Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Supermarket Blooms

This morning I stopped by our neighborhood grocery store to buy some snacks for my Writers Workshop kids. I've taken to carrying my camera in my purse so I can snap shots when I see pretty or interesting images. The floral department is like a buoy for a drowning woman. I like to think that every juicy bouquet is purchased for a very deserving person. Maybe a bunch of tulips are snatched up for a tired teacher. Maybe an orchid is chosen for a pretty sister. Could it be that a dozen roses are carefully placed in a small shopping basket, tagged for a sick wife? Chances are a well-crafted arrangement is removed from the cold case so a faithful and efficient office manager will know he or she is appreciated and cared for. Quite possibly, a happy homemaker buys two mixed bouquets because she knows that flowers make every room more inviting to her well-loved family. I hope people-weary check out clerks treat themselves to some posies occasionally, too. Soon, we'll buy our truckload of topsoil and spend Mothers Day weekend planting zinnias, hollyhocks, pansies, snapdragons, and sunflowers. I vow to cut more, bundle more, and give more.

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