Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Can't Explain

If you remember, this gnome was in the flower box between the houses. Did he think I wouldn't notice that he parked himself by the daffodils? I had to move him back! He cannot stand there in the daffodil grove, waving at dog walkers and middle school kids walking by! Someone will take him! I snapped this shot and then carried him to his little hole. Rascal! The snow brought despair as he stood buried in the drifts until yesterday afternoon. With the hot sun melting his previous oasis, he must have hopped down and dabbled in the dirt a bit too long this morning, caught by the sunrise without enough time to get back to his post. Who can blame him for wanting to huddle under the trumpets of spring?

1 comment:

Brad said...

Who could blame him indeed?