Sunday, April 12, 2009

Long Day Over

I DID make a little cross!

Grandpa with Miss Bug!
Silly Birdie in her Easter dress!

Jenny, Scott and Beans
It rained! Oh well, Easter is special even in the rain. Honestly, I sort of dragged all day and was happy to get the potatoes, salad, and flank steak made. I took a nap after reading At Home in Mitford for a while and visited with the kids. Is it possible that the weekend is over and I return to school already? I drew my most memorable Easter dress, made a cross with some pine twigs, but I didn't go for a nice walk - too cold and rainy. Everyone was a little tired and blah today, maybe because of all the togetherness (!) and noise. Sometimes, it doesn't sound fun to add bells and whistles to the festivities. I really don't want to be depended on for that. We will have our family gathering at the church next Sunday - and life will be back to "normal" once again. I hope your Easter brought fun and laughter. I felt encouraged to see that The Sound of Music was on television, so simple, sweet and friendly. Bed is beckoning me. Take care.


Bill said...

You did it... Nice.

Jenny Campbell said...

I look very tired GRANS