Monday, June 15, 2009

Birdie's House, Peonies and Lasagna

We'll start and finish with peonies! There are so many buds that I had to crop and crop, clip and clip!

Miss Bug was finishing up her morning nap when I arrived this morning to run a quick errand for Kelli. Check out the "thighs to die for"!

Here's Kelli and Bryan's sweet little garden. With the doggies safely in the spacious dog run, Birdie plays with her water table on the deck.

Isn't Birdie's bed darling? It reminds me of the beds on the Peter Pan ride at Disneyland! Auntie J and Uncle Joe have both tried to cozy up on it recently and Kelli had to shoo them off!

Look at these new stickies Kelli put up! I must get some! I love the sentiment!

Birdie's new name for me is Gincks.

This is the ballet slipper pink peony I told you about. I wish I could bless a wedding with armloads of these!

The peonies have outdone themselves! I can't keep up with the profusion of blooms! I must rustle up some more vases!

Lasagna with extra sauce is dinner tonight. Tomorrow morning we have a meeting here (Bill's friends) and I must sweep and mop, tidy the bathroom, move some of my books and sketch pads downstairs (yes, still working on that!) and smell the peonies.
P.S. Soon, we'll go to Brad and April's house and see the fun world of CB and Finn! Granny's been invited to swimming lessons on Saturday! FUN!


Bradley Maston said...

Beautiful flowers and loverly pics of the family. I hope cleaning up wasn't too taxing. Cleaning up always reminds me of piglet getting a bath from Kanga. So shocked and uncomfortable with the cleanliness he must roll all the way home to get his nice comfortable colour back. Clean feels good for a bit, but I'm always waiting for that nice comfortable colour to come back.

Andrea said...

Oh, what precious pictures! Just beautiful! Your grandchildren are so lovely and sweet!

And thank you for sharing the pictures of the peonies! They are one of my favorite flowers!

Also, thank you for your comments.

Many, many blessings!

In His Love,


Andrea said...

Oh, I forgot to ask you a question. What can you share with me about Madeleine L'Engle? I have heard of her (Victoria magazine)and have been interested in her writings, but really don't know much. Thank you so much.


Gigi said...

Those peonies are so pretty -- I'm envious! And that adorable little of yours - so sweet.
Aren't you having a grand time now that school's out -- what fun!

Pom Pom said...

Yes, Gigi! I'm in heaven now that school is out! Yahoooo!