!!!!x

Betty said...

Delightful kitchen, sort of fairylandish! and I think those pictures would be just perfect on the walls - or you could also laminate copies for table mats too (we did that with maps of Disneyland and Universal and still enjoy looking at them at dinner time!) Your peonies are beautiful, I can't grow them well. Glad your brother is making recovery. So lovely to see your cheery post. Betty x

Gumbo Lily said...

What fun to get your kitchen done! It's very homey and I like the heart shutters. Do they peek into the dining area? It would be fun to make coffee and chit chat with you in your new kitchen. I really like the Phoebe art!

Happy 37th Anniversary! You and Bill are awesome! Do you almost always have peonies for your anniversary flowers? I do love them. Mine aren't in bloom quite yet, but soon!

So glad to hear your brother's healing.

Amy at love made my home said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! I love your new kitchen and especially all of the different door knobs! So glad to hear about your brother and that he is doing well. I hope that he makes a great and swift recovery! xx

Tassell, Tea pot, and life down under said...

Congratulations Pompom. The red roses look beautiful. Your kitchen looks inviting, calling for more cooking and dining with friends and family. Good to hear about your brother, prase The Lord.
Hope you have a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

So glad your brother came through his surgery well. What a relief for you and him! How great that your kitchen is done already and that you love it! A very Happy Anniversary to you! 37 is an amazing number to celebrate! Have fun!

Julia said...

This kitchen is so cute and definitely PomPom style... The children look so happy and those huge Cosco carts are big enough for two kids.

I'm glad your brother came through the heart operation and is doing well. It must be a great relief for you.
Enjoy your weekend.Hugs,

Happyone said...

Happy Anniversary. : )
Beautiful flowers. Glad you love your new kitchen. We spend a lot of time there!!.
Oh that is good news about your brother. My he continue to get stronger and heal. I will keep in my prayers.

Jeannette said...

Fun to make your kitchen just how you want it! So you brave Costco with little must have energy! Happy summertime!

ann said...

Do you think our rain has ended? Your kitchen looks awesome-- so you. I am surprised that it was finished so quickly. Don't you hate to mess it up? I thought a new kitchen would help to change my messy habits. Not so. And a happy anniverary. You have married a few years. My peonies are in full bloom. They smell so sweet. Glad that your brother is healing. Have a wonderful week end.

Maggie said...

Happy anniversary! Your kitchen looks gorgeous! X

Aisling said...

A wonderful kitchen! I wish you many, many (too many to count) happy hours within!

Happy@Home said...

Your kitchen is just as cute as it can be. Love the kitchens in the Phoebe Wall paintings too. I've never heard of her, but must look into her more as I love the coziness of the paintings you shared.
Happy Anniversary!

Fat Dormouse said...

Good to hear that your brother is on the mend. May God continue to hold you all in the palm of his hand.
Your new kitchen looks totally Pompom-ish! Just as I imagined it would be.
Congratulations on 37 years of marriage. Enjoy the celebrations; enjoy each other. Celebrate Life and Love in all its fullness. God bless, dear Pompom.

Gill - That British Woman said...

love your kitchen, the colour is so pretty. Glad to hear your brother is over the worst. The little ones are so cute.

Lisa Richards said...

That sweet little storybook kitchen is so YOU! :)
I think the Wall paintings would be just right and the colors even compliment your color scheme. I like her paintings, too. She's new to me.
Happy anniversary! And I'm glad to hear the good report on your brother's surgery!

Maggie said...

Congratulations on your Anniversary, I hope you have a magical day.
Your peonies are delightful, I don't have any (yet!) but I did buy lots of red hat geraniums this week!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Good news about your brother! Happy Anniversary and love the new kitchen...cheerful and bright. Stay safe until your return. xo

Granny Marigold said...

I especially love the red accents in your new kitchen. I do love red. I used to have red kitchen counter( laminate) and it made my mornings brighter every single day. Hope you had a lovely anniversary.

M.K. said...

Thank you so much for the pics of the kitchen -- I've been wondering! :) It's great -- I love the cabinet pulls, and I really, really like the sink and the pass-through. You will enjoy that for years to come. I hope you REALLY get a few weeks at home to rest and be with the hubby and enjoy your summer. You know, summers seem to fly by b/c we get in such a frenzy and rush, and we do too much and don't take time to put our feet up, sit by the flowers, ruminate and take a nap. READ. :) Enjoy!

Nancy McCarroll said...

Hope you are lovin' your new kitchen. All looks cheery and happy! Yea!

Nancy McCarroll said...

Think I was too quick on that last comment. Anyway, your new kitchen is fab and know you are enjoying it. The prints would look fun on your walls. Makes me smile.

Heather LeFebvre said...

Your kitchen looks very nice! Love all the red accents! Guess your marriage and I are the same age. :) Happy Anniversary!!! Glad you got to get away to celebrate. Also glad to hear your brother made it safely through heart surgery (I'm playing catch-up on blogs)