Sunday, April 5, 2009

Citizens of Heaven

Tonight we gathered again with our little family + group. We sang and prayed and talked about heaven. I wish you could all be there and see the crazy fiasco our time together sometimes IS. Cadence is always so happy to see Sophie and Finn smiles. Clara nurses. We drink tea and hot chocolate out of good mugs I bring from home. Mostly, we just ARE together. But, the kids scream (they ARE both two!) and we banter ideas around, giving each other perspective concerning our own journeys with Jesus. "We will dance on streets that are golden . . . " Don't those words lift your spirit? Someday . . . we'll reside with the King of kings in a place so filled with love and peace, a place free of petty concerns and ridiculous power struggles. Brad talked about how prized Roman citizenship was in the day of Paul's ministry. Haven't people always wished for a sense of belonging? Something in us desires membership in the "cool crowd" and we wish for inclusion and association with those who may exhibit more confidence than we feel we have. But really? Jesus did not hang out with the people of stature. He did not overlook the hungry of heart, moving on toward the "movers and the shakers". He hung out with scorned tax collectors and hardworking fishermen. I think heaven is going to ring with realizations like "now I get it" and "that makes perfect sense" and when finally we have the privilege of gathering with souls who have surrendered to the love more holy than we can imagine, we'll be home. Yes, we will dance on those golden streets, drawn to the pervasive glory of the most high GOD. So, if you feel left out or shake your head at what passes for friendship these days, look up. Listen for the trumpet. He will come for us because we belong to Him, citizens of heaven.


elaine said...

What encouraging thoughts friend...thanks for sharing! We just sang that song in church a couple of weeks ago and it has been in my head ever since!!! <3

Brad said...

It was a good and precious time together! It's always so nice to be able to sit at the feet of Jesus together and know we are exactly where we are supposed to be. What a blessing!

Brad said...

It was a precious time. There is so much peace and wonder that comes from sitting together at the feet of Jesus. Just that great "this is where I'm supposed to be" feeling. It's funny how often we get wrapped around the axle about all of those "where I want to be/go" type questions when the answer is always "be with Jesus" You tell sweet and uplifting stories! I love you!