Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yucky Dinner

Hello and Good Sunday! I have felt borderline blah all weekend. Now, Monday morning is looming and even though I accomplished a respectable amount of grading, I still haven't planned precisely for the week of writing. I ate too much licorice and my stomach feels turbulent. I'm feeling sad for my sister because her father-in-law died. He was a true patriarch of her husband's family and I'm sure they are all feeling shocked and weak. The dinner I'm making sounds gross to me and I wake up every morning with a stiff neck. I regret my mattress choice. We need a soft, cloud-like mattress instead of the rock hard one I foolishly purchased at the log furniture store. And it's raining. I'm going to go upstairs and put the flannel sheets back on the bed and hunt around the house for a better pillow. Yahooo for the night guard I was fitted for at my last dentist appointment. It can't come back from the lab soon enough. I have to laugh at the picture of my sleeping self, grinding away at my teeth all night. Maybe I need a rocking bed and a nice massage every night. I'll ask Bill. Ha ha. Anyway, we are going to eat fat bratwurst and canned chili for dinner. Yeah. Blech. We'll go to the church and meet with the family (and who ever else shows), sing, drink tea, talk, listen to the girls roar around and come back home to snooze before we meet another week. Oh! I really dolled up my journal this morning. I made it pretty and wrote a bit - reminding myself that writing daily is just the therapy I need. Thank you so much for stopping by today. Thank you for your comments, too. They really are like a present - a sweet gift of encouragement to my heart! xoxoxo

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elaine said...

I'm having tuna fish and corn chips for dinner...sounds about as good as your's! :).