Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Calm

Hello! Remember a long time ago (some of you, I know) when I wrote a post about little houses? I still love looking at the pictures of tiny houses and I get so romanced by rooms and coziness. Paint me a picture of a warm and happy house or a room glowing with fire light, and I'm a happy camper! Are you?

We've enjoyed Miss Bug's birthday AND Kelli's birthday! Two great cakes! YUM!

Kelli has many pets, but Wilbur is my favorite. Isn't he HUGE?

It snowed! Bill's been out battling the snow on our driveway. Grrrrrr. It's a river of snow and ice! The trees are sure looking pretty, don't you think?

To be honest, I have not been wearing my cow grandma boots as much as I thought I would. I feel so clompy in them. I put them on so I could go out and take snow pictures. Hmmm. I'll make myself wear them a bit more. Clomp. Clomp.

Yesterday I had a blissful hour or two with scraps and pens and my journal. Stickers, too. I don't do this ALL THE TIME, but when I do craft up my journal, I enjoy it very much.

I'm not a football fan so we are not watching the Super Bowl. We are going to eat bean soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. I've been reading The Book of Stillmeadow, My Antonia, and The Art of Living (an old Reader's Digest story book) and I am enjoying voices of old, telling good, good, good tales. I have always liked old things, old stories, old pictures, old fabric. I like old people, too. I like getting old. Today I considered buying a "hot flash fan" at the Hallmark store. I really need one.
Over at Much Ado About Something, I read about Hannah Hauxwell. I had never heard of her before. If you want to see something amazing go to Sara's blog and read about her (click on the video, too) and prepare to feel fascinated. I watched the video a few times and I might watch it again. Oh, how I wish I could pop over to the UK and watch Lark Rise tonight. Sigh.
Well, I am thankful for books, for a sweet husband, for darling daughters and heroic sons, for granddaughters and a peppy little grandson, for friends who are so cheery, for parents and siblings that love me, for a warm green and white house, and for a quiet Sunday evening. Oh, and you know I am thankful for YOU. You are so kind to come over here and check on me.


The dB family said...

Hello, my friend! I am playing catch up after a crazy week of running, running, running. I love cozy houses too, and I do remember your other post about them. I sometimes think I would like to live in a wee cottage in the woods with nothing but trees and mountains, and books, and wool for friends. Warm fires, hot chocolate, what a delicious life!

Happy Birthday to your family!


wayside wanderer said...

Oh, just look at that beautiful tree. I was wondering how often you typically get to miss school for snow days in CO? Our snow mostly melted yesterday but this morning I ordered another pair of keens. I hope they are not too clunky. I love the ones I have, but they have slits which is no good for wet weather.

That is Some Kitty Cat! =)

Birthday blessings to all your loved ones and Every Day Blessings (which are some of the best kind) to you,

M.K. said...

I love your illuminated journal pages! I wonder if I could ever be so exuberant on paper. It's wonderful :) I know what you mean about cozy little rooms with firelight, warm, deep upholstery, mullioned windows. A cottage in the country would be perfect.

libbyquilter said...

warm hugs right back atcha Pom Pom~!

i bet your house is lovely with warmth and comfort. your family is lucky to have you filling their days with all things good and we are lucky to have you filling our computer screens with your delightful posts~!

wishing you happiness in the next week.


Aisling said...

I love books that describe the comforts of a home... I always LOVED the book EIGHT COUSINS by Louisa May Alcott, in large part for the descriptions of the house on Aunt Hill. :)

And I love a good house in a movie. Though it is a very poignant film, I adore the house in One True Thing.

Brad M said...

Hello, Mama! I'm glad you had a care-free Sunday! I am surprised how much snow you got as we got so very little. But it was cold. I am certainly ready for the warmer types of weather. We are so spoiled! I love you tons, and look forward to chatting again soon. (My new haircut is quite short and it makes me look like pre-weightloss drew carey!! Take that Vanity!)

Betty said...

Huge cat! Amber is impressed, she wants to be like this one when she grows up! It was lovely to be reminded of Hannah Hauxwell, I watched the original TV series when she was first 'discovered', a Christian lady with such simple black and white views on life - I think she is so delightful because she is uncomplicated, there are many like her ... eccentric, isolated, but intelligent and beautiful people tucked away in places where they have resisted modern technology and prefer to live the lifestyle their parents showed them, the producers portrayed her so well and admirably she was not interested in being famous, only in keeping her little farm going single handed. Looks like you have enough snow for a sledge. I think your boots need very thick socks as clumping is not good! Have a great week in the snow. Betty

Elizabethd said...

We were always interested when programmes about Hannah came on. What an amazing lady.

I dont think that is a's a rug, really!

Kerri said...

I LOVE that tiny house! Wouldn't it be fun to have it in the back yard? Your snow is so pretty on the trees! And I love that you love getting older. I do too. You know so much more x x

Kari of Writing Up A Storm said...

I love little houses, too! They take me back to my childhood instantly. And I love your journal so much. So colorful and full of good cheer. So very Pom Pom! My Antonia is one of my favorite books, and I have read it many times. It is one of those books I read over and over, maybe once every couple of years, like visiting a dear old friend. I must pop over and read about Hannah Hauxwell now. xo Kari

melanie said...

My goodness, Wilbur is huge!!!!! what a gorgeous cat :) xxx

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I have cottage dreams myself, and always look around our un-cottage-y house and dream about making it over into a cozy little place in the woods. Maybe the Man and I will find one after the boys are grown ...

That is some big cat!


magsmcc said...

Oh it was the hobbit houses that did it for me- nearly exactly a year ago- we should go out to celebrate a year of knowing you, Pom Pom!! Just before I started blogging we had been camping in St Remy- and I spent an afternoon at what is still a retreat for the stressed and hurting, and you can visit this exact room of Van Gogh's. Have you been- you would love the sense of peace and beauty- you could sit and journal in the cool cloisters. Don't you feel guilty at sitting so long making pages beautiful? I long to sit down and doodle and scrape, but am put off by lack of any talent and that foul old Northern Irish work ethic! Have a wondeful week- you deserve it!

Gumbo Lily said...

What a nice Sunday Calm post. I like cozy little homes and rooms too. I have always wondered how I would fare in a very small, one-room house like the one you pictured. If I were outdoors a lot, I think I could do it. But I'm not sure.

Love the birthday cakes. Yum!

My boots (like yours) are clompy too. I put an extra foot liner in mine which makes them more comfy, but it doesn't stop the clomp.

Your journals remind me of Susan Branch. I like her. I like you.


Bumpkin Bears said...

I am the same when it comes to cosy rooms, I just dream away of little cosy cottages where the animals live and so do I :) I must say that you have the most adorable little grandchildren, I just swooned over their photos! You are very lucky. Thanks for your kind words on my blog, Catherine xx

Charlotte, Cottontails said...

Thank you so much for sending me the little mouse house link (another little house!)- I will pop it in a blog soon and link back to you for the inspiration. My blog is going to be about wee houses actually - a sort of favour I am doing for another company.

Btw - there is a competition over on my blog you might fancy a crack at. Hardly any entries and only a week to go, so worth a punk!

Love Charlotte

Anonymous said...

I love small houses too ~ that one is so cute! Such loveliness in your post ~ makes me smile! :)

Blessings Pom Pom!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Just wanted to let you know that if the Elizabeth Goudge books on seem out of your price range, go look on eBay--they're much less expensive there. I just won my bid on a copy of The Pilgrim's Inn and will send it to you after I finish it if you'd like, though it might be awhile, as I have lots of books in my reading queue.


Anil P said...

Wilbur is the very picture of contentment.