Saturday, April 25, 2009

Scruffy Trees

It doesn't spell spring, does it?

Oh! If you look hard you can see some blossoms!
Really, my spring-o-meter is experiencing quite a challenge. Here it is April 25 (Happy Birthday, Bryan!) and the trees still don't have their leaves. Out on the walking path today, my friend Mary and I experienced cool winds that made gloves necessary. Even though I've been a Colorado woman for going on eighteen years, I guess I still have early spring expectations left over from growing up in the Pacific Northwest. With six weeks of school left, my aim is summer and how can that be when we're still shivering? I won't complain anymore. We had sunshine all week. I just can't see it from my classroom. I AM thankful for the beauty in the city. The walking paths here are lovely and our grass is Easter green,thanks to all Bill's landscape work. Soon enough - Mother's Day dirt, planting, and waiting for the seeds to sprout. Meanwhile, the birds are singing up a storm, building their nests. Doves are cooing on the wires and the peonies are shooting up red beginnings. The iris are also showing a good start and hopefully, the roses weathered the winter well enough to grace the gardens with their sweet scent. I hope I'm THIS motivated two weeks from now when the dirt arrives!

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