Sunday, June 28, 2009

Home Road

The scenery here is Washington takes my breath away. The landscapes allude to hard work and they evidence productivity. From the perfect square fields to the well painted homes, it sort of makes me feel like a slacker. Bill could be a farmer with his passion for growing things and ability to shore up out of control edges and flowerbeds, but I'm too dreamy and distracted - not a farmer, just a lover of the picture-perfect beauty. There is such pride of place. My brother David's home is in classic condition. It's old and charming with a cozy wood-paneled dining room and beams on the high ceilings. There are gnomes perched high on the posts and troll dolls and plastic ponies on the mantel. As you can imagine, it appeals to my sense of whimsy. I'll take a picture of the driveway. It looks like it GOES with Robert Frost's The Road Not Taken. The church in Edison sits in the middle of vast farmland, edged by blueish foothills. The roads are straight and purposeful. The picture above is the road I rode my bike on when I was desperate to see my friends or I needed freedom and the wind in my face. It's the road that can lead to town, to my country school, to my friends' houses. Now it isn't my road but I'm awed and comforted that it is here where I am not. I can't put my mind around all the years that have gone by. Was it really 33 years ago when I graduated from high school and left for college? I had no idea that I would not come back to live here or that our children wouldn't hold it in their minds as I do. It was my place for seventeen years. Those years seem bigger. The years since seem full, but swift. When I was a child and my life stretched from birthday to birthday, days seemed long and full of waiting. I'm so thankful that this place waits for me. We've had two days of festivities and seeing my nieces and nephews has greatly encouraged my heart. They are fun. They are interesting and they are not boisterous and proud, but humble and meek. It's a small taste of something I'm hungry for, the common interests, beliefs, mannerisms, and philosophies. Once again, I'm reminded of the essential concept of connection and the time it takes to come to "ah ha" moments. My "ah ha" moment here feels like love.


Saleslady371 said...

I enjoyed reading about this memory!

For the award:
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Bradley Maston said...

Beautiful! Isn't it weird what a huge impact those things make, yet you can never pass them on for the value that they have to you. It is a pitty, but they wouldn't be nearly as wonderful if you could.