Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Lovely Wednesday!

Today was peaceful. Even though we had a meeting during our first planning period, it was fun to spend some time gathered around a table with my teammates. They are kind and dear. The kids did a spectacular job in their book circles, too. They love governing themselves. This was one of those days when the rapport with them was sweet. They love to talk to each other and when they don't have to restrain themselves from their natural tendency to talk, they feel better about being at school. I love them. I love the quiet ones, the shy ones, the exceedingly confident ones and the loud and naughty ones. When I arrived home, I sat for a minute waiting for Kelli, Birdie and Miss Bug. They had some dinner with me and then Birdie and I played while Miss Bug and Kelli worked in the office upstairs. There is something about "hump day" and with a good week at school, so far, I am feeling cheerful. Bill and Jeff will arrive home tomorrow evening. Yipppeeeee! I've been reading some blogs and I find it encouraging that so many people excel at photo-journaling. This venue goes way beyond scrap booking and women (and men) who access it amaze me with their creativity, vulnerability and artistic perspective. I watched some kids in the yearbook class playing around with Microsoft Publisher and they were creating beautiful stuff! One of my Writers Workshop students showed me her blog. Have people ever communicated in such an efficient and aggressive way before now? Many say that the technological way of building community is a cheap substitute for face-to-face friendship and while that can be the case, the opportunity to read and write our way into relationships is exciting! When I read poetic posts that share joy and sorrow, funny commentaries on artistic craft, musings about life in the country, I feel invited into peoples' worlds and I am inspired and encouraged in my own creative life! So, thanks for blogging and bless you for sharing your insight and joy with me! Thank you, Lord, for a beautiful and sunshine drenched day. The pink tulips on my desk are so beautiful and fresh - thanks for those, too!

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elaine said...

Wish we lived closer!!! I would love to have conversations with you about Language Arts instruction...and share about my third graders and their Readers and Writers Workshop times and show you their amazing and creative thoughts and questions and then listen and look at your students' work...such fun we would have encouraging each other!!!

We have such common hearts about kids and about best practice and creating safe and welcoming learning environments.

You rock Mrs. Maston...wish I was in your class :).