Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tired Brain

I have writer's block after school. I shared story suggestions with the students today. Here's a brief list of ideas I gave them based on the way they love unacceptable topics: aliens and horror, gangs and drugs, heroes who have to do violent and frightening things, war, hate, messed up relationships, violence, jealousy, gore, and accidents. This list does not inspire me to write a story, but it did work on the kids! They began charting their plots, creating characters, and some even started writing their story. Middle school kids love doing their own thing. I think the reason teachers don't often use "story" to teach writing is because they don't want to READ all the stories. That makes sense. Sometimes it is like listening to someone tell about their crazy dreams. I have so many writing books with ideas and prompts for short pieces that when my mind is so tired, I might benefit from trying some writing stretches. Today, I am falling asleep at the keyboard.
It is Jeff's 23rd birthday and he is enjoying meals and tours in Munich. When he arrived at 5 am or so twenty-three years ago, we were so thrilled with our little black haired boy. Brad and Kelli were so ecstatic about their new baby brother. He is so precious to his siblings now. They all love his input and they enjoy his humor. Happy Birthday, Jeff! I love you so much! More later, I can't think. I need a nap.

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