Monday, June 13, 2022

Jolly and Elizabeth and June

Hi everyone in blog land!  I'm wearing Crocs again.  I've been wearing them for about 20 years (so funny!) and they aren't as cushy is they were when I first starting wearing them at the beginning of my teaching career, but they are still very clown-y and I like that.  Do you go through phases of wearing weird clothes and shoes or is it just me?  

I sent Jolly off to Angela this morning.  I know.  Elizabeth missed the Queen's Jubilee.  She caught Covid!  She was around a lot of people at Silver Sneakers and came down with a mild case, so she couldn't travel.  We watched Jubilee doings on YouTube.  We don't have cable TV anymore.  I don't miss it, but I do not have access to network news OR any international news.  Elizabeth has been feeling better and as I told you, she didn't have much to pack.  She gave all her belongings away (to the women's shelter) and she was absolutely radiant this morning when I put her in the travel pocket of the fat journal.  Angela and Rosie, here she comes!

Summer has arrived.  It's HOT.  I don't like being outside in the heat.  I guess I'm an indoor granny.  I have a bit more planting to do (seeds and a few petunias) and the flowerbeds are pretty random, but that's okay.  I did plant lots of zinnias!  They are my favorite.

I've been trying to be less of a procrastinator😂 and this consists of doing small things like picking up little crumbs and other things that end up being on the floor until I do a big clean.  I don't want to do big cleans anymore.  I do not have a housekeeper.  I used to be able to whiz around and get a lot done (always with a deadline) but now I just can't get out of the starting blocks, let alone get everything done.  So, I figured I would be wise to do things in little amounts of time.  I realize this isn't revolutionary (LOL!) but I guess I'm a slow learner.  I'm going to try to be tidy and I'm going to try to accomplish little tasks with a bit more effectiveness.  

When I was teaching I loved summer, and I still love summer, but I don't love summer clothes.  I am going to sew a few pairs of pants (loose and lightweight) and two new tops.  I'll show you when I make them.  

Thank you for stopping in and saying hello!  


ann said...

Oh, it's good read your blog again. I always loved your cheerful, colorful language and the blog itself. I can relate on so many levels, too. No. I don't wear colorful crocks. I don't wear crocks. I used to until I slipped on ice and broke my ankle and spent 15.5 weeks non-weight bearing and missed an entire semester of school. No, not any more. Nor am I very good at keeping house. When I worked, I hired a housekeeper and she's been with me for 10 years. It's not that I can't; I don't. She comes every 3 weeks and does things that I can't really do anymore. I love her. She's a sweet woman. I haven't planted zinnias yet, and they are one of my favorites, so there's still time? Nice to connect again in blog land.

GretchenJoanna said...

I hope you'll show us pics of your zinnias when they start to put on their show. I have worked *really hard* on zinnias this summer -- they were my #1 goal -- and I planted seeds from a collection called "Fruity" (fruity colors!) and two other packets... early, in the greenhouse. But they have struggled and not done well. I think zinnias must need heat more than I realized. So I planted more seeds the first week of June, and I hope that by our "Indian Summer" that is just our normal, they will be blooming.

Also I bought three plants at the nursery so they are blooming already. Zinnias are so encouraging and comforting, the way they go on and on, and the blooms last.

Most days my outfits are bordering on or downright odd, but I seem to be giving in to being "that kind" of old lady, because for me it's too complicated and takes too much time, money and sanity to be stylish. My problem is I like color and fun clothes, but lack the artistic sense to put them together in an elegant way. I think one needs a good number of boring wardrobe items in order to carry the flamboyant ones. I'm learning these things a bit late.

Granny Marigold said...

I love zinnias too. Mine are only beginning to grow and are a few inches high. Maybe if we get some sunshine they'll grow faster. But I'm afraid that if we get sunshine it will get HOT and, like you, I don't do well when the temperature rises too high.
I hope you get those comfy summery clothes sewn so you can show us how they look on you. You're a very good seamstress!!

Angela said...

What a bright summery post. So colourful. Rosie chose to reread the original Jolly Postman book when she had a sleepover here on Jubilee Day. I've told her he will be visiting again soon. I like warm summer days, and crazy hats (to keep the bright sun from triggering headaches)

Between Me and You said...

Was just thinking about you the other day and here you pop! Rosie will love having Jolly around. I've been procrastinating a lot too and thoroughly agree about the 'big cleans'. They're so energy-sapping. Your Crocs look pretty on your feet. I have a pair of Croc clogs for the garden but I hate it when the dirt gets in between the holes in them! Have a great week, my friend. xxx

Elizabethd said...

I always feel that if I can just do one thing, it's positive!
Your flowers arer lovely.

Lynn said...

Lovely to see you here, I often think of you. I loosely follow "the organised mom method" of cleaning but I do just 5 or 10 mins a day. Looking forward to seeing your sewing. x

M.K. said...

We are two grannies in the same boat! Staying inside during these horrible hot months is now my regular rule. A friend calls it her season of hibernation :) I agree. I also plan to sew some very lightweight, loose crop pants, as soon as Adam finished the pattern for me, haha.
I'm wanting to plant some zinnias. I know a friend gave me seeds last year, but I seem to have lost them!
Cleaning has never been high on my list! I "give it a lick and a promise," as my dear mother says. I tidy in little pieces, and try to vacuum once a week because of the dog fur. Adam is content with the house as it is, and so am I. I clean more when company is coming!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Hi Pom Pom, it's so lovely to see you here again!

Farm Girl said...

I love your shoes and your socks are incredible. Your flowers are so pretty.
So nice to read your blog. Its always full of such nice things.

elizabeth said...

nice to see you! bless you! I love this new idea for cleaning, I struggle with this sort of thing as well!

Julie said...

Your crocs are beautiful dear Pom Pom. I love how bright & happy looking they are - I wear crocs too but mine are black. I think I need some bright ones. I don't enjoy summer so much either - I am not a fan of the heat. We are in mid winter here at present but today the sun is making an appearance. xx

ellen b. said...

The older I get the less I like summer clothes. My flabby upper arms aren't my favorite feature. LOL. I've gotta be less prideful. I'm more of an indoor granny. I go out to mow and to pull weeds but outside is not my favorite place to be. Good to hear from you!

Barwitzki said...

Beautiful flowers... the roses in my garden are in full bloom.
I wish you a lot of fun sewing... after knitting I started sewing bags and this spring I started making clothes... Result 4 pants and a top each - everything is cut wide and comfortable and I'm very happy about it.
I wish you lots of fun sewing your summer pieces...
hug Viola

Boyett-Brinkley said...

I am totally with you on the “big cleans”. I don’t want to do it anymore either and, generally, I don’t. I take on smaller things and, of course, it helps to be somewhat organized which is a challenge for me but I am trying. I am afraid my days of whizzing around the house with the vacuum and dust cloth are over!

Angela said...

JOLLY POSTMAN just arrived safely. Thank you so much - I will be blogging about him next week once I have been through all the stuff he brought with him!!

Anonymous said...

I feel sure I'd commented on this post?
I will try again as anonymous.
However, blogger has been messing about with comments etc.
Perhaps it went into the spam folder, many of us are experiencing this!!!

I do like your crocs, a great colour.

All the best Jan
(the low carb diabetic blog)