Friday, June 12, 2009

Hungry Birds and Messy Haired Walk

Now that school is out and I don't have to rush off only to arrive home late in the day, I can watch the birds in the backyard. This is why I must stay on top of the bird feeding. I cannot get enough of this little hobby.

I had to soothe my guilt that came from letting the bird feeders go dry and scamper down to the store for seeds.

This is the winding path just before I get to the grocery store. During the school year, kids from the closest middle school (not the one where I teach) gather here. I guess it's not pretty, because in the most recent neighborhood newspaper, there were a lot of complaints. This is also right next to the kiddie park where Birdie likes to play. It was perfectly peaceful today!

These are so ordinary AND so beautiful!

This is a beautiful and GREEN time of year in Colorado! Our neighborhood is over forty years old and the trees are in their glory.

This is the cutest house in the neighborhood. A doctor lives here with his four growing kids. The wife was out mowing the lawn. When they first moved in, they had just one of their children and now they have a trampoline, soccer goals, riding toys, lovely flowers and three additional kids. They are cute as can be and their messy life warms my heart.

Would you look at this? One of our neighbors has a business that creates garden ponds and pools. Their garden is not very big but they have all kinds of structures and fountains. A few years ago, they bought some expensive fish to swim in the pools and guess who had a gourmet meal or two? The herons! They put a net over it after that, but now it's gone and I'm sure they gave up on the fish, too!

A quick shot of me with my lazy, summer hair. I look thinner when I suck in my cheeks. I went to the store like this. I know.

The peonies came from Jackson and Perkins. If I remember correctly, my mom felt bad that I had to leave my peonies in Washington when we moved to Colorado (18 years ago!) and sent them right away. I think. I can't believe they are THAT old, though. Hmmmmmm.

You can just about see her pinkness, can't you? I wish peonies bloomed all summer.

Just one hiding out in the wild.

Here's the peony again. Her sisters are all over the neighborhood. Look while you can. She'll be leaving soon.

Our neighbors are keeping their gardens beautifully this year so I took some flowery shots. I hope you enjoyed this little trip! I actually ironed today, too! I have a few ironing days ahead of me because the pile is enormous. I'm trying to clear and clean the basement and turn it into my studio. Yeah, funny, I know. I must keep all my interests contained. I'm going to set up my sewing machine, basket up the knitting mess, put away the newly acquired writing books, teacher books, spiritually inspiring books and put some of the extra teacher junk SOMEWHERE so I can place all my markers and pencils within reach and away from the main traffic areas of the house! So, that's the goal. I really don't want to drive Bill crazy with all my spreading out, so I'm going to try to organize the hobbit hole. Pictures of success or failure coming soon. Have a wonderful day, dear readers. I'm off to read and journal. love love love!


Rosie said...

Hello, thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a comment - loved all your photos and joining your on your walk to buy bird seed:)

elaine said...

I am going to go for a walk with my camera today! You inspired me :)
Love ya!

Barbara said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting and commenting.
Browsing through your posts and stopped to comment at this one.
"My neighbourhood is 40 years old" Just took my fancy as an interesting comment then I realised that you probably meant when the houses were built which is a whole different ball game.
Interesting pics and lovely garand children.