Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yard Party

Yesterday held sun-filled FUN! CB and Finn arrived in the morning, just in time for Finn's morning sleep, so CB and I headed out to the back yard to make mud soup. I had filled the pool earlier, so CB had access to a lot of water. She ran back and forth, back and forth filling her pots and tea cups. Jeff and his friend Mark came out to watch the fun. Kelli and her girls came and brought an extra swim suit for CB and then the real roaring water games began! Actually, Birdie and CB simply enjoyed each others' company! Miss Bug sat in her chair and on the grass, Kelli helped supervise, and I fixed lunch. The girls had a picnic on the Waldo blanket and Finn sat in the high chair. Later, Birdie took a nap and Brad and April came back from car shopping and CB and Finn went home in their new red van! Kelli and Bryan stayed until the afternoon thunderstorm passed. After hot dogs and leftover potatoes, Granny and Grandpa went straight to bed.


Elizabethd said...

Fun, but exhausting, I think!

Andrea said...

What a perfect day! I love, love, love spending time with family, especially my dear grandchildren.

Yours are absolutely beautiful and adorable! So precious! I love the little fairies.

And I understand the early bedtime for Granny and Grandpa!

Blessings to you!


Bradley Maston said...

Cadence and Finn had a blast! Thank you so much for hosting the fairy tea parties that make childhood great!