Saturday, February 19, 2011

Birds, Badger, Bears, Beds

Oh! Hello, Saturday! YOU are looking perfectly lovely to this house mouse. Around here, there is tidying and dusting, sweeping and mopping, and a lot of "putting away" to be done. We have a house guest coming, a weary young man from the military academy down the highway. He's coming to nestle in with us for a few days.

If I can motivate myself to walk out the door today, I'm going to hunt for twigs and make something with them. Thank you for your twig suggestions. Does everyone yearn for spring? I'm not sure if I want summer to come so much that I'm chomping at the bit for April, or if I really do crave spring bulbs, soft rains, and EASTER.

I walked right past the bird seed at the grocery store. Selfish. I am not home to watch the birds eat at the feeders, so I didn't buy any seed. Oh, I've recognized my silly ways and I WILL buy some today. Come on, little birdies! Come perch, come snack, and have a dip in the bird bath. Please.

I think I'll focus on corners today. I still have a few Christmas items around my house. Today, they all go down stairs into beat up cardboard boxes. For sure.

Also, today . . . a few little dips into The Wind in the Willows again. Look at Badger's coat! Isn't it lovely? I love him.

Jane Dyer again. She draws and clothes the perfect bears. Gretchen Joanna over at Gladsome Lights made an apron for her friend, Bird. The way she made that apron sound made me want a "security blanket" apron. I've been meaning to make a rose print flannel apron for quite some time, but I used the bias tape I bought for it, for bunting. Do you have a "security blanket" apron? I know Tina at The Quiet Home does.

Today is a good day to take my Edward bear upstairs. I hug him more when he's in our bedroom. I bought him a year or so ago. I was having a little Winnie the Pooh read aloud for myself and experienced a "bear of my own" sort of craving. He is so soft and willing to let me pat his back and smooch his face. Now I know why elderly residents in nursing homes like stuffed toys. They have a lot of love to give and they don't always have someone "present" to give their love to. Does that make sense?

Well, our bed sports snowmen flannel sheets this time of year, but I think if there were a Cath Kidston store around the corner, our bed would dress itself in roses. Yes, flannel roses.

More adorable Jane Dyer paintings. Isn't this red haired mother lovely? Do you like her nightgown? Look at those happy siblings in the downy bed! Delightful!

So, look up and see the blue, blue sky or the smoky sky. Yes, I am talking myself into a winter walk today, a twig picking, road combing sort of stroll . . .

I'm walking to springtime and summertime, when I can wear my security apron all day, dig around in the garden, host grand (children) picnics in the green, green grass, drink lemonade and hang laundry on the line, and sit quiet instead of saying, "stop talking" like I do at school.
Thank you for listening to my long litany of birds, badgers, bears, beds and all the other stuff. Smile. It's now time to tame this wild house of Pom Pom messes, prepare a place for a welcome visitor, and live another sweet, sweet Saturday.
Which picture above do YOU like the best? Why?
(BIG FAT SQUEEZE! I like you!)


wayside wanderer said...

I hope you have a lovely day savoring your time at home. Spring is in the air today and I always forget about the sneezes and itchy throats that come with it. Aaaa- aaachoo!

GretchenJoanna said...

Ah, putting away the last of the Christmas things is also on my list today, as soon as I finish my tea...Mr. Badger does look very classy, and his scarf is right in style now. I'm trying to learn to wear a scarf so I can look more lively.

Gigi said...

Hi Pom! Love all the photos, but you know I'm a devoted Eloise W. fan, so I vote for the children watching the birds. I think (maybe?) I already told you this, but she was such a big influence on me when my kids were young that I actually dressed them like the children in her books ;).
And yes, your wanting a 'bear of your own' makes perfect sense to me! When my parents were both seriously ill and dying, I bought a giant teddy bear to put on my bed (should I admit this? ;). Something about seeing/having him there was comforting on dark days. He lives with the grandkids now and is quite happy there ;).
Warm hugs & angels,

Aisling said...

I always come here to be inspired - to be cheered and uplifted. But who knew I was going to be inspired to CLEAN HOUSE? lol! Thank you. This place needs it too. I think perhaps we are yearning for that spring cleaning feeling - windows wide open, fresh air circulating, soft spring sunshine streaming in just-washed windows. Mmmhmmm. I'm ready for it too, but trying NOT to wish away today!

magsmcc said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Jane Dyer bedtime picture! What is she saying to her brood? And I love Badger's red scarf- that's a bright way to shuffle into Spring! Your house guest will be so delighted to be really at home for a while, especially at your home!

Kelli said...

How sweet the four year old (smile) in her mama's lap, being rocked, is. I like the trees and sky picture, too. It reminds of how much I love our pretty state. What a happy Saturday blog entry. <3

April said...

My favorite picture is the quaint little country house dining room and kitchen. I would LOVE an old country house (already fixed up, of course. we're not big on handy work)with a nice big farm kitchen.

Gumbo Lily said...

Oh, I must be about the mopping and dusting too, but I've been to the lambing shed amongst the sheep most of the morning. I will do it though, even part of it.

I like your idea of going for a stick walk. I read an article the other day about clipping some apple twigs (or other flowering tree branches) and forcing them to bloom early. I might try it for I am aching for spring too.

Tonight we are expecting blizzard conditions and lots of snow. I just hope it's not too cold.

I like the pic of the little girl studying the twig. It reminds me of my lil Peach.


Betty said...

I like the very first picture - it reminds me of me - I must post a little pic of me when small on my blog some time.... I am doing a post tomorrow for Spiritual Sunday and it reminded me of you/wind in the willows! I have a teddy in my car - he is only 4 inches tall and fits in my hand - he is a paddington bear. I had a lovely bear as a child, Yano, wish I had kept him as I think these toys must absorb all our tears and kisses and store them up like sponges.

Anonymous said...

PP....I love coming here, it's like having a big hug and a hot chocolate. You are a blessing dear friend. And so wise. Love you! xx

Kari of Writing Up A Storm said...

I love all the pictures but the one that made me stop and look the most is the sweet dining room corner with the peek into a kitchen. I wanted to be there in that house and go roaming through all the rooms. And I envy your guest coming to "nestle" with you. Just what I want to do! Oh, and I love the idea of a "security blanket" apron. That's just how an apron makes me feel ~ safe, somehow. Have a lovely, lovely Sunday. xo Kari

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures Pom Pom, really cosy and lovely :)
I am yearnng for Spring now, the shoots are starting to appear in our garden, but it is still freezing :(
Have a great day :) xxx

Jayne @ Letters From Home said...

I am loving your pictures, such a lovely selection, like opening a delicious box of chocolates! Such a cheery post!

SusanB-knits said...

I like the Wind in the Willows. It is always nice to invite friends in to visit. I see frog is waiting patiently for a spot of tea.
Have a great week!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Beautiful post, Pom Pom. And I have been looking a lot at sticks lately. They are one of my favorite art forms these days. Can't wait to see what you do with yours!


Kerri said...

I absolutely adore the first few illustrations of chubby toddlers. I found some vintage children's books on the weekend with the same artist and snapped them up quickly. Happy twig hunting!