Friday, April 3, 2009

Morning at Granny's

Birdie arrived soon after she awakened, so she completed her morning routine at Gran's. First, a sit in Granny's unmade bed. Time for a bath and a hairdo! Ahhhhh, sitting on the potty is traumatic, but worth it if we can play outside! Dang! Mom only packed one shoe! Granny to the rescue, we covered sweet stocking feet with market bags, making it possible to run around the yard! Birdie wanted to rake a bit and somehow found her way to the sweet pea barrel. Yikes! I think I over seeded, so hopefully many little sweet pea wannabes are still intact beneath the earth. Now Mommy and Daddy have whisked the girlies back to their house for naps and Granny's last weekday of spring break will continue with CB and Finn coming over for dinner. April's bringing stuffed peppers! Divine! We'll have salad and crusty Udi's sourdough, too! Tomorrow, I am going to straighten up Jeff's room and dust, mop, and air the bedding. He has so many books - it runs in the family! Oh, and I have to grade the Romeo and Juliet stories that have slept in my teacher bag for four weeks. But now . . . some tea. May the Lord drop a sweet blessing onto your soul today. Peek into the Word and you're sure to receive a breath of heaven!

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Jenny Campbell said...

Why does bird have bags on her legs?