Monday, April 20, 2009

Your Companions: Sorrow and Suffering

Hinds Feet on High Places, again. Hannah Hurnard says that the development of hinds feet is a private process and there should be no onlookers (70). This morning, Bill and I were sitting in our green chairs, by the window, having our coffee, talking about purpose. We ARE so cultured. We let the world squeeze us into its mold and we gauge our progress based on productivity standards. To simply be. That's tough. Because, we forget that "it" whatever "it" is ISN'T about us. I read a book a long time ago (twenty years or more!) and it talked about raising successful children. I'm not sure where I got it but the only thing I remember is the mentioning of "the invisible audience" and this concept has stuck with me. When we raise our children, we may try to please decision makers and shift our focus from the unique characteristics of our children's souls to what the world out there wants from them, teaching them to please. How often do I play to an audience that simply does not exist? Why do I feel judged so much of the time? I am growing some hinds feet and I am in the habit of believing that faceless, nameless, audience members are watching and taking notes. This affects how I behave and sidetracks me. It is very difficult to lay aside productivity expectations, so I'm wondering if we are seeking answers "out there" instead of "in here" and neglecting to acknowledge that the journey is a lonely, private one. When the Shepherd gave Much-Afraid the companions, Sorrow and Suffering, she was upset and afraid. She was afraid to experience more sadness and she was fearful regarding suffering. She wanted Peace and Joy instead. The Shepherd challenged her, asking her if she thought Peace and Joy would be the best choice. She accepts Sorrow and Suffering and begins the scary trip. Stay tuned.

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